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Lets start:

Twinkle’s Pov :

“How can I write K on my hand Uv’s name starts from U and his name also does not have the letter K what to do now ?” I thought to myself when I heard the Ma calling me for getting ready for the mehendi

I came down wearing a green Anarkali

The mehendi girls started applying mehendi on our hands Me and Mahi di since it was a bridal Mehendi it would take nearly an hour to complete The elders were dancing on the traditional songs when my eyes feel On Kunj he was starting me I mean looking at me but it seemed as if he was staring at me I could not help it so I turned my gaze towards the other direction when I saw Mahi staring in the direction where Uv and Sid were sitting

Twinkle’s Pov ends

Mahi’s POV :

“Staring at Jiju” Twinkle i asked I have to fake a smile and act as if I was blushing thank god UV and Sid are sitting together I was tho staring at UV how hot he is looking today I would burn into ashes looking at him His chest which I can see thorough the 3 open buttons God he would kill me someday

Mahi’s POV ends
I am so happy I am getting married to the girl I love the most hope Kunj too gets fine and finds a loving life partner . I know Twinkle does not love me but she is doing this just to keep my heart That is why I love her man she is just so adorable look the way she is asking Leela Ma to change the songs God please always keep her happy if she is happy I am happy
“UV Sid come here find you names in the mehendi ” Leela Ma called out Breaking me thoughts I rushed to my lady love Her mehendi was beautiful and I am damm sure it would turn into the darkest shade Though I don’t believe in all this but if it’s to prove that I love Twinkle then The mehendi will turn into the darkest of the darkest shade I love her a lot her mehendi had the face of a bride and the groom it was beautiful you see in our family identifyimg your name in your would be wife’s hand is like a game if the groom wins he rules in the relationship and I want Twinkle to rule over me my mind my body my soul are all liable to her I just glanced a bit over her hand ” I cannot find it ” I said looseing
UV’ s POV ends
Twinkle’s POV
UV is so sweet he looks at my mehendi praised it and liked my design selection too but I am afraid with the way he would react after knowing that I have a k written in my hand he could not find his name so eveveryone asked me to show him his name I should them a ‘K’ was written and below that his name were written many of them were confused as to why I wrote K I could directly write his name to which I explained ” I have been brought up as a queen so my husband needs to be a King right that is why” I faked a smile I was just afraid that no one comes to know it usva lie I looked up at UV he was smiling so cute na but babaji why don’t I love him anyone one can fall for his charm his attitude his looks but why not me
Twinkle’s POV ends
Mahi s POV
Thank God after the silly explanation given by Twinkle finally it was my turn to show my mehendi I wish UV could be the one guessing his name written on my hand I have written Uv’ s name on my hand I but this Sid why did Kunj choose him only he knows I don’t care I haven t written a S so what should I do ….Ha This curve like design looking like a ‘S’ will do I thought to myself and then Sid identified some other curve I was okay with it coz that also looked like a ‘S’
Mahi’ s POV ends
Kunj’s POV
Oh so you are playing smart with me Miss. Taneja but sorry baby I am Kunj Sarna and I won’t let you win so easily this is the attitude I have fallen for I want you I have started loving you now you only belong to me you can only warm my bed and no one else’s I won’t let you do so
Kunj’s POV ends
One sister is trying her level best to save the other while the other one is pushing her into a trap that would trap her for ever and ever
And here we had a brother who wants to snatch his own brothers love while the other wants a happy life for his brother ironic but true
Twinkle’s POV
I somehow passed the day I was waiting for the clock to strike 6 I had to meet that black mailer I swear babaji once I meet him I would not spare him but before that I need to make sure that none of Mahi’s morphed pictures are with him
I some how pass time up to 5:30 but the last 30 minutes were passing like years I got ready in my bridal dress and locked the room I had set a recorder would make the sound of me taking shower for 30 minutes and a hair drier for next 30 minutes and before that I would try coming back the bride would be called at 9 I need to be back before 9 and would definitely be back by then and then I left.
I guess I was an early but where is this man babaji send him soon I hope no one comes to know I am not at home though I know Mahi would handle them if anything goes wrong but I hope Nothing goes wrong
“Oh my baby is waiting here I hope you did not have to wait for a long time ” I heard the caller I turned around to see who it was and on seeing him I was shock he was he was KUNJ
Need a precap ??
Okay just for you guys …
Precap : Leela calling out for the brides One of them is there but the other one ??
On the groom’s side one of them is there but the other one is no where to be seen
A temple is seen and a lifeless body absorbed with the best jewels is seen

Confusing I know the precap is but need to have patience hai na
Love you all take care ❤😘

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