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Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-68 to 71

The episode starts with Karan in Ruksana/Shivanya’s room and Karan telling her big secret about to Ritik.

Ruksana/Shivanya:Please tell me Karan which secret?

Actually when you came out of his room I came to know that he became rude with you.When I entered in his room I was shocked to see that Ritik was and was dancing like a small child.Then I went to hall and I saw a paper.I opened it and saw that it’s Ritik’s report.It was written that Ritik is having the disorder of double personality.

Ruksana/Shivanya got shocked.

Karan:When Ritik alone then he behaves like a child or mostly he behaves rude.

Ruksana/Shivanya:But how it happened?

Karan:Because the death of his love he became like this.For some days he got depressed.

Ruksana/Shivanya felt really bad for Ritik.

Karan:Don’t take tension we have to do something.

Karan leaves from there.

She comes out of the body and starts crying.

Shivanya:Ritik now I really hate myself but I have to protect you.

Ritik was in his room.Karan was sitting on bed and Ritik was sitting on chair keeping his laptop on his lap and working.

Ruksana/Shivanya was watching Ritik through the door.

Ritik gets thirsty so he steps his leg to go out.Ruksana/Shivanya quickly hides her self behind the pillar.But oil was spill on floor so she slips.She falls on Ritik.Both of them falls on floor.They get into a eyelock.Ritik feeled that Shivanya was around him.There face were near to each other.

Ruksana/Shivanya remembered the moments she spended with Ritik.

Ritik comes in sense and helps her to stand.

Ritik:Be careful.You always fall on me.

Ritik leaves from there.Ruksana/Shivanya feels bad.

Precap:Ritik’s accident done by Tanvi.Shivanya and Tanvi comes face to face.Shivanya gets boon from Lord Shiva.
Guys hope you like this episode and it’s episode 68,69,70,71.

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