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“My pain”~Swara (Episode 2)

Hey friends… Thanks to all those who read my work and commented and also to silent readers if there are any…
This is second part and probably the last part before I close for my semesters. But dint with for sure I will be back with the 3rd part on Friday or max Saturday…
Till then enjoy this part and do comment…
Hope u like and enjoy it…
Episode 2

The sisters tried their best to overcome their turmoils what about the brothers??
Everyone were upset in MM , not because Laksh married Kavya but bcos of his decision their former dils had to leave the place and yet again history repeated itself stripping Sanskar his ladylove.
The peace and happiness was missing except for Laksh and Kavya who were full on to commence their married life..
None of them could swallow a morsel of rice , thinking about the pain the sisters might be going thro and there was Sanskar who hadn’t stepped outside his room for dinner in the irony was his lil brother Laksh who was enjoying his post wedding dinner with his wife Kavya..
Nobody was sure if Kavya was really Laksh’s love or not yet they knew there was nothing left now to do..
None could sleep as the only thing that flashed in their minds as soon as they closed their eyes was the crying face of the Gadodia daughters which they never wanted to see. Truly said , all you want to see need not happen and same was the case here.
Though the souls of the married couple dint become one, as laksh requested time for taking their marriage to the next level , they slept on the decoratedd bed all comfy forgetting that their own family was enduring a lot of pain…
Though everyone were in their rooms all that was going on in their minds was the evening’s events which spoiled and soiled many relations forever possibly.. Sanskar was there in his balcony staring at the moon recalling how happy his swara was during the wedding and ironically how pained she left the place with her father.. He for sure knew his lady love wouldn’t have had dinner and might be sleeping after hours of crying and which for sure was true..
Probably the two of them were truly in love. The two here are Swasan…
Neither could he sleep thinking of the events that happened all coz of Laksh’s one stupid step in favour of his revenge he had taken… Though there were 2 people sleeping peacefully, there were all the others unable to sleep and amongst them who dreaded the idea of sleeping was Sanskar. People say boys don’t cry but that isn’t true, coz Sanskar couldn’t control his emotional pain and did let his tears flow.. yes, he was crying Just like how his wife cried…
Coming back to badi, we can see all the lights switched and in the rooms were a ragini sleeping with new hopes for the next day so was Shekhar, sharmishtha, dadu and dadi without releasing that they had foretten their elder daughter in the plight of supporting their younger one.. Swara still had wet eyelashes and was sleeping on her dida’s lap while her dida was staring blankly at space apart from patting her granddaughter to make her sleep.
Dida had an intution and was sure that she was probably the only one who would be supporting her dear granddaughter now…

The night was ever so dark like never before. .
Guys the goes the second episode…
I have one more thing to say and that is there a few changes in the characters..
Swara is a doctor she has done her specialisation in paediatrics from aiims Delhi, while she did her basic MBBs from mahatma Gandhi institute of medical sciences Mumbai…
Ragini has done her engineering but always worked being a sitar teacher at the music school in Kolkata..
Laksh is now the owner of maheshwari industries…
Sanskar never clubbed his karma industry with maheshwari industry and hence , it is still his…
The rest are mostly the small except for sharmishtha who initially worked as a law lecturer in one of Kolkata’s renowned college..

So now, ends the second chapter. Sorry it is a little short but hope u like it…
Now signing for a week, it’s Akshara Reddy..
Hope u liked it..
Please do reply..
Take care.. 😘😘😘😘😘
Bye till I return with chapter 3… â�¤ðŸ’šðŸ’›ðŸ’œðŸ’�💟💞💙💗💖

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