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Naagin Season 2 19th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 19th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shivangi goes to Yamini’s room thinking of knowing how her parents and Yamini are related and finds her parent’s pic in cupboard. Yamini comes and asks what is she doing. Shivangi says she was searching wedding album and found this pic. Yamini says she must be thinking why she is having her parent’s pic and says she found it on floor when dacoits attacked, she kept it with her to give it to her later. Shivangi walks thinking there is something else Yamini is hiding, she will know it at any cost. Advocate Shrivastav walks towards her and asks whre is Rocky’s room. She takes him to Rocky. He akes Rocky’s signatures on papers. Shivangi sees his nails blue and reminisces Guruji telling she will identify another icchahdari nag seeing their blue nails. Shrivastav


walks back. Shivangi stops him and says he left some papers in room. He goes back. She turns into icchadhari nagin and asks who is he. He also turns into icchadhari nagin and saays even he came to take revenge. He reminisces meeting his wife after so many yeaars and they are about to romance when Amar rams his car on them. Wife pushes him and gets killed instead. Amar escapes in car. Shrivastav changes to a common man and complains in police station, but inspector kicks him out as Amar is from Nikunj family. Shirvastav tells his real name is Rudra and he came to take revenge from Nikjunj family. The other day he came to temple to kill Amar, but saw Shivangi killing him, so he decided to help Shivangi and take revenge from Nikunj family. Shivangi agrees. He tells how he saw real advocate Shrivastav searching Nikunj house. He gives sleeping poison to advocate and takes his identity.

Rudra thinks he has to stay back to take revenge. He gets rain. Yamini says unseasona rain, means it is someone’s trick. Rudra asks what. She says clouds are tricking.

Shivanya sees Rocky sound alseep. She chants Rudra, sesha, shivanya and turns into nagin and crawls towards him to kill Rocky. She is about to bite his mouth but stops seeing his face and thinks why cannot she kill him, why he is so attractive. Rocky opens eyes and sees her leaning towards him. He says he was dreaming that he is kissing her and when he opened eyes, he is seeing her trying to kiss. She gets nervous and gets up and says she was taking a pillow. He holds her and says she is his wife and she has right on everything. He sleeps on couch and asks her to sleep on bed.

In the morning, Avantika asks Rudra which firm he is from. He tells some name. Rocky’s sister gives him juice. Avanitaka says she did not give her juice like this. Girl asks if she needs juice. Avantika says she drinks honey..then says coffee and leaves. Rudra looks at Sesha and says something is wrong with her. Sesha asks what. He wipes food particle from her chin and then goes up. Sesha thinks something is different in him. Yamini gets a call from law firm and is informed that advocate Shrivastav could not come and will come later. She asks everyone where is Shrivastav. They all check and see Rudra as snake escaping. Rocky calls police. Inspector asks if Yamini if she has any enemies. Yamini murmurs she has more animals as enemies than humans. Inspector asks if she knows imposter’s name. She asks to search himself.

Shivangi tells Yamini that she will go to temple and goes to meet Rudra and informs him about the incident happened. She says she wil take them to another place and then they can attack them. On the other side, Yamini tells Sesha how to give imposter’s pic to inspector Sesha turns into Rudhra and asks to click pic now. Yamini asks if she came as imposter. Sesha says no.

Shivangi prepares cake. Rocky enters and asks why she is preparing cake. She says there is birthday of his dear one in 15 min. He realizes it is badi maa/Yamini’s birthday. She prepares cake. Rocky cerelbrates Yamini’s birthday with family. Shivangi suggests him that they should celebrate it in a lavish way in some other place, like farm house or old house, she heard Yamini talking about Panchner haveli. Rocky says he heard badi maa telling about it, they will celebrate baid maa’s birthday party there then. Rocky takes her to Panchner haveli. She hears Rithik and Shivanya’s voice there. She then meets Rudra outside haveli and tells they have to divide their enemies and make them fight first.

Yamini, Sesha and other relatives travel in car. They see they are going to Panchner haveli. Driver informs Rocky asked them to take there. Yamini calls Rocky who informs he is celebrating her birthday in Panchner haveli and asks her to reach soon. Yamini reaches with whole fmaily.

Vikram goes to Avantika’s room. Avantiak asks him to press her leg. He shouts that he will strangulate her neck than pressinng leg and asks to press his feet instead. Youngsters discuss that Vikram and Avantika are lovely couple with such a good compatibility. They are shocked to hear Avantika and Vikram’s fight. Avantika sees them outside door and opens it and scolds them. She is shocked to see Vikram coming from other side and thinks it is Sesha. She goes to Sesha’s room and slaps. Their argument starts. Yamini interferes. Avantika complains that she Shesha entered her room as Vikram and insulted her. Sesha says she went for a shopping with Yamini how can she be here, then realizes some icchadhari nagin is behind all this.

Shivangi tells family and Avantika to think of a birthday party theme. Avantika flirts with Rocky’s cousin. Someone drops juice on her and she goes to change her sari. Shivangi as Sesha comes there and tells she realized that there is a book in which list of Survayanshis are described who can pick nagmani. Avantika says she needs it. Sesha gives her location. Shivangi changes back to herself and thinks she will kill Avantika.

Precap: Rudra suggests Shivangi to calm down. Shivangi says she cannot. Rocky hears their conversation. Yamini’s poojaran partner gives her a scorpion and tells if Shivangi is icchadhari nagin, this scorpion will bite her and she will die.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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