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My Shadow my companion – it’s all about Sanskar Episode 9

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Episode 9


Sanskar’s POV

Her hopeful eyes, it is not letting me to hurt my beautiful vampire. She was tightly holding my frozen hands. Her gesture is begging like don’t leave me. I love her and I want her. I had seen a quote in fb

“If a guy truly loves a girl then she will cheat him

If a girl loves a guy truly then he will betray her

If both are unconditionally loving each other then God will cheat them

( In special cases)

Now God is betraying us. I have to leave her forever then how can I give her new hopes. That reports, it was my last belief

Now I know my days are numbered. I can feel the foot steps of death. I have to do this, I will send her away from me. Slowly slowly she will learn to move on in her life. She have the right to ascend the steps of highest peaks.

And my Aryan. Now he is my priority. I have to assign him in secure hands. She is ready to resume our lost love life but it is forbidden to us Swara it is forbidden……

She was holding my frozen hands which was touching her cheeks.

Her glare is asking me what happened. Sanskar it’s the time to wear that rude veil again otherwise get ready to face the consequences.

I jerked off her aside and immediately entered into the wash room for hiding my face.
I can listen her weeping but I am helpless. I surrendered myself under the shower. Each and every drops were burningly coldest. The water vanished the voice of my sobbing. Swara please come with me Swara. I am in love with you and I want you. Please don’t go away from me.

Half an hour later I got ready to return to Munnar. Laksh’s case’s next hearing is held on 3 months later. So I thought it’s better to return to my heaven. I looked at her while arranging my sleeves.
She was lying on the bed and numbed like a corpse. Eyes were puffy. I was dare to touch her but clenched my fist in a sudden.

“Pardon me if you can”
I muttered
She stood up like Bhadrakaali within a microsecond. Then pined me to the wall. Her eyes were burning in anger. He changed me from a leopard to a small innocent rat. Her eyes were widened. Heart is beating like hell.
😳 yes I can hear it…..
Sweat droplets are rolling from temples and forhead. She terribly held my both collar.

You don’t know Mr Maheshwari. How much I love you how much I missed you n how much I want you.
If I wanted to move on without you. Then I would have did that early. You got it
And yeah who is going to predict our lives??? These bl**dy reports???

😳😳 gosh she found out the reports
She threw it away like she’s not believing in these types of prophecies the disordered papers are exploring in the room now.

Mom Dad
We stunningly looked there
Shadow😳😳!!! I ran towards him and stood on my knees
” Shadow r u here”
But he brushed aside my hands, crouching his head. I asked him what happened.??

Chunky I am conflicted to you. You also getting ready to go to my Maa and Papa na😔😔

Ohhh God my shadow learned it. This vampire
😡😡😡 I will kill her .
Definitely it’s she. She unfolded the truth to my Shadow. I approached her with my burning eyes
But she was calm and quite . I learned one more thing that she learned that my Shadow is adopted

She was giving me the explanation

Voh voh actually I didn’t, our devil son unfolded the truth in front of me.

I was in a state of shock but I am not a loser

How dare to call my shadow a devil

Let’s think logically Mr Maheshwari. I am vampire, u r a Monster then our son will be a devil na 😉😉

It’s not our’s it’s mine😡, I said

😯 ohh did you conceived?? According to biological sciences solely women can conceive.
First time in the world history Mr Monster Maheshwari redressed the big problem of men.😉😉

How irritating I am really pissed off 😁😁😁

Mom, he shouted and ran to her

😡😡 Shadow she is not your Mom

😡😡 No no you told me na that she is your wife. If she is ur wife then my Mom too.

😁😁 Devil she named him correctly

You didn’t asked my permission to call her Mom, I asked

Aryan: 😏😏 hmm I didn’t asked her permission also
And tell me Chunky did you ever asked your dad’s permission to calling your Mom as Mom 😁😁 she is my Mom you got it.

She was giggling madly
She punched on my shadow’s shoulder . Then said

😂 actually this lil devil had sent Shravan n Ritwi to kidnap you and look he kidnapped me too

I rudely glared at him

😌😌 His face was like this

Hey take a look at him he was drawing the map of Africa with his leg😁😁😁.

I lost the war but I am happy that they accepted each other.

But she is giving me a series of shock.

Now look she is blackmailing me. Do you wanna hear???

She collected one of my yellow T-shirt from the cupboard. Look at her eyes,she is biased with something. I wanna know what the hell is that. She threw the shirt on the nearby chair. Her face were filled with soberness. Then she moved more close to me. My heart started beating fastly lub dub lub dub

“If you wanna go away from me then I am okay I have no problem ”

I was a lil shocked
Now what happened to her.

She began to remove each buttons of my shirt. Her eyes were in my shirt but her loquacious mouth want to irritate me

Do you remember that feminist lady??

😁😁😁 that witch!!! I am hating her from the core of my heart. Now too feeling bad for her husband. I am wishing to forget her and she is…..😁😁😁

If I will go back then definitely she will interrogate me about what happened between us. Then I will tell her the whole truth cz I can’t get you in trouble And do you know something??? She is your dad’s intimate friend

😳😳😳 God why me😫😫.

She removed almost of my buttons. Then your Mom will got to know about it.
Bp will deny you to uphold Laksh’s case for reducing your stress. Only you can save him Sanskar coz Adarsh bhaiyya will no fear instigate any other lawyer against Laksh and Laksh will be behind bars forever.

😦😦😦 ohh God I am trapped how can I clear this knot. She removed all the buttons and I unknowingly removed the shirt cz of fright. She gave me that yellow T-shirt with telling;
So it’s better to take me with you
And yes remember something you have to be here until you will be fine. Then we’ll go together anywhere

She slightly slapped me with an evil smile.

I wore that shirt. She was in a coffee brown night gown. It reminded me our paani puri wala night.
Did you remember something, she asked me
I nodded no
But I am remembering something

Shadow came with a plate full of paani puri. I was stunned

What?? Only u can give surprises??? I can’t???

She feed me once then to my Shadow. Finally my Shadow is under the shade of his mother. Now I can go peacefully. My eyes were filled they alerted me what
I nodded nothing. Then we consumed the paani puris together.

2 weeks were passed us and I got discharged. But we are still battling
Both of us built an invisible wall amid us
The reports were started to come positively.
I know it’s because of her existence whether stand or fail please don’t leave me Swara.

We are ready for the journey now.

Where are you going???
The vampire asked
She shouted the question again again and again

😡😡 cemetery will you come with me???

I started the car with stuffing both of them inside. Vampire was sitting beside me and my Devil Shadow was in the back seat. I stopped the automotive in front of a mall

Is it cemetery 😉😉

😁😁😁 eeeeehhhh teasing shuru

It is not cemetery. Do you remain naked there. I know you don’t have enough dress. Buy everything you want.

Vampire: Voh I want an elephant 😉😉

Tumhari daadi jo hai jao jaakar usko milo

😂😂😂 She shut her mouth.
I gave her my credit card but I didn’t expect that it will be a big tragedy 😫😫. She bought 3/4 of the mall. Unfortunately she couldn’t buy the full cz the remaining was filled with mens wear
When I asked about that she replied,

Ohh hello pati ka credit card par patni ka bhi hak hota hai😏😏 hmmm

Uff sorry to say but she is really a turmoil
We started the journey again.
I am really so happy inside. She is accompanying me Did you hear it?? She is accompanying me. God I will die. Jaaneman I want to be more close to you. Lemme reach somewhere lonely. Then I don’t know what I wanna do might be I am gonna a Terminator. But the Terminator of my dreams are commanding me to stay away from her

She prohibited her level best to discard me from driving. She is suggesting how couldn’t I refuse 😜
I drove the car. If I will panic she will stare me rudely . Her face will turn like honey bees harmed it.
“Lemme reach Mysore then the driver will join us.
U said
Offo I am fed up with her behavior. Now she wants to eat in road side Dhaba, sugar cane juice, wanna shop in local markets😁😁😁

But I know my Fairy is helping my heart to overcome from stress

Hey hey one second one second

Mr Maheshwari Suddenly Vampire turned Fairy ???

Unbelievable 😳😳😳

What??? are you stunned 😁😁??

She will be my Fairy and yeh vampire vagera vagera yeh sab toh ek dikhava hai.

A drizzle started outside, a summer rain. It might be my last rain I don’t know how many minutes are remaining for me. Swara and Shadow both noticed my face. He moved his head to me from behind then wiped my tears.
Swara drew smiley😊 on the glass and gestured me to smile. I showed them a fake grin for their sake

To be continued…….

I know this episode is a lil bit boring but I swear I will give you a treat in the upcoming one

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