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Naagin Season 2 6th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 6th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


Shivangi falls down from cliff. She falls down, but nothing hapens to her. She turns into icchadhari nagin with half snake and half human body. She then turns into golden color nagin and goes near nagmani. Nagmani’s multiple-mouthed snake tells her that her parents sacrificed their life trying to protect nagmani, even she has to protect nagmani and take revenge from her enemies.

At Rocky’s house, Yamini applies mehandi on Ruchika/Sesha’s hands with her usual overacting and comments. Avantika says she and Vikram have decided to adopt Ruchika and do her kanyadaan. Yamini comments mother is bee, daughter is snake and husband a human, what a combination. Her bahu is a nagin. Her relative hears that and asks if Ruchika is a nagin. Yamini thinks what to

tell now, relative is wearing her hearing aid and heard right. Avantika goes aside, turns into bee, and troubles relatives. Her hearing aid falls down. Avantika goes back and turns into human again. Yamini tells relative that she heard wrong, she was talking something else. Someone plays been music. Ruchika’s skin start turning to nagin skin. She yells in her mind tht overacting ki dukan moti/Yamini is not stopping it at all and signals her to stop music. Yamini stops music silently.

Ruchika in her room sees rain outside and says it is such a romantic moment. She thinks she will lure Rocky and make him hers forever. Ladies come to get her ready with hair roller. She says she rolls her hair with finger itself and shows demo on woman. They all get afraid and walk back.

Rocky’s marriage preparations start. Yamini sees inspector coming in with Shivangi and says this girl told dacoits killed her family and she knows only this family. Yamini is shocked. Shivvangi says dacoits killed everyone and since she did not know anyone and came to know they call came back to Mumbai she came here. Yamini thinks kaali nagin/Sesha killed her and even brought her dead body, how can she be alive. Shivangi tells her that Shivanya locked her in room and went out weaing her bridal dress and sacrificed her life. When she awoke, she found herself in a hospital. Inspector says during investigating about dacoits, they need Shivangi’s help, so she should stay here. Shivangi says she will stay here and he can come anytime to meet her. Yamini takes her to a room.

Rocky is brought to mantap for marriage. Ruchika in her room eagerly waits when she will become bride and when she will be called out for marriage. Yamini enters and starts her usual overacting and witty chat. She traps Ruchika in her buttery talk, gives ipod to Ruchika and asks her to listen music until she is called out, and takes bridal dress lying she is taking it for ironing. She then takes bridal dress to Shivangi’s room and says today is Rocky’s marriage, she should not think wrong about Rocky as he thought she is dead and he is still in sorrow. She pleads to marry Rocky and fill his life with happiness. Shivangi agrees and thinks she will marry to take revenge from her enemies.

Yamini takes Shivangi as bride and makes her sit next to Rocky. Everyone discuss badi maa is doing punya. Pandit chants mantras. Pheras starts. Shivangi does each pheras taking oaththat she will destroy her nagmani and take revenge of her parent’s murders. Ruchika in her room thinks thinks why they are chanting mantras outside. She eagerly waits when she will be called for pheras. Pandit asks Rocky to apply sindhoor on bride’s forehead. Rocky sadly reminisces his happier moments with Shivangi. Yamini removes Shivangi’s veil. Everyone are shocked seeing Shivangi. Rocky thinks if she is Ruchika or Shivangi. Relative comments if this girl is here, where is Ruchika. Ruchika comes out and asks what is happeninng how can this marriage happen. Yamini asks Rocky to apply sindhoor on Shivangi’s forehead soon. He does. Ruchika comes running and shouting to stop. PAndit says marriage rituals are complete and they both are husband and wife, they can take elder’s blessings. Yamini’s puppets comment she was dead, how can she be alive. Yamini thinks if she does not speak, her puppets will create problem. She tells Shivangi does not have anyone now, dacoits killed Shivanya thinking her as Shivangi, Rocky and Shivangi’s love is immortal, so Shivangi came out of death.

Yamini’s puppets comment it is a miracle. Sesha tries to speak, but Avantika takes her aside and asks her to shut her mouth, else everyone will know she is a nagin. She says she will not let her true love go like this. She angrily goes and holds Shivangi and says she is a nagin and will not let her take her love away. Avantika drags her from there. Rocky asks why Ruchika is telling she is nagin. Yamini say she is nagin, everyone girl becomes nagin when her love is snatched by someone else, she loved Rocky so much, but he married Avantika, it is obvious for her to react. Rocky says he does not know what to do. Shivangi says she will go if he wants. He holds her and says why will he.

Rocky takes Yamini to a room and asks why all this, he would have explained Ruchika, he is hurt that she hid such a big issue from him and even Ruchika is. He says Shivangi came just before his marriage and she thought his love kept her alive and she came for him, if she had told then, marriage would have stopped and there is no muhurath for another 4-5 months. He says so what, he would have married after 4-5 months. She says Shivangi escaped death for him and destiny brought her here, and if she had seen him with Ruchika, she would not have stayed here for 4-5 months. What if dacoits attack her in 4-5 months, a helpless girl would not have done anything. He asks what if dacoits attack again. She says how will they, they are with Shivangi now, now he has to protect Shivangi and shed crocodile tears that she reunited 2 lovers. He asks her to calm down, she did right. Shivangi hears their conversation and thinks how can someone be so cruel.

Precap: Sesha angrily breaks things in her room and shouts Rocky cannot be someone else’s. Shivangi is brought for a ritual. Sesha stops her. Shivangi starts turning into snake at night and she gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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