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MY SHADOW MY COMPANION – it’s all about Sanskar Episode 8

Please don’t misunderstand me there is a game here. Please try to see it as a challenge or a game

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My SHADOW MY COMPANION – It’s all about Sanskar Episode 7

Episode 8

Swara’s POV

His body regained it’s normal condition after an hour.

He was perfectly fine but I provoked him to battle with me. How couldn’t I thought about him. I am really selfish
He named me correctly.I am really a vampire who knows solely sucks the blood. Tears are falling from my eyes. A hand which has a magical touch wiped the tears of my right cheek. I looked at him, he was nodding not to cry…..He was trying to speak something but I stopped.

As he has prohibited to speak something. In fact who can stop him.

He said, Swara don’t worry if destiny cursed me with disease then life blessed me with a weapon

It’s called bravery . I won’t give up in this battle.

I can control myself. I have to be alive for my Aryan and…….

He didn’t completed the sentence but I knew the remaining. It’s for me
He alerted me to lie beside him. I did.

I lied close to him. You don’t know Sanskar how much I desired this. I just wished to be a grass under this tree’s shade. Millions of seconds said goodbye to us. Don’t know how much time we lied like that. His hand were wrapping through my waist.I was moving my fingers through his chest

Like the end of a long lasted rain . Is it right Swara??? I am a little stunned in his sudden question.

Mm, I replied

He sighed and began to speak

Tumne ek baat toh mujhse poocha hi nahi
I took a look at him.
Now what, I glared

He vainly joined his hand on my hand.

I was doubtful on you and Nikhil

Chodo na Sanskar, just leave it , I said

No Swara let me say actually I trusted you, trust you and I will do it forever but I was jealous. That love that care which is only belongs to me and you were giving it to some another individual.

I gave him a fake slap.

You jealous Monster you had suggested me a couple of minutes ago na ??that I am either a sister or a wife or anything else it’s not meant that I can break other relationships. He is my friend damn it

He rudely stared at me then veered his head aside. Left wrapping my waste.My hands touched his cheek but he brushed it aside. Ohhh come on I am Mrs Maheshwari and I can’t give up. I moved a little top then kissed his cheek. He was in a state of shock our eyes shared an eyelock. Then I repeated the process again.Now I already subjugated his another cheek and forhead like a despot.

Whatever I love this Monster Maheshwari.

He asked me with a hopeful grin

Ladoge nahin??? Mujhse acha lagta tha……
I am also smiled, he wrapped through my waist again.
😉😉 hmm not bad. Shall we go back??

I found out something fishy in his gestures.

😳😳 ab no way 😉
Get well soon then I will think about it later.

The clock bell indicated us 11 o clock.

We are still lying together.

Swara let’s rewind the happenings still now

Swara, I had seen you yesterday morning at the court.

Mm yeah, I answered

Then we met at the bare road again then we were dare to……..
You know na??


Next we battled in their house

Yeah yeah yeah 😎😎

Another knok njok in the cafeteria

Yes ☺️

And the big war happened here.

Mm😔😔 yes
Then we both are lying here

Sanskar why are you rewinding all these??

Don’t you feel something is same in these hours

Yeah I know Sanskar our love😊

I moved more close to him

No, he replied

Is it our trust????☺️ I tightened the grip

No, he said

I know it is God’s grace😊


I was really pissed off 😁😁😁

Then tell me you idiot what was that

It is your dress damn it 😁😁😁
Don’t you feel awkward??? You are still wearing this dress from yesterday morning. Unhygienic 😏😏.

I slapped him slightly

You unhygienic 😁😁 at least I am brushed and you 😏😏😏 hmm
I stood up from the bed just then he shrugged my hand

Come fast ☺️

He said it with his damn hot smile
God you preserved him from other girls otherwise oh no😯 I can’t imagine. He is really hot and handsome

Swara can I ask you something

I nodded yes

But I bet you won’t answer me ever😂😂

😁😁 idiot ask me first
“Nenu ninnu premistunnanu”

“Ni epovum en koodave irukkanam”

Then he sighed, after a short silence he asked me something else too

“Porunno ente koode”

I couldn’t understood anything
He started giggling 😂😂😂 I told you na vampire that you can’t

😁😁 idiot tell me what was that???

Actually I am examining your intelligence. My lady Sherlock Holmes let’s search it yourself.
I will give you a clue, it is the mixing of 3 of the South Indian languages. And this is a promise Swara don’t dare to break it.

He was mocking at me 😁😁. What ever I won’t give up coz I am Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari hmm.
I will definitely find the meaning of these three sentences, I bet 😡😡

After shower, my eyes searched him at the bed but he was not there. He was standing close to the ledge of the window

I ran to him and wrapped through his armpits then rested my chin over his shoulder.

Hi handsome 😊☺️
Counting stars???
Ok I will help you
It’s too difficult

He looked at my face then covered my cheeks with his coldest arms. He kissed on my forhead

😌😌 Sanskar tum na

I blushed in front of him He moved my face towards his chest.

I don’t want to go from here. The most secure place for me in this world. I closed my eyes to enjoy the cool shade of that peepal tree

Sometimes living is also difficult Swara. Please go back and try to move on.

I opened my eyes in a sudden. What happened to him??? It is unbelievable . We had shared some quality time a couple of minutes ago and just then!!!! Who instigated him????
No no he was just kidding
I left him from hugging and looked at his eyes for finding his unconditional love for me
But but that love was concealed with fear and pain. I held both his cold hands which are covering my cheeks. I desired to see his eyes but tears were started to blurring my vision.

To be continued………..

Guyzzz please take this prank as a game or a challenge. If you can, you can also help Swara. I will mention your name in the ff but remember you have to translate 3 of the sentence in English

Please don’t bash me na . It was my stupid idea

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