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My SHADOW MY COMPANION – It’s all about Sanskar Episode 6

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Episode 6

Swara’s POV

Sanskaaaar, I screamed.
The man rudely stared at me. They are taking my Sanskar with them and I can’t see him in trouble. I ran to rescue my breathe but something is discarding me, I doubtfully retrospect. The man is holding my hand.
Peter, let’s take him inside
He commanded with leaving me surprised. His goons took Sanskar inside the chamber. A girl came inside with a boy of apparently 10 years old. Ohh it may be Sanskar’s current spouse. Look how is she😕 short nose,😏 bulb like eyes, curly hair😏 hmm. I noticed myself, Swara you are beautiful😍. What a pity Sanskar you lost a gorgeous girl. Suddenly my heart started talking to me.
You loser let’s forget about her appearance. She gained something precious. She gained your Sanskar. My bravery started leaking. Now what is my role here. Her husband,his wife, their son and their happy family. Swara now you have to go. Go Swara, get lost.The boy lied beside my Sanskar with wrapping him over his chest. The man introduced himself

Hi Swara I am Shravan Deshmukh and she is my wife Ritwi

😍😍 wa wa wife. I heaved with rejoice. 😘😘 Ritwi you are looking damn cute. God, how can you make somebody like this. 😳😳 And how do they know me.

R u stunned?? We know you Swara. Not much but you were Sanskar’s spouse right??? I nodded no with decisiveness . They both got stunned

It’s not I were, it’s I am. Legally or illegally he is my husband.

Sanskar was in a peaceful sleep . The boy lying beside him was sobbing slightly. He is damn cute. He attracted me with his innocence. Matarani I wanted someone like him but you and your destiny robbed everything from me. And who’s he?? Why he’s lying beside my Sanskar?? A bunch of questions are arising in my mind

Sshhhh👆he is telling something k lemme hear.

Chunky you are a cheater

😂😂 chunky !!! What a hilarious name Chunky Chunky Chunky Sanky monkey donkey hehe he is my hubby💃💃💃

Yeah beta he is a cheater. Look he cheated me also, Mr Monster Maheshwari 😡😡 hmm😏

The boy started keening badly

Chunky I am your Aryan na your shadow na

😳😳 Aryan……my goodness. He is Sanskar’s son. I felt I am in space because stars are revolving around my head…….💫.
Suddenly I heard something stunning

Chunky, I lost my Maa and Papa. They both returned to heaven with leaving me an orphan

😧😧 Maa and Papa
Aryan is adopted ???
😁😁😁 tum na Mr Monster Maheshwari hamesha mujhe taane maarte rahte ho😣

But I love you 😘😘😘 You saved an innocent life. You gifted me a son.My love is increasing increasing and increasing . Now someone will call me Mom 😍😍but I didn’t expect that my happiness was the peace before tsunami.

“And you are also getting ready to go to them please don’t die Chunky please don’t die. I am afraid of death”

Die 😳 death. Who gonna die. My Sanskar no no Swara don’t just dreamt a dream like that too. His death??? How is it possible. I moved towards the bed and stood on my knees. No Sanskar you can’t die, you won’t die. Heart started to teach the brain but the teacher is also losing it’s bravery so it had sent tears outside. It started to flow from my eyes. First of all one droplet then two then three. Maybe it’s wanna unending until my last breathe. I am in a dilemma but I can see it. Ritwi took Aryan outside. Shravan is convincing me to stay normal. I immediately wiped my tears and sat on the bed then transferred his head to my lap from the pillow. I began to pat his head like he is my son. Shravan is convincing me about his actual physical condition

“Swara I am a cardiac surgeon and he is one my best friend come patient.”……..my hands was patting Sanskar’s head, eyes are staring at the floor and concentration is fully on Shravan. He addressed the disease with an extraordinary name which a common man can’t understand. These doctors are the carriers of mysteries. There prescriptions are mysterious there language is mysterious and the medicines too are mysteriously tasting. But I understood one thing.My Sanskar is suffering from a major cardio vascular disease. His condition is very critical.

It is important to shift him to Mumbai. The Air ambulance was getting ready. They lifted Sanskar once again and lied him in the car. Can I come with him. I begged in front of Ritwi. She nodded yes.
Aryan sat beside me. First of all he looked at me surprisingly. I peeped at him. He doubtfully touched on my cheeks, hair, hands………”Mom r you real”…….😍😍😍 Mom he called me Mom. But I showed him my fake anger.
You didn’t asked me permission for calling me Mom 😉😉, I said

😁😁 So what ,did you ever asked permission to your own Mom??. If Chunky is my Dad then you are my Mom hmm 😡😡 you got it. He conflicted with me and I started to wheedle him. Slowly slowly we turned friends. I became a mother without suffering from travail. He kissed on my cheeks and sat more close to me

Life , where are you leading me to??? It is the episode 6 but the night is still lasting. The watch showed 3:15 am. This city is priming to welcome the next day. News paper agents, Dairy containers, dhaba, national permit vehicles I am not new to these types of scenes but tonight itself is something different for me. I am saying goodbye to Kolkata. Ouch my both shoulders are feeling onerous. It is paining but cosy too. The car is moving to airport. I touched on the cheeks of both of them then kissed on their heads. God look, how lucky I am. I became a wife and a mother within a night. Tears started to roll from my eyes. I tilted onto the seat. Tightly closing of the eyes rinsed my tears but who will wipe the sorrows of my burst heart. Suddenly the pain of my left shoulder started decreasing. Some little fingers began to vanish my tear droplets. He kissed on my forehead…….”Mom nothing will happen to Dad”…..He said it in his childish voice.

You know my Chunky is in a perfectly salubrious condition. Don’t worry Mom, he will get well soon.

I hugged him amid sobbing. Suddenly Sanskar moaned slightly , The sedatives are really working in him. Unknowingly he wrapped through my belly. I puffed in his sudden action. A butterfly feeling occurred in my stomach. For the first time I am noticing his innocence.He is sleeping like a kid. Might be he looked damn cute in his childhood. Please give me someone like you Sanskar. I am endlessly desiring to carry your little one in my womb. I am melting in him. Sanskar you are mine and I am yours, I lost you once and I will not do that mistake again. I will not let you fail in front of death. I moved my face towards him. Our nose tips touched each other. I am closing my eyes,he is also closing his eyes neverthlesly I know I am in him. Tears are still rolling from my eyes.

To be continued……..

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