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My Shadow my companion – it’s all about Sanskar Episode 10

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Swara’s POV

Life, How weird you are?? You are making me crazy . Now I am battling with him again.
I want to give up If it’s in front of you
I like anger
If it belongs to you
I love tears
If you would be here for consoling me
I am desiring to sing
If you will hear me
I am wishing to die
If you will remember me forever.

We both are exploring through the local market of Bangalore.
If he will look at me his face always turned like burning in ire but Sanskar, I can also notice love in it. However I will lift this veil so soon.
He was tightening the grip of my hand whenever we will knot midst of some crowds
Neverthlesly he wrapped through my waist when we were reached in a shop selling grocery items. Is it knowingly or unknowingly??? suspiciously I glared at his face. But he was checking the rate of vegetables.

Is it organic?? He asked
the shop keeper with taking a bitter gourd in his hand.

Ohh it’s unknowingly and remember Swara he is a Monster who solely know to consume a human being.
Just then without any hesitation, his fingers were started playing Sitar on my naked belly. My dark blue color saree was concealing his hands and the wall s also concealing our back portion. None was noticing us. No fear it is giving him the bravery. Omg he is pinching my belly it’s really aching. I can’t take it out or shout at him😣😣 coz the shop keeper and the other customers are very close to us. He was drawing pictures there. Sanskar please it’s not a black board for writing and wiping something please leave me 😔😔. I looked at him helplessly but he was busy with checking the vegetables. Is that organic or not??? 😁😁 I was really pissed off.
Sanskar leave me I shouted in his ears.
But he………
He tightened the grip in a sudden like a revenge 😔😔😔. It was really aching.
He was talking too.

” Look it’s really injustice. It’s bathed in pesticides in one side whereas in the another side , it’s getting expensive day by day normal people can’t afford it.

I too can’t afford it Sanskar 😔😔😔

😳😳😳 Ohh no his hands are moving upwards.
God please help me please please.
I begged him with my eyes. But he glared at me like he is a innocent guy who likes to drink water with swallowing initially.Amid of all these he began to move his fingers more passionately.

Please leave me😔😔😔 I begged.
But he was not in such a good mood. He is showing his vengeance for the irritations which was done by me.
God’s grace, a bulb flashed in my mind. I noticed some basmati rice which was arranged behind us.

” Bhaiyya please tell me the price of that one”

He came behind for lifting the sachet.
My Patidev terribly disclosed his hand in a sudden.
He started to hiding his eyes. Look how cute he is.

The shop keeper awakened me from me from my thoughts.

“Mam it’s so cheap, shall we pack this?”

I was really in a dillema then too nodded unwilling.
He was really shivering in anger. He lost some passionate moments whereas I am receiving some unwanted expenses.
My handsome hunk was really pissed off.

Turmoil , he murmured

What palmoil , that stupid shopkeeper asked

😁😁 yeah yeah palmoil.
Then I don’t know what happened there he bought everything necessary to a kitchen except electronic items. And the surprising thing was he bought some of that inorganic vegetables initially.

The shop keeper and the customers were 😦 like this

He started the vehicle again

My credit card is getting zero balance 😡😡😡

He was whispering while driving

Excuse me why are you blaming me, I told you to do that???

Hmm 😡😡 he turned his head aside

A couple of minutes have passed.

Jab paas aana chahta hoon tab door jaane ka koi na koi bahaana tum doond hi leti ho na ???

He said calmy

You know what?? You are a stupid, jo bedroom mein karna……

Ssssshhhhh he alerted me to silent and gestured that Shadow is sitting behind us.


Sun departured for dozz off and security Chandamama arrived for his night duty.
What a pity, our vehicle declared a strike. We were 3 hours far away from Mysore but……..


The car was not ready to wake up. It was really a beautiful place
A sugarcane farm in the banks of Kaveri River.
Cool breezes were stroking the sugarcane leaves. They were garnished with moon light.Each leaves were dancing with the cool breeze. Aryan was sleeping in the car, he was really hungry. I was lost in the beauty of that place. If earth have any heaven, it belongs to here.Offo I am really feeling cold. My hands were covered each other. Suddenly I saw Sanskar was walking amid the ridge of sugarcanes. He was going to search for food. I wanted to go with him but he refused.

Swara circumstances are not really good for a girl like you here and I am not in such a condition to fight with someone so it is better to stay inside the car and who will take care of my Shadow??

I was really surprised with his sensible thought.
I nodded yes and he attempted to go

Suddenly a cool breeze passed us. I tugged his hands in a hurry and hugged him.

He was damn surprised

“Please don’t go I am really feeling cold”

Some seconds of silence, he giggled

“Hmm Swara u r naughty”

Then tightly hugged me back

To be continued……..

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