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No matter what I do it’s never good enough because I always end up hurting u (A devakshi ff) part 6

Hi guys, I’m Rithika here
I know I’m very late but only because my exams are starting and there is a lot of homework to that’s why I’m late but I promise that whenever I’m free I’ll post some back to back episodes..
Let’s start..
Dev brings Sona home and takes her to Ishwari’s room
Dev : Ma dekh mein teri ……..
Ishwari : Beta tu maan gaya tu meri bahu ko laya
Sona laughs but controls herself
Dev : Ma shant rahye ye teri nutritionist
Ishwari : Sorry beta
Dev takes her outside
Sona : U don’t want to marry
Dev : No not interested
Sona : Oh that’s y aunty was behind u
Dev : I know

Sona stands still
Sona : Teri toh love story boht boht mushkil hai. Tu uss insaan se pyar karti hai jisse shadi mein koi intrest nahi hai
Dev takes her to the kitchen
Dev : This is the kitchen u can do ur work here and Kichu bhaiya will be there to help u
Sona : Ok u can leave
He leaves. After sometime she takes the food to Ishwari
Sona : Aunty yeh khaiye
Ishwari : Nahi mujhe nahi Khanna yeh ghas-phus
Sona : Ok I thought if u eat this then u’ll get to eat whatever u like……but every alternate Sunday
Ishwari snatches the plate
Sona : Very good
Ishwari : Now I can eat whatever I want right
Sona : Sure but every alternate Sunday

Dev sees this from outside and smiles
Dev : Ma kisiki baat toh sunti hai
One week passes. It’s a Sunday morning she arrives at the Dixit house
Ishwari : Arey Sona beta tum yahan lekin……
Sona : Aunty I know what I told but next Sunday ok
Ishwari : Ok beta. Sonakshi can u please wake up Dev for me know I have a lot of work please beta do it for me
Sona : Aunty me!!!!!!
Ishwari : Me!!! Kya me…. sirf utane ke liye toh kah rahi hoon
Sona : Ok aunty
She goes to Dev’s room
Sona : Dev wake up
She shakes him but he doesn’t get up
Sona : Get up Dev
Dev suddenly pulls her on the bed and hugs her
Sona : Dev what r u doing
She settles when Dev tells her……
Dev : I love u
She settles but then comes to senses and then struggles but then leaves
Sona : Obhodro

Ishwari : Kya hua woh utah
Sona : Nahi woh uth hi nahi raha hai
Ishwari : Ok I’ll wake him up later
After a few hours Dev comes down
Dev : Hi Sonakshi
Sona is lost and just smiles
Sona : Don’t u remember what u said
Dev : What
Sona : (thinks)Iska matlab inhone yeh neend mein bola
Dev : Sonakshi
Sona : No….nothing
Time passes by very quickly few weeks pass Dev finds Sona crying in a room he goes with a handkerchief
Dev : What happened y the long face
Sona wipes her tears
Sona : Nothing just missing ma, baba
Dev : Y where r they
Sona : They r in Mumbai they sent me here so I can become a nutritionist I miss them a lot
Dev : Then take a leave for some days and meet them
Sona : No thanks patients r more important I’ll meet them some other time
Dev : Ur wish
He leaves
Sona : Ma baba I miss u alot
How was it
Hope it was long enough
If not sorry I’ll make up for it because I can’t post long ones as my exams r also on
But still will wait for ur comments😉

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