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Hello everyone… sorry for late.. actually it’s because I am busy with my studies.. k.. let’s move to story..

It was the engagement day.. all are busy with engagement… pragya is while getting ready…
Ab; wow… my fuggi really looks like miss. World..
Pr; abhishek.. stop flirting with me..
Ab; do you feel that I am flirting… abhi place his both hands on her waist.. abhi and pragya both are looking each other.
Ab; fuggi.. do you knew I am world’s luckiest person to have a beautiful liked you…
Pragya smiles..
Ab; fuggi… actually when I see you like this..
Pr; I knew what you feel… and abhishek.. I have no time for romance now I need to look bulbul and aliya is they are ready or not..
Ab; but I need what I want… now..
Pr: what?
Ab; a romantic kiss from you..
Pr; abhishek.. why are you not grown up to your age.. look you are going to papa…
Ab; fuggi is there any age for romance.. give me fast..
Pragya give him a kiss on cheek.. abhi kissed at her forehead..
They both went out of the room and sees alikhil and purbul..


Pr: you all here..
Pur; actually pragya it’s our engagement but by seeing you both and taking this much time to get ready I feel that it’s yours..
Ab; bad joke.. k lets go down..
Aryan sees everyone coming down..
Ar; wow.. all couples together.. he took phone and clicks a photo..
Pu; ya.. there is someone alone without his pair.. but soon he will telling this purab sees sarnya and his dad.. I think he too get someone soon..
Abhinav welcomes them..
Abhinav; abhi.. pragya com here.. he is arjun kappor and his daughter saranya kapoor..
They gave shake hand.. arjun it’s my son abhishek and his wife pragya.. pragya please be with sarnya..
Pr; k baba..
Pragya takes saranya along her..

They both started to talk.. it was during that time pragya noticed that she is staring at aryan..
Pr; what happened to you..
Sar; di.. do you knew him…
Pr; haa..
Sar; di.. don’t talk with him.. he is so arrogant..
Pr: how do you knew him..

Sarnya explains about their meeting..
Pr; ( in mind ) so this is the girl purab talks.. k now I will play a game..
Abhi sees aryan looking at pragya and sarnya..
Ab; aryan what happened?
Ar; Bhai who is that girl..
Ab; do you like her..
Ar; no.. I hate her..
Ab; wow without knowing someone you hate her..
Ar; you don’t knew her.. she is so arrogant and egoistic..
Ab; how you knew her.. he explained the incident.. (abhi in mind ) so this that girl which purab talks about.. k.. now I will play a game..

Aryan.. she is pragyas friend..
Ar; she.. how she become bhabhis friend.. I think bhabhi don’t knew anything about her..
Ab: but she is looking good right..
Ar; ya.. she is beautiful.. but..
Ab; so you like her..
Ar; what like? Bhai I knew up to where you are going..
Ab; oh my Romeo you understand this much fast..
Aryan smiles.
Sar; di look at the way he Is looking..
Pr; haa.. how can he look like that..
Sar; I told you di about his character..
Pr; but he looks so hand some. Right..
Sar; smilingly ya that’s true.. but..
Pragya smiles..

Abhigya meet..
Ab; fuggi… I think..
Pr; I knew what you are saying.. let us make them fall for each other.
Ab; but how..
Pr; abhishek.. you knew right how our love started its from fight right.. here also fight happens but what we need is we need to make them fall for each other..
Ab; but what we do fuggi..
Pragya said something.. fuggi.. you are genius..
Pr: sarnya can you help me in giving this drinks to everyone..
Sar: of course di.. they started to distribute.. as they reached near to aryan.. pragya intentionally make sarnya to fall.. as Aryan who sees this.. holds her.. ( Allah warriyan plays) abhigya signs each other..

They both came to sense..
Pr; sorry because of me..
Sar; it’s k di.. thanks aryan..
They leaves..
Pu; so.. I think there starts love.. aru..
Ar: purab I told you… don’t tease me..
Pr; sarnya.. I think he is not bad as you mentioned..
Sar; may be….

It’s engagement time.. purbul and taakhil sits on Stage.. abhigya handover rings to both couples.. first purab wears bulbul the ring on his hand.. and bulbul too.. later alikhil exchanged their rings..
At, so this day onwards my purab.. your bachelor life ends..
Pu: hey aru… not end it will end only after my marriage…
Ar; is it like that bulbul..
Bul; no aru.. from this day onwards purab will not look at any girls and flirt with them is it like that purab..
Purab; haa..
All smiles..
Ar; my nikhil bhai is but really perfect.. aliya smiles.. he will never look at any girls directly but only chat in fb..
Ali; what?
Pu; ya alu… don’t you knew he has how much girl friends in it.. his sweeties and darlings.. aliya look at nikhil in anger..
Ni; aru is you are my brother or enemy.. all laughs..
Aryan laughingly look a sarnaya.. who is staring at him..
Abhigya noticed it..
Ab; hey let’s enjoy this…
Abhi plays music.. all couples started to dance.. abhigya makes aranya to dance…
After few months….
All are at abhigyas room.. purbul aikhil aranya trio pair got married..
The screen shifted to abhigya.. pragya is lying on bed along with babies.. one boy and one girl.. abhi is looking and enjoying their prank..
Bul; Bhai.. did you decided their names..
Pr; yes..
Ar; bhabhi.. tell their names. To us..
Ab; arunthathi and veer.. we call them together as aruveer..
Pr; it was promise which we gave to someone..

Episode ends at happy family…

Sorry guys.. this is the last part.. I have no time that’s why I am ending it here… thanks for all love and support that you all given to me..hope we can meet soon.. all the best for all my ff writers.. keep rocking..

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