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My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) episode 21

This episode is dedicated to duva di as she was eagerly waiting for this episode . 😊😊😊

The episode starts with ranveer getting jealousy hearing ishaani saying about her friend .


He then purposefully coughed in order to make ishaani to stop praising her friend .

By seeing him coughing she asked him .

ISHAANI – What happened everything is fine right ?

RANVEER – Haaan .

ISHAANI – Wait I will bring water .

By saying this she took water from the table and made him drink it .

Ranveer drunk the water and sit upright with the help of pillow . Ishaani too helped him yo sit .

When she was about to keep the water glass in table she saw so many missed calls in table as she didn’t heard the ring as it was in silent mode .

She then took the phone and looked those who called her . She was shocked to dee that harshad called her several times .

ISHAANI – Ohh papa called me this much times😦😧😧😧

RANVEER – What happened ishaani .?

ISHAANI – Nothing.

By saying this she moved from the room .

She went to the terrace and called harshad but his phone was not reach able .

She then thought that ‘ I think papa has called me to say bye as he was going today but what I did was I didn’t attend it . 😢 I think his phone is in Airplane mode as he will be in flight now . She felt sad . Then she called falguni .

Falguni attended the call .


FALGUNI – Haa beta where r u ? Why u didn’t attended the phone when ur papa called ?

ISHAANI – Did papa went ?

FALGUNI – yes he went .

Then ishaani said about ranveer and all to falguni .

FALGUNI – Haa beta u did a good thing and when his parents come u come here soon beta .

ISHAANI – Haaa maa bye


She ended the call and went to Ranveer’s room .

Whee he was playing in his phone .

She sadly came there and sat there . 😕😕😕

Seeing her sadly he asked her what happened?

ISHAANI – Nothing .

RANVEER – What is this u r saying lies to ur friend.☹

ISHAANI – No not like that ranveer . I was sad because papa had called me several time to talk with me as he was going today but my phone was in silent mode so I didn’t noticed . Now papa had went .

RANVEER – Ohh . I am sorry because of me know it all happened .

ISHAANI – What is this ranveer u only said no sorry and thank u between friendship. But what r u doing now ? And u didn’t do anything ranveer .

RANVEER – ouchhh and smiled at her and said what we can call uncle when he reached the place OK ?

ISHAANI – in a sad tone said OK .

Seeing her sad he thought to make her happy .

RANVEER -Ishaani can u do a favour ?

ISHAANI – Haaa u say .

RANVEER – There is a set of video game in the cupboard can u plz take it to me ?

ISHAANI – ohh ya

By saying this she went to the cupboard and took it and gave to ranveer .

Ranveer took it and started to play with it by connecting it to the TV .

RANVEER – Come ishaani let’s play .

ISHAANI – No ranveer .
RANVEER – Hey u come ishaani its really boring . U come. .

ISHAANI – No ranveer . Actually I don’t know how to play also that’s why I am saying .

RANVEER – Ohh that’s the matter . I will teach u .

By saying this he moved a little back to the bed and asked her to sit in the bed .

She then sat in the bed .
He then took the video game player and taught her how to play .

He then set single player mode and made ishaani to play by holding her hand he helped her to play .

Then he changed the mode into multiplayer and gave a player to ishaani and he took another player they started to play car racing they both were concentrated on the game and they were enjoying it but in the first game ranveer won the game as he was expert . Our ishaani became sad that she lost the game. Our ranveer was very happy in winning the game but he noticed that ishaani was sad .

RANVEER – Come let’s play once more .

Then they both played again when ranveer was about to win he looked at ishaani who was playing the game to win he purposefully made her win in order to make her happy.

By winning the the game our ishaani became so happy . And howled that she won the game she won the game. And happily hugged ranveer . Ranveer was shocked and was Been like a ice cube she broke the hug and started to sing songs in happiness .

Ranveer again said that we can play once more . Then they both played they both enjoyed it and the both was been in bed so for making ranveer to lose the game she tickled him . Ranveer with cute anger tickled her then it led to cute fight . Ranveer and ishaani forgot that he is having fever then they started to fight with pillow by being each other by saying u played cheat game and all. While they was fighting the stood up in the bed and and fighter and when our ishaani was taking the pillows she lost her grip and was about to fall from the bed to floor that our ranveer pulled and they both fell in the bed . Ishaani was been above ranveer they both then shared a eye lock 👁👀👀👀 tum hi ho plays……..

At that time the calling bell rang it broken their eye lock and ishaani stood up and was shocked to see the condition of the room after their fight . She and him then fadtly made everything right and ishaani went to open the door .

She opened the door and it was amba .

Amba was shocked to see ishaani .

Ishaani greeted amba .
Amba too greeted and then kailadh and others too came there .

AMBA – Beta tum here.

ISHAANI – Has aunty ji ranveer was having high fever so I thought to drop him here but when reached here here was no one so I stayed here And she told everything to amba .

Amba thanked her .

They all then went to Ranveer’s room but the room was arranged properly and amba came sat near him and asked why he didn’t said to her about this when she called him

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