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My hear is with you ragini(ragsan) by sindhura episode 16

Dadajii is leaving and sameer ragini were following him.
Dadaji:- be care full beta ok.
They both nodes and hugs him.
Ragini:- do you keep all your medicines dadu..
Dadajii:-hmm beta i kept all.
Ragini hugs him and say i will miss you dadu.
Sameer to hugs him and says i will also miss u dadu.
All family members smiles seeing their bond.
Dadajii looks at sameer.

Sameer:- dont worry dadu i will take care of her.you can trust me.
Dadaji hugs him again and smiles.
Sujatha was talking with ragini while dadajii takes sameer aside and says..
Dadajii:- i got some clues about shekar and sumitra thats why i am going.
Sameer:- in that case i will also come dadajii.
Dadajii:- how can you leave ragini alone sameer when you knew that her past was in mumbai.
Sameer:- sry i just want to encounter with that both people and give them punishment for making my sister life hell.
Dadajii:- we all wanted to do that sameer “we all” dont forget that..
Sameer:- ok bye dadajii take care..
Dadajii:- blesses him and goes..
Rag and sam both waves their hands to him.
All goes inside house and sits in hall and started talking..
Sameer comes and says chaloo raj.


Ragini:- bye all.
They about to leave but sameer gets a important call..
Sameer:- raj i have to leave to company yar its an emergency now how will you go.
Ragini:- come on bhai, we are not in dessert to think no transport .i will go threw cab and come back.
Sujatha:- cab is not good ragini and you were new to city also.lets sanskar drop you and will pick u back as today he is on leave.will you drop and pick her na sanskar.
Sanskar nodes happiely and says sure mom.
All looks happy as sujatha talking with sanskar..
Sujatha:- done ok .so,dont worry sameer..
Sameer nodes and says :- shall we go laksh…
Sameer and laksh goes from their Sanskar:- shall we leave ragini.
Ragini:- hmm.
They both starts going but ragini stops and goes towards sujatha and hugs her.
Ragini:- bless me na maa.i am doing a program for good cause.
and for that i should get good response..
Sujatha:- no one can say no to my child and see your show will get super hit and then you have to give me ice cream party..
Ragini:- sure maa..
Sanskar:- shall we leave.
Ragini and sanskar leaves from their..

Ap places hand on sujatha who is looking at sanrag emotinally.
Sujatha:- when they will be together dii.
Ap:- soon they will sujatha dont worry..
Sujatha:- i dont knew that she got a beautifull smile di. Although she forgot all of us i dont mind dii.she started a new life and see, now she has so many people around her how are loving her so much.
All smiles..
Here sanskar is driving and ragini is talking.
Ragini:- how much time it will take sanskar to reach.
Sanskar:- 30 minutes more.
Ragini:- hmm.
Sanskar:- tell me one thing.you have beautifull voice then why you didnt enter in singing.
Ragini:- i am singing right.
Sanskar:- i mean why not on tv like publicaly.
Ragini:- i am happy with what i am sanskar and its that i am not interested i just want to go fm and to make people smile and relax threw my voice and to do that its not needed my face to be known right.
Sanskar:- hmm.
Ragini:- so are you interested in music.
Sanskar:- untill now no but now i got interested and started to lisen a rj raj show and smiles.
Ragini:- hmm putting butter or flirting.
Sanskar:- seriously yar firstly i am not that much interested after lisening you i started to lisen oy your program and i will choose flirting with you than buttering.
Ragini smiles and he does to.
Sanskar:- so you have boy friends.
Ragini:- what.

Sanskar:- i am just asking and by seeing your possessive brother i think you dont have boy friends.
Ragini laughs:- untill i remember no i dont have i think so ..
Sanskar:- what you remember means.
Ragini:- bhai said that 6 months before when i came here for fm show then i met with sever accident and i forgot most of my memory ..it took me 6 months to connects back with all my friends and neighbours..
Sanskar:- means you dont remember anything.
Ragini:- hmmi lost allmy precious moments but my bhai made a few more awesome momemts so that i never felt bad about anything but somewhere i always think that i am missing a biggest part of my life its just a feeling.
Sanskar:- why dont you consult doctor.he may help you to remember something.
Ragini:- i tried but they said that mine is rare case and they cant do anything and if i stressed it may cause my life so i dropped that idea.
Sanskar:- yaa its better so stress yourself because brain nerves are very sensitive ..
Ragini:- ok doctor jii and yaa please dont say to anyone that i shared withyou anyone means i hope you understand.
Sanskar:- this conversion will be only between you me and this car ok and thats sanskar and his car pinky promise to you and shows little finger.
Ragini smiles and holds his little finger with her liitle finger and says pinky promise..
Both shares eyelock.
Soon they both get down and goes inside office..
Ragini setting her mick and saying to sanskar..
Ragini:- are you sure you will wait its one hour program ..
Sanskar:- yaa i will wait infact its live program for me that to rj raj program i dont want to miss it.

Ragini smiles and starts her program while sanskar watching her..
Dadajii goes to some office.
Manager:- come sir we wont infact we cant relieve any information about our customers.
Shiv:- see i am asking you patienly say who buyed to and who selled it.
Manger:- if i wont what you will do.
Shiv:- do you knew who i am.
Manager:- common dialogue yar i getting bore by lisening it.
Shiv anger:- now you wont get bore because i will show you what i can do that to differently and about to pick up phone ..
Someone rushes and stops him.
Manager immediately gets up and says :- good morning sir.
Boss:- do you you even knew with whom you are talking.
Manager nodes his head in no.
Boss:- did you ever lisen shiv narayan deshpande.
Manager:- arey ha sir i lisened alot about ,i wish to meet him also.
Boss:- then meet him, he is right infront if you and show dadaji.
Manager apolizes to him and says that lands was sold by shekar gadodia to arora family.
Can you say about that land detail.
Manager:- i dont knew complete history sir but first it was on name of ragini gadodia and later given to shekar gadodia and we dont knew how that land belongs to ragini gadodia.
Shiv:- can you give me address of arora family and shekar address
Manager:- ok sir but we dont knew about shekar gadodia..
Dadajii comes out and says to him self as i remember i dont knew who are aroras and will it
will be helpfull to us or not but i wont leave any clue about find you shekar. I will ruin you once i got you..
Dadajii drives to hotel..
Dadajii calls to aroras and a man lifts the call they both talk about something and finally invites him to home.

A man goes towards a women who is serving lunch to hus son and sister sits with them.
Man:- tomorrow shiv narayan desande will come to.our home prepare lunch ok
Son:- he was successfull business man right dad and recently he found his lost grand daughter too and all got warning that not be speak anything like lost or memory loss infront if her .y gid from that time i want to meet them but didnt got any appointment then all of sudden why they want to meet us.
Man:- if you talk all this nonsenseinfront of him, he will definetly shoot you and shut you nonstop bakwass for sometime ok .its about some personel matter it seems.
Son:- may be they want their grand daughter to get married me.
Man and women:- shut up…
Son :- fine but i lisen that she was heavenly beautifull and if that personel matter is about marriage means say them that i am ready
and runs away before his parents shout on him…
Man and women laughs by seeing his antics..
Women:- why they called you..
Man:- i dont knew.
Women:- doesnt dadajii remember you.
Man:- it seems he didnt remember me. Any way no problem by seeing me he might remember.
Women:- if not we will introduce our selfs.
Man:- hmm.
Ragini and sanskar were travelling back whike ragini gets call from sameer.
Ragini:- haa bhai program was completed and yaa i am coming back with sanskar.
Ok then meet you at home.
Sanskar:- do you ever think that how will br your love life or marriage life .
Ragini:- no why are you asking suddenly.
Sanskar:- i dont knew about you but that guy will face many romantic problems because of your brother.
Ragini:- why.
Sanskar:- your brother is so possessive about you na so to reach you he must first cross your brother and that means you will not have romance in your life
Ragini beats sanskar playfully.

Precap:- ice cream party with elders and fighting with goons.

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