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My life, my love .. A ragsan ff (Part-4)

“ ladoo, why are you bothering yourself by talking to this chori.??? After she and her bangalan ma came to our home, something wrong is always happening.
Shekar …tumse humne pehale se hi kaha tha ki ye chori aur uske ma abshagun hai. Ab dekho ki hua??”
“That’s enough dadima!!” I told her after i saw shomi maa tearing. Dadima bhi na..sometimes she does not have any control on her mouth!!
“I was talking with my sister .please let us continue!!” I requested her and she let us alone grumbling.

“shona , I’m going to tell you something .please never tell this to anyone else .especially dadima!!”she nodded her head like a kid.
“Papa had an elder brother , shiv gadodia. After ma’s death we were living with him and his wife Aarti gadodia in Hooghly. But in an accident bade papa and badi maa died . after their death we came back here with their son Aarv bhai, you remember him naa. Bhai was so sweet , vo mera sub kuch hai, he never left me alone and was like my maa more than dadima. I was his princess. For few years he was not here and had gone to delhi for studies. But when he returned…


Again we were intrupted!!! This time someone had guest had came. So ragu went to help maa in kitchen and i was stuck with dadi who had forgotten the earlier squabble and was busy chit-chating about her new saadi . i remember aarav bhai . he was very sweet. I wanted to know why he was not living with us now.

“Namaste kaakisaa!!’’ i jumped hearing dp uncle’s sound.
“ i wanted to talk about ummm the present situation and also about swara’s ang lakshya’s rishta!!”
What the heck???rishta ?? me and monkey lucky!!!

Sorry guys!! I’ll write ragsan scenes soon!! I may not be so regular. My exam is going to start . please …pray for me!!!

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