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My sleeping beauty- A Swasan os

Hello lovely people🙋 I m Mariyam aka Louella.. Yesterday only I had written an os and I got maximum comments which encouraged me to write more but with a happy ending.. So here I m with another os on Swasan.. Lets go..

Once upon a time, there lived a king and queen who lived in a beautiful kingdom. They had a daughter whose name was Swara.. The princess(Swara) had all the qualities that a princess should have- she was beautiful, kind, loving.. Now, Swara loved flowers very much and she had a beautiful garden which included all kinds of flowers… As she was an adventorous girl, she always used to go to forests to search for new, unique flowers for her garden..


Once, Swara set out alone to find a new flower for her garden.. She assured her parents that she will return by evening.. And then she went to the forest where she could find new, beautiful flowers.. She was looking for a flower when she found an old woman sitting there with a beautiful blue flower.. Swara found that she had never ever seen like this flower so she went towards that old woman..
Swara(politely)- Old woman, could u please give me this flower as I love collecting new flowers..
Old woman(stands up and smiles)- Yes of course..(hands her the flower) its smell is really very beautiful.. Just smell and u will get very pleased with it..(Swara smells the flower while the lady smirks)
Just as Swara smells the flower, she gets asleep due to the fragrance of the flower.. Actually the lady was a witch who had been banished from the kingdom due to her black magic, so to take revenge she had done black magic on the flower and readily gave it to Swara so that when she smells, she gets asleep due to the poison in it..
The witch laughs out loud seeing Swara like this and disappears leaving her alone in the forest…

Its night, and Shekhar and Sharmishta were very worried as Swara had still not returned to the palace… So Shekhar and some of his soldiers set out on their horses to find Swara.. As it was night, it was very difficult to find Swara, but at last they found Swara in the forest, lying asleep.. Shekhar tried to wake her up but of no use.. She seemed to be in deep sleep..
They immediately took her to the palace and made her lie on the royal bed in her room.. Many advisors were called upon to research what happened to her but no one could figure out what had happened to her.

At last there was one advisor who figured out that due to the fragrance of the poisonous flower, she had been in a very deep sleep.. Shekhar tried each and every medicine that the advisors had advised him but nothing helped.. Now there was no way except waiting for the princess to wake up.. So the king announced that he would give his daughter’s hand to the boy who would wait for her to wake up.. This news was spread all throughout the world and many princes from all over the world came to princess Swara.. Among them was a charming prince named Sanskar.. As soon as he saw Swara, he fell in love with her.. And now he had made the decision that he would marry Swara only.. Days passed to weeks, weeks passed to months while months passed to years but princess Swara did not wake up.. Most of the princes were tired of waiting and so all left her but prince Sanskar was determined to stay until his princess would wake up.. And one day, Swara woke up.. Sanskar was so happy.. He felt that he was the happiest person in the world.. When Swara saw him, she got lost in him.. As if it was “Love at first sight”.. Shekhar and Sharmishta were very happy to see their daughter free from the deep sleep.. As promised, Sanskar was married to Swara, and thus they lived happily ever after!

Hope u liked it.. Sorry if there are any mistakes.. And if u don’t mind, can I be your friend? Meet u in the comments section..

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