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Naagin 2 – Rudra and Shivangi’s attack

Shivanya and Rudra plan to target Avantika at the mountain cliff. Shivangi manages to add poison to the beehive. She asks Rudra to get Avantika to the cliff soon. Avantika reaches there and goes to the beehive. Avantika faints, while Rudra takes his Naag avatar to throw down Yamini from the cliff.

Later on, Rudra takes Shivangi’s avatar and attracts the enemies to the jungle. Sesha and Avantika have injured Rudra badly. Wounded Rudra falls on the ground and just has revenge motives boiling in his mind. Sesha and Avantika leave. Shivangi comes there to the jungle and sees Rudra injured. Shivangi gets worried seeing him and runs to get some herbs for him. By Shivangi’s healing, Rudra gets fine. Rudra meets Shivangi. She gets glad seeing Rudra back in action. Rudra starts falling in love with Shivangi. As of now, their mission is to attack their enemies.

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