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My devil – prologue

Heyyy guys this my New story hope you guys will like…
Here is the prologue

Scene 1

A girl is crying bitterly and struggling to get out of his Grip but he held her strongly and was kissing her madly…


Girl: (crying and begging) plzzz leave me

Boy: (smirk) not now Baby but After sometime let me enjoy you first

Girl: plzz noo.. ( couldnt complete when he placed his rough lips on her soft lips biting sucking badly..)

She was strugling pushing him to get out of his Grip but no use he pinned her to Wall and Broke her bangle duet her broken bangle made cut in her wrist..she was crying in pain but he didnt showed any marcy on her he was eating her soft skin like animal…

Soon He pushed her on bed and came top of her and start kissing her neck and was roaming his hand on her body touching everywhere…

Duet crying and bleeding wrist she became uncoussion……..

Scene 2

Girl was hugging her Mother and crying her heart out when someone enter in the house with his Bodyguard seeing the Girl state he smirked evily..

Seeing him the Girl held her Mother thigtly duet fear and seeing him her family member became shocked…

Boy: shocked seeing me han ?


Hearing this Girl was shocked and confuse how her family member know him…

Boy 2: I wont leave you how dare you to do that with her

Boy: (smirked) how I dare let me Show u then..

Saying he went towards the Girl and pulled her with full force that she Fall on him He held her thigtly..

The family member try to Protest but his Bodyguard held them thigtly..

Boy: you wana see my dare so here goes…

Saying this he kissed the Girl infront of her family member she was beating him pushing him but he held her thigtly and bited soooo hard that blood was coming from her lips she was crying infront her family but no one could help her…

Seeing girl state everyone close their eyes with full pain…

After kissing her he pushed her…

Boy: now tell do you want to see more han hahhahahahahhahahahah

Man: plzzz leave her I am begging you (felt on his knee)

Boy: (smirked) no soo soon let me enjoy her hahah

Saying this dragged the Girl with him….

So guys this the New prologue of my New ff…

Who is the boy and girl
What happend to girl in scene 1…
Why the family member are shocked seeing the boy…???

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