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No matter what I do it’s never good enough because I always end up hurting u (A devakshi ff) part 7

Hi guys, Rithika here
I’m back with an other epi read it soon
Let’s start…
It is evening time Rithwick calls Sona to the park
Sona : Bolo kya hai
Rithwick : I need to tell u something really important
Sona : Tell
Rithwick : From the time I’ve seen u I’ve only fallen for u….ur the only reason for my well being only want to tell something I love u
Sona stands still and Dev sees this from a distance but doesn’t react and leaves without hearing what Sona ha to say
Sona : Sorry Rithwick never seen u from that view only want to tell that I love Dev. Sorry hope u don’t mind
Rithwick with a fake smile
Rithwick : It’s ok
He leaves from there sadly
Sona : Sorry Rithwick but Dev is really important to me
Again time flies by really past 2 months pass Dev’s mother is almost well Sona and Dev become best of friends untill one day
Sona : Yes

Dev : What happened
Sona : I got a job offer from Mumbai. Now I can go to ma baba
Dev heard this and got sad
Dev : But what about ma
Sona : Aunty is fine she’s alright and resigned from the hospital I have no job so I’ll go to Mumbai
Dev was feeling really sad he didn’t want her to go but doesn’t know y
Sona called Nandani
Sona : Hi Nandu
Nandani : Arey Sona tu itni khush hai bata
Sona : Mujhe Mumbai mein job mila
Nandu also gets sad
Nandani : Tu apne dost ko chod kar ja rahi hai
Sona : Filmy mat ho mein aaongi tuje milne
Nandu : Ok
Nandu goes to Dev’s cabin
Nandani : Hi Dev
Dev : Tell Nandani
Nandani : U know why Sona is going to Mumbai
Dev : Ya she got a job
Nandani : No she is just running away from u
Dev : Y


Nandani : It’s because she loves u
Dev : But she loves Rithwick
Nandani : No Rithwick loves her
Dev : So
Nandani : So the question is do u love her
Nandani leaves Dev in thoughts
Dev : Do I love her
Hi guys I know Im late but it’s due to exams
This one was short I know but I’ll post a long epi soon
Comments please
Hope u like it

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