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My heart is with you ragini epi 6 by sindhura

Two mansion were shown
One is filled with happiness and another is filled with little happiness and more sad..
Mashewari mansion..
Ap does completes prayer and says where are you ragini we are missing you..and sanskar belief on being you alive made us also belief and we are now praying that you should come back soon..ap turns and sees sanskar standing holding his hands infront of god having beird and face full of sadness and somewhere his hope on ragini return to his life..he started believing in god more now…
Ap serves prasad to sanskar both smiles to each other weekly.
Ap touches his head and says dont worry sanskar ragini will come back to you and your mother will also talk with you dont loose hope..
Sanskar:- i will die but i wont loose my hope of getting ragini and maa both in my life badai maa…
They both goes and sits in dinning area..
Ap serves prasad to all and swara serves breakfast..
Swara sees sanskar lost in somewhere and feels bad and says where are you ragini.
With out you we are nothing with you all our happiness went away..
Here in delhi….
A full house is busy with servents roaming here and their….
Dadi was praying in front of durga idol and all family members were standing next to her..
Our rajini was singing prayer song..and all were lisening to her voice by closing eyes even servents of house wont move a step untill they lisen to her complete song..

Mean while she ends song and all opens their eyes ..
All sits for breakfast..
Dadaji:- sameer and karan we have a important meeting today by skype with maheswaris company.
Sameer nodes his head while rajini keeps her face doudtedly..
Karan:- what happen baby sister ..
Rajini:- dont knew dude by lisening maheswaris i left different any way any way leave it..
Dadajii:- rajini you were also involved in this project ok..
Rajini:- me but what do i knew dad u..
Dadi:- if you dont knew then learn it rajini..you love to learn new things naa ..
Raj:- we want you to looks our garments company…
Rajini:- but i love singing .
Sakshi:- just try it raa you did very rare project but you handled them perfectly ..
Rajini:- but still i studying naa.
Sameera:- oh drama queen you are studying part time that to get Lisence to do our business and you already sucessfull in music..and tell me one thing you love to sing but you dont want to go professional side why.
Rajini:- its my passion bhaiya i love to sing for myself and for my people not for every one and i never thought of going to professional side let me try this time..
All smiles….
Dadaji:- so you are handling this maheswaris project with your bhaiuus.
Rajini:- yaa dadaji you said to do and i will do it at any cost..
And but i cant attend today meeting i have to go to ngo kids..
Dadaji:- haa its ok..
(Note:- deshpande family dont knew about sanskar being ragini husband and her relation ship with maheswaris)
All smiles……

Laksh and dp joins breakfast and sees sanskar who lost in some thoughts
Laksh:- bhai we are going to sigh a new construction with deshpandas its a big and govt project..
Sanskar nodes his head..
Dp:- we want you too join in this project sanskar..
Sanskar:- badai papa i am not interested i have my cases and operation and you knew that i dont like that much involving in business..
Rp:- haa sanskar we knew but it will be a change for you..
Sanskar:- haa but papa..
Sujatha to ap indirectly:-
Dii say to him to lisen to others atleast now ..so much happen because of his anger and his not lisening to any one attitude but he still doesnt care to change…
Sanskar looks at sujatha with tears…
Sujatha immediatedly turns by wiping her tears she goes into kitchen..
Sanskar about to get up but ap holds her and makes him to eat his breakfast by her hands..
Ap:- i knew you realised your mistake late but its not to late sanskar you only see one day ragini will come back to you..
The way her belief became true in you gaining your love soon your belief too become true she will come back to our lifes mainly in your life see..
Sanskar smiles he takes his doctor coat and leaves to his hospital….
Laksh:- it almost 5 months passed untill now we didnt got single clue about ragini babhi and i am fearing by seeing bhai condition..
Swara:- my ragini will come back..
Dp:- our daughter and life of this house should come back and she will…
Here rajini continuosly coughing…
Dadi is tapping her head and sakshi were rubbing her back..
Pragati makes her drink water ..
She feels good..
Pragati:- may be some one is remembering you…
Rajini:- who else might it be rather than sameer bhai..
All smiles by noding their heads..

In deshpande office…
Dadajii:- sameer and karan we are going to kolkata not only for deal and also to deal with that shekar and sumitra and what happen that my ragini tried to suicide..
Ashok:- but dadajii what need of chaging ragini name to rajini..
Dadaji:- we didnt change ashok her full name ragini rajini deshpande..
Ashok:- why two names..
Sameer:- actually i instead alot to keep her name as raijnj and by her birth time pandit said us to name her as ragini and rajini to..
We lost her in 4 years old whenshe travelled with papa and maa we thought she too died as our chotai pa i mean that shekar and sumi lied to us by saying she died with illness ..we dont knew the reason why they lied to us….
Dadajii:- we tried alot in this 5 months to knew about them but no information about them so we thought we will handle by ourself..
Ashok:- but we got rajini outskirts of mumbai. How can she suicide or its a murder..
Sameer:- thats what bhai it became a mystery and ragini lost her memory doctors said that her case is rare and its impossible to gain her memory back so no need to worry ..
And i want to knew all persons who caused my sister pain and made her to take that drastic step..
Ashok:- our sister sameer..
Three smiles..

Precap:-sanskar lonilyness.

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