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My life, my love .. A ragsan ff (Part-7)

Part 7
What the heck?? Bhai is no more…i was confused and shocked. Shiv had told us that he met with an accident. The face was almost unrecognizable , so they had calle ragu to identify. After saying this he had goneout muttering ladoo should not see the body, and we were kind of standing like statues.

All maheswari’s and gadodias are now in the hospital. Ragini ‘s dadi was crying and sumi aunty was consoling her. Swara was kind of shocked. But i didn’t see ragini yet and this worried me.
After a few hours we saw shiv coming beside a stretcher , the body was covered. Shekar uncle slowly removed the cloth to reveal a highly disfigured face . dadi let out a wail saying how bad she was and dadaji broke down . shekar uncle was silently crying . all were still in the shock and shiv had a hard expression on his face. Suddenly i noticed a small figure huddled near the morchery.


Bhai ..my bhai is dead!! It sounds so unreal . maybe if i close my eyes for sometime then it will go away. But i know this was real. Like everyone else bhai was also leaving me and going. Just like mumma and lakshya. He was also betraying me like sanskar
Why?? Why everyone is leaving me?? Am i that bad?? My sweet bhai….his face …was soo disfigured..
What will i do now?? What about bhabi and baby? These questions were roaming around my head and i was feeling so empty..like nothing is left now…bhai ..please come back..your ladoo need you..you cannot leave me..please bhai…

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