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Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-74

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The episode starts with Shivanya crying.


Shivanya:Why did you do with me Ritik?

Ritik comes in hall.Karan came to him.Yesterday ritik friends came to him.They were Kabir,Suraj,Riya,Monica,Samir and Neha.

Ritik came in hall and Suraj,Kabir and Samir came to him.

Suraj:What happened Ritik why are you sad?

Ritik doesn’t says anything and continues walking.

Kabir:Ritik say something?

Ritik stops and turns to them

Ritik:What will i say?Everything is destroyed.

Ritik continues walking.

Samir:What do you mean?

Ritik:You remember Shivanya?

Kabir:Yeah she was your wife and she died.

Suraj bits Kabir on his shoulder and asks to him to be quiet.

Ritik:Don’t make him quiet he is telling truth.

Ririk goes from there.Shivanya comes down.Suraj,Samir and Kabir are shocked.

Suraj:You are alive?But Ritik told you are not alive?

Shivanya:He was not knowing it.

She goes from there.

Ritik was in his room.He thinks

Ritik:Now Shivanya i will go away from you.I will again get marry.

He hears the sound of door bell.

Shivanya opens the door and sees a girl.

Girl:Hi i am Vinita Sharma.

She extends her hand for shakehand.


She joins her hand.

Ritik comes there.Vinita sees him and goes to him running and hugs him.Shivanya sees it and feels sad and jealous.

Vinita:Finally Ritik you understand my love.

Ritik gives her a fake smile and looks at Shivanya.

Shivanya gets sad and goes at a side.

Samir:Who is she?

Ritik:She became my friend when i went out for business trip.And i decided that i will marry her as she loves me.

Shivanya was shock.

Karan comes down.He heared everything and was disappointed with Ritik.

Karan:Ritik you know that Shivanya is alive then why are you marrying someone else?

Ritik:No need to teach me.

Ritik takes Vinita out of the house.Shivanya went out of the house and Karan followed her.

Shivanya sat on the bench and started crying.Karan came and sat beside her.

Karan:Shivanya don’t get sad everything will be fine.

Shivanya:I hope so.

She goes from there.

Shivanya runs and goes to forest for piece.A girl is seeing her.

Girl:Finally now Ritik will be mine.After marriage i will kill that Vinita and will get Ritik.

Yes she is Shesha.

Shesha smiles evily.

Precap:Romantic moments of Ritik and Shivanya.
Guys i know this episode is boring.

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