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My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) episode 22


this episode is dedicated to kathy di and christina as they r both r back after a long time and i really missed both a lot .


the episode starts with amba came sat near ranveer and asked why he didn’t said to her about this when she called him in the morning .

ranveer – maa i thought not to say as if i said it u won’t have gone to temple .

then amba asked ishaani to have dinner with them . but she refused saying that mom is waiting for her.

but ranveer too told her to have after that amaa too said again and again

at last ishaani agreed to have dinner .

then ranveer to came to have dinner on the table .

on the table…..

all started to have dinner .

ishani – aunty ji the food is very tasty .

amba – thank u beta and so u have to eat all the dishes . 🙂

that time ranveer came there amba asked ranveer to sit in the chair near to ishani as it was only free . he then sat at the chair near to ishaani .

he started to have food . then he coughed then ishani took water and made him to drink . he drank the water . that time both ishaani and ranveer stood and moved to the same side at they both hit each other .

ishani – ouchhh .

ranveer – ishhhh.

amba – anything happened ?

ishani – nothing aunty ji .

ranveer – haa maa.

then they both walked from there .

at last ishaani bided bye to all and went to home driving her car .

after she went our ranveer felt so lonely and thought all about her and her care for him he was not able to sleep he was continuously thinking about her . finally he thought that why he is missing her so much and thinking about her this much . ranveer then asked to himself that do u loves ishaani ? yes that’s the truth ranveer u loves her that’s why when she is sad u too feels sad and even i made myself to lose my fav game for her yes u r in love .

that time amba knocked at ranveer’s room .

ranveer opened it .

amba – r u okay beta ?

ranveer – haa maa .

amba – i asked because i heard some noise .

ranveer – nothing maa.

amba -okay then u sleep well beta .

and when she was about to go ranveer held her hand .

amba – haa kya beta ? do u want anything ?

ranveer – no maa i just want to rest my head on ur lap .

amba – ya u can beta and that means u want to say something to me right ?

ranveer smiled . .

then amba came to the bed and ranveer rested his head on her lap .

amba – kya beta ?

ranveer – if we r thinking about a person and if can’t get rid of her thinking and if we misses that person if that person is not with us and when that person is sad we too feels sad why we r feeling all this ?

amba – we will feel this kinds of thing to our loved once only . and why r u asking about this beta ?

ranveer – if it is like that maa i had found my love .

by hearing this amba got so happy .

amba happily asks him who is she ?

ranveer – wait maa i will say u later .

amba again asked him .

ranveer in a funny tone – wait and see.

then he slept on amba’s lap .

that time amba made him to sleep in the bed and went from there .

that time our ranveer slowly opened his eyes after knowing amba has went.

he then took his phone and saw ishani’s photo and kissed in it .

in ishaani’s room.

ishani changed herself into night dress and came to bed .

she then saw some messages on her phone and took it .

she was shocked to see ranveer’s messages that too now . she then thought he would messaged anything official matter .

then she took it .

it was been not anything official it was just a ‘hi’ .

ishani replied him ‘hello’ .

at the time our ranveer was very happy to see ishaani’s message and opened it .

ishani then asked him ‘how r u now ? ‘

ranveer replied as ‘ fine ‘ .

ishani then said good night .

ranveer was sad seeing good night message . but then he too said good night .

then our ishaani kept the phone aside and slept .

then our ranveer too slept .

in the morning .

in parekh house .

our ishaani got ready wearing a dark read kurtha and white legins . and had dinner with falguni and took a file and went to office early as harshad is not there so there she want to go .

she then reached office and went to her cabin . but that she really missed ranveer .

then she went to ranveer’s cabin to take a file . but she searched that file every where it was not there . she then got to know that it was with ranveer . she then decided to go to rv mansion for taking it and thought she can also know how is ranveer now ?

so she took her car and went rv mansion .

rv mansion .

ishaani rang the calling bell .amba came and opened the door .

ishani greeted amba and took ashrivad from her .

amba too greeted her .

amba welcomed her and they both talked and walked to the kitchen . amba was doing some work in kitchen . ishani said she will do something but amba said no need to . but then our ishani put coffee to all . amba asked her to give the coffee to kailash she went to the front room where kailash was reading the news paper . she greeted him and he too greeted her and happily received the coffee from her . and gave good compliment on the coffee .

she then went back to kitchen . ishaani talked with amba as they came close to each other easily . amba asked ishaani that can she do a favor for her ?

ishani -haa aunty ji u say but i won’t do it as a favor .

amba – its a very difficult task .can u do that ?

ishani – i will do it aunty ji u say .

amba – its to wake up ranveer and to give him the coffee as i have some work in the kitchen as today the servant is on half day leave .

ishani – ok i will do it .

by saying this she took the coffee and went to ranveer’s room .

in ranveer’s room .

she came inside ranveer’s room and saw ranveer who was sleeping so cutely like a child .

she smiled by seeing his way of sleeping .

she then came near him and called him .

ranveer – plz maa let me sleep for 5 minutes .

ishani smiled hearing this and thought to let him sleep for 5 minutes .

so she went and arranged his table well as all the file was scattered there and she took the file which she wanted . and 5 minutes gone .

then she came near him and called him . then ranveer held her hand and slept above her hand saying plz maa let me sleep today i am on leave .

ishani was shocked and called and called him . then our ranveer came into sense and was shocked to see ishani there .

ranveer – ishani tum ?

ishani was looking in a cute anger to him .

ranveer – no ranveer its not ishani . and how can she come here that’s even in ur room in morning . u r just imaging . by saying this he rubbed his eyes and again looked and was shocked to see ishani .

he then slowly came near her and touched her face i order to know is ishani is really there or it is imagination . he was shocked to know that it was real and asked her why she is here ?

she then said the reason and gave him the coffee . he received it happily from her and drank and asked who made it ? as it is different from maa’s coffee’s taste .

ishani- is it not good ?

ranveer – no its very tasty .

ishani – i made it .

ranveer smiled . then they talked some other things .

the episode end there .

precap – ishani to enter ranveer’s room and was shocked to see ranveer in towel and to slip due to water in the floor and ranveer to hold her . shares a eyelock .

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