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Naagin Season 2 13th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 13th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Sesha complains Yamini that Nidhi slapped her, so she will kill her. Yamini in her usual style asks her to spare common people at least, if she wants to slap her back, she will call her right now. She calls Nidhi and asks why did she slap Sesha. Nidhi says she is eyeing on her handsome husbad. Sehsa asks why should she. Nidhi calls her husband and asks to show Sesha’s message. He asks which message. She checks phone and asks what happened to message. He says she is dreaming and leaves signalling Sesha. Yamini asks Sesha to slap Nidhi now. Sesha holds Nidhi’s hand and slaps her repeatedly. Husband goes and sits with another partner Amar and tells young girls are mad behind him and signals at Sesha. Amar sees old woman and asks this old woman. Partner says Sesha

nagin. Amar starts fighting with him. Their wives interfere and stop their fight. Amar goes to his room. Shivangi disguised as Sesha goes there and cries that Rocky left here, if he will also leave her. He says no, she can do anything him. He takes her to bed. She says not here, she will send him message and walks out. She messages to come in kaali mandir and keeps back phone on table. Sesha sees her table and picks it.

Amar reaches kaali temple and seeing Sesha there. He asks why she called him there, they should go somewhere else. She turns and change to Shivangi. He asks why is she here. She says she called hhim here and changes to Sesha and then herself. He asks she is…She says she is an icchadhari nagin and called him to take her mom’s revenge, he stabbed her mom repeatedly. A daughter will take her mothers revenge now. He runs. She kicks him with her tail and he falls down. She grips him in her tail and throws him on floor and then breaks her one hand. He flals down pleading to spare him. She throws knife and orders to stab himself repeatedly like he stabbed her mother. He stabs himself repeatedly. She lifts him again with her tail and says maa I am killing your enemy and thorws him in air. He falls on his car and car roof breaks into pieces and he dies. A man comes there and watches from a distance. Shivangi says she finished her one enemy today.

Rocky goes to his room and sees Shivangi already present there. He says he was serarching her down and she is here. She says she is feeling weird like she felt when her mom was murdered. Yamini’s partner knocks door and asks to open door. Rocky opens door. Partner says Amar is dead and police has brought his dead body. Shivangi thinks she will all her enemies. They both go down and see Amar’s body on floor. His wife cries and reminisces Amar and partner’s fight. Inspector asks Ruchika/Sesha and asks if she messaged Amar. She says no. He checks her mobile and arrests her.

Avantika asks Yamini if she thinks Sesha killed Amar. Yamini says she may for nagmani. Sesha comes and Yamini changes her tone how can an innocent animal kill anyone and asks Sesha to get back to human form and tell how she escaped from police. Sesha reminisces being locked in police lockup. Commissioner comes and orders inspector to submit report of this murder to him in 2 days. He goes back to his car. Sesha as snakes kills him and disguised as him asks inspector to leave the girl as SMS can be sent to anyone by anyone’s mobile. Inspector orders constable to free Ruchika/Sesha.

Shivangi goes to her room and is surprised to see Rocky hugging Ruchika. Rocky says he is happy that she is back. Shivangi also says same and asks how did police spare her. She says they did not find evidence. Shivangi asks someone must have done it. Sesha says she will catch culprit easily. Shivangi asks how. Sesha holds her hand and takes her to living room and asks Amar’s son to play video footage which he captured during muh dikhayi. He plays footage. Shivangi gets worried and prays Shivji to help her. She chants Rudra, Shiv, Shivanya and stares at footage. Footage CD gets corrupted. Sesha thinks she was about to catch culprit, but this footage..

A man who was seen outside kali temple enters Nikunjh house as Advocate Srivastav and asks Yamini if this is Aman Nikunjh’s house. Yamini says yes. He says he brought Amar’s will an dasks her to call Amar’s wife and Rocky. Yamini thinks she asked Amar to make this wil and if she tills this, advocate will think she killed Amar. Amar’s daughter says Sesha that this man looks so hot. Sesha asks her to call her mother. Srivastav asks for water and is about to sip it when Mother comes and clashes with him. Water falls on his suit. Amar’s daughter says she will dry him, mean his dress.

Shivanggi wears her sari. Rocky enters and apologizes. She slips and twists her leg. He holds her and says let me see it. She says no need. He says he knows to to correct ankle twist and makes her sit on bed and says she will not feel pain and corrects it and asks if she is feeling pain. She says he gave her pain. He asks what.. She says she means if he had not come into room suddenly, he would not have slipped. He gave her pain and now wants to give something. He gets a suitcase with Shivanya items and says he had asked his friend to send it. He says he was very sad hearing she is dead, so thought of spending his life seeing these, now it belongs to her. She cries why did he do this and looks at her mom’s items. He says he knows what she is feeling and will share her pain. She thinks how can such a true man kill someone, but she saw his photo in her mom’s eyes, he is a murderer.

Ruchika sees Srivastav walking around and thinks why he is so attractive. She introduces herself to him. He asks where is Rocky’s room. She tells direction. he says see you then and leaves. She thinks something is attracting towards him.

Shivangi goes to Yamini’s room and searches clue about Rithik and Yamini’s relationship. She finds a photo, turns, and is shocked to see Yamini near door and hopes she did not see her.

Precap: Shivangi as nagin asks Srivastav who is he, if he does not tell, she will kill him. He also turns into snake and says even he came here for revenge. Shivangi as golden snake moves towards sleeping Rocky.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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