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My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) episode 24

today’s episode is dedicated to to all readers .

the episode starts with ishani & shikhar is in car 🚗 going to ishani’s home . ranveer is in his car 🚗 going to his home . .


in parekh mansion .

our ishani and shikhar entered the entrance and rang the bell . at this time shikhar hid . falguni came and opened the door . .

she saw ishani and asked her to come in . then our shikhar howled and hugged falguni . she was shocked to see him and hugged him back .

falguni – beta tum . when did u come why u didn’t informed me ? if u have said i would have made ur favourite dishes . and before that how r u ? .

shikhar smilingly – aunty ji i thought to give a surprise so i didn’t informed u all sorry aunty plz don’t be angry with me for that as ur daughter itself scolded me enough for that ☺☺☺.

ishani gave a stern look .

falguni-anyway come inside beta .

they came inside .

then three had a talk about london and all .

then falguni asked him to have food then he said they had .

falguni – aree beta where is ur mom and dad ?

shikhar – aunty ji tomorrow only they will be coming from america .

falguni – then u satay here beta .

shikhar – no aunty ji no problem . the servants had arranged everything in home .

falguni – what is this beta ? why u r saying like this like a outsider ? u stay here beta as u will be always saying that it is like ur home then why can’t u stay beta ? and usually u used to stay here know then why ? and after going to london u forgotten us . its not fair .

atlast shikhar said okay to stay in parekh’s house .

the screen shifts to rv’s room .

our ranveer enters his room and freshened himself and sat in the bed .

ranveer thought that today he was not able to propose ishani today but i will propose her soon . by thinking this he smiled . he then took her phone and called someone for official matter .

the screen shifts to ishani’s room .

ishani thinks that now i know that ranveer loves some one else . so i should be away from him . i didn’t ever think i will be feeling this much pain for him . that means still knowing this i can’t stop me from loving him . today went like this and i should be strong at this time . if he can’t love me no problem but i will be loving him as i can’t stop loving him . but now i am taking promise to myself that i will try to stop loving him but i am not sure will i will be able for that . by thinking this she wept .

that time someone knocked at the door . she wiped the tears and went to open it .

she opened the door it was been shikhar .

ishani – haa come shikhar .

shikhar – i am came for collect our childhood memories .

ishani in a confused tone – what ! .

shikhar in a funny tone – haa lets go to terrace as when we were children and in college we used to go to terrace in terrace and talk know ? i really missed it that \little cold and our talk all that .

ishani thought it will make her mind too calm .

ishani – haa lets go .

then they both went to terrace .

the screen shifts to terrace .

ishani -me too really missed u and our spended time .without u i was like just serious person . when u r with me i feels like i am a child . h

shikhar smiled .

ishani – its a little cold hee na ?

shikhar – haa .

he then gave her a scarf .

and he too wore a scarf .

ishani – well prepared . 😂😂😁😁

shikhar in a funny tone – haa

shikhar – do u remember u liked to dance in rain and for that u will be making me to drench also . the when aunty ji scolds i will be taking all the blames .

ishani – that is why i really liked u . by saying this she laughed .

then ishani took her phone and started to take photo’s and selfies .

ishani & shekhar took so many selfies .

like funny selfies and close funny selfies .

she then posted it in facebook .

then our ishani and shekhar had a long converstaion about their childhood and all.

the screen shifts to ranveer’s room .

at the same time ranveer was looking in some files . he heard some notification sound in his phone . he then took the phone and was happy to see the notification of facebook that “ishani had posted some photo’s ‘.

he then happily opened it . and first he saw some photos which they took in the beech🏝🏝 . then he saw the new photo of ishani & shekhar which they took in the terrace 🕋🕋🕋and was shocked to see the photo’s and the captions like ‘ with my best half forever and missed u a lot but now u r back so let’s rock dear and another photo’s having captions like “remembering sweet momories ” .

by seeing this our ranveer got angry and jelous 😡😡👿👿👿. he then thrown his phone into the bed and thought is shikhar is in her house now ? why is he staying there is she don’t have any house ?he thought all these in anger . 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

then our ranveer thought that why is he getiin this much angry ? he is her friend . that much only ranveer then for what u should be angry with him ? calm down ranveer calm down .

the screen shifts to parekh house .

its morning .

it is shown that ishani & shikhar is having breakfast .

our ranveer comes there as usually nowadays ishveer is going together to office so picking her he came .

he was then shocked to see ishani & shikhar together . and felt a little jelousy .

he then came inside. and wished all good morning and others also wished him back .

falguni – beta come u too have break fast . as today’s break fast is special .

ranveer in a confused tone – why ?.

falguni – as todays breakfast is made by ishani .

by hearing this our ranveer got happy and smiled thinking that today he will eat the food prepared by ishani .

falguni then continued as she made the breakfast today because of shekhar as he loves ishani’s cooking .

by hearing this the smile vanished from our ranveer’s face .

the epispode ends here .

precap – ranveer to get angry on ishani because of her closness towarsd shekhar . and scold her for other things thinking about this .

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