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My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) episode 25

The episode is dedicated to all my di’s with lots of love ❤❤❤❤❤❣❣

The episode starts with Ranveer , Ishani and Shikhar having break fast . They completed their break fast .

SHIKHAR – Ishani Bye I am going to airport.

Ranveer happily thinks oh my god he is going back . 😀😀😀😀😀.

ISHANI – Haaa but u should bring uncle and aunty here .

Ranveer thinks what is she saying .

Then he understood that he is going to pick his parents from Airport.

SHIKHAR – Then u too come with me Ishani .

ISHANI – Sorry I can’t as I have so much work to do in office .

Then Shikhar went to airport .

Then our ishveer got into car .

Our ishani didn’t spoke a word .

Our Ranveer was sad as she didn’t even said a word to him .

Then ishani’s phone rang .

She then attended it .

It was Shikhar .

ISHANI – Haa Shikhar.

By hearing this our ranveer got again angry .

Shikhar – Haaa Ishani the flight is 1 hour late so I am getting bored here . Can u plz come here ?

ISHANI – Ohh sorry Shikhar I have so many work in office so I can’t come . But U don’t worry I will try to do it early . So today I will directly come there to ur home . Then we can see bye …….

SHIKHAR – OK bye .

By hearing all this our ranveer again got very much angry .

He drove the car at high speed .

Our ISHANI was surprised by this.

ISHANI – Ranveer!!!!!. Plz drive it slowly.

Then our ranveer drove it slowly .

Then they reached office . Our Ranveer was very much angry walked into his cabin .

Our Ishani too walked into her cabin .

She then made a file for the project &went to Ranveer’s cabin . Who was doing some work in laptop .

She then came inside his cabin and explained him about the file .

Then her phone rang .

ISHANI – One minute .

She then attended the call and it was again Shikhar .

ISHANI – Haa bolo Shikhar .

By hearing his name ranveer who was a little cool again got anger .

SHIKHAR – ISHANI mom & Dad came when will u come ?

ISHANI – Haaa really I will come there soon .

By saying this she ended the call .

Our Ranveer was at the peek of anger .

Ishani came to him and explained him about the file . And she was been in a hurry as she want to go .

By seeing all this our Ranveer was not able to control his anger .

RANVEER shouted .

RANVEER – Do u really came here for doing the project ? What is this file ? If u want to go somewhere u should have told me before as I came here without going to my own company . Then also what r u doing ? In the office time too speaking in phone and want to go somewhere so doing some thing in the file and giving it to me . 😡😡😡😡😡

By hearing all these our ISHANI was shocked .

Then also our ranveer scolded her badly in his anger and told her to recreate the file after that only she can go .

By hearing all the scolding tears rolled down from her eyes . Without saying a word she went from there taking the file .

She went to her cabin .
He was very angry and sat in the chair.


Ishani who was very shocked at his behavior slowly wept her 😢😢😢 tears and sat in the chair and started to do it again and she knew that it won’t be completed in the evening and she sadly started to her work .

Ranveer who was been sitting in the chair slowly cooled down from his anger .

He then thought what he did and really felt guilty for what he did.

Ranveer in mind thought what he did and thought why he made her to cry ? As he is having the pain now . 😣😣😣😣

He really felt sad and thought to say sorry and went to her cabin .


He saw Ishani doing the work .

He then thought to enter into her cabin but that time ranveer got a call and moved from there .

The time gone . It was then evening . The people of office started to go and after sometime all went but then also our Ishani was doing her work without eating anything from the morning just drinking some coffee .

Our ranveer too was there in the office he too didn’t eat any thing . And he was there in the office propose fully for being a companion as there was no one in the office .

The time went it had became night .

It was almost 9 ‘o’clock 🕘🕘🕘. Our ranveer wanted to say sorry and ask her to go to home but he was unable .

At the Same time falguni thought she was been with Shikhar and family .

Shikhar there was waiting for ISHANI and he called her but the phone was switched off . He then became some worried .

When it was almost 10.00 PM our Ishani completed her file work and when she was about to give it to ranveer she saw him speaking him in phone so she waited in his cabin .

Slowly slept there as ranveer took so many time to talk .

After talking in phone . Came to his cabin and was shocked to see her slepping .

He slowly walked came near and sat next to her and slowly moved her hair from her face to the back side of the ear and told sorry to her .

Then he kept the file in the table .

The screen swifts to Shikhar who was been worried for ISHANI went to her home and was shocked to know she was not there and
Some how he didn’t said it to falguni.

Then he started to Ishani’s office .


Our ranveer slowly lifted ISHANI without disturbing ISHANI .

And carrying her he came to the lift and they reached down.

Then Shikhar came there and asked him what happened to her he said she is sleeping .

Then Shikhar received ISHANI from Ranveer’s hand .

And ranveer was angry seeing this .

Shikhar carried her to the car and they went .

Our ranveer too went from there angrily.

The episode ends there.


Thank u for reading and plz.put ur precious comments and suggestions below 😊😊😊😊😊

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