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A college is seen.. it’s a basketball stadium… a game is going on three.. there seems some girls and boys are cheering for them.. in that only one girl is shouting more and she looks at other girl sitting beside her… the girl who is shouting is none other than our bulbul and the girl sitting beside is our pragya… bul: di.. Why are you sitting so silent.. just cheers for them..
Pr:bulbul you knew na I’m not interested in all this.
Bul:yes… but look who is going to play now.. a cute smile arise on her face… now you too cheer for them.. purab… purab… abhi… abhi… it’s the last minute of game.. abhi is handling the ball and passed it to purab and it’s purab who made it on fall on basket.. they wins.. by seeing this bulbul run to stadium.. a man who run towards her.. and take her in arm’s.. and enjoy his happiness.. it our abhi… pragya came towards purab and hugs him..

Pr: purab why are you so late?
Pu; sorry I wake up late.. pragya holds his ears.. pragya it’s paining a lot..pragya removed her hand and a smile..
Pu: hello abhi enough of your romance.. just stop it now.. abhi make bulbul stand…
Bul; congrats jiju..
Pur; bulbul I have told you that don’t call me by that name.. just call me as purab.. abhi smiles..
Pr: congrats abhi..
Ab; thanks chashmish..
There comes their friends.. aliya and rishab…
Ali; congrats abhi and purab..
Ris:you always rock dudes.. they did hifi..
Pr: so today I will do treat for u all..
Pu: pragya what happened to you. You are sick or not?
PR: purab don’t tease me..
Bul; purab there is something that di wanted to talk with you all..
Pu: pragya what is that? Why this much build up..
Pr; hey purab just wait I will tell you..
Ali; k come let’s go to canteen..
Purab and pragya sits together abhi and bulbul together and aliya and rishab.. purab place his hands on pragyas shoulder.. tell me sweet heart.. what’s special now?
Bul; purab why are you.. this much tensed and eager to knew about it.. just wait yaar.
Ab; bulbul.. you will tell to me na.
Bul: sorry abhi.. I will not break suspense..
Ab; what? You really don’t love me right..
Bul; I love you but will not tell this..


Abhi looks so sad..
Ab; so chashmish.. tell us what you two sisters hide from us..
Pr; purab.. aliya.. abhi.. rishab.. as you all knew that these days are our last days of our college days.. and within one month we are going to be away from this college
Ab; ya but there is one month na..
Bul; abhi just shut up.. just give chance to di to talk..
Ab; bulbul.. you really knew we’ll that your di will tell everything by her lectures..
Pur: abhi just shut up let her speak.. you don’t knew the beauty of her lectures..
Ab; purab you are not enjoying the beauty of her lectures right.. you are admiring her way na.. pragya blushes.. purab get shy..

Ali; k pragya.. just tell
Pr; I think we must do something special in this one month which will be memorable for rest of our life.. whenever we thinks about it. Which will make a smile in our face.. which makes oureyes wet..
Ab: wow that’s a great idea.. till this 5 years.. it’s first time I am seeing you r Brian started to work rather than for fights.n.
Pr; abhi.. what you said.. you mean.. I always use my brain to fight.. with you.. it’s always you make reasons to fight with me.. kadoos..
Ab:chashmish.. I told you many times to don’t call me with that name..
Pur: hey just stop it guys.. I don’t knew what’s the connection between you both to just fight like this..
Bul: I think may be they both are husband and wife in previous life..
Pur; what?
Bul: haa purab.. that time they can’t fight well so they now you this time to fight.. all laughs..
Ab; bad joke.. she is my wife oh god.. I can’t believe that. Then my life will be worse..

Pr; you are my husband oh.. then it’s better to be get suicide..
Ab: if you did that then my friend purab will be get free..
Pr: abhi.. she threw.. tomato ketchup.. to his face. Abhi threw waters…
Canteen manager; purab I don’t knew of u have an enmity with me.. pu; sankar
Bhai… what are you saying?
San; you knew na.. whenever you all come together at canteen what happens..
Fb show
One day.. abhigya started their fight their fight becomes serious and started to threw whatever they see In their eyes
Fb ends..

They all leaves from canteen..
Purab and bulbul are sitting in anger..
Ab: bulbul.. it’s not me na.. your and look at pragya..
Pr: what? You mean it’s all me.. they started to fight again.. and sees purab and bulbul goings. They both ran.. and falls in their knees..
Ab; bulbul.. do you forgive me?
Pr: purab.. you always knew na.. I will always fight with him.. and when we both fights it will be worse and you both came to stop it.. if you both were not there then.. purab.. you knew na.. because of this fight… which make us together.. right. We really didn’t fight.. just act it.. to remember all that moment
Pur; so you both are acting right
Abhi and pragya shook their Head..

Pu: then we both are too acting… all happily smiles.
Ri; so your drama sequences end right..
Ali; all the time fight is same and end is same.. why don’t you try it in different way.. we get bored by seeing same drama sequences..
Ri; purab.. can you tell how this relationship get started.. I heard that it’s abhigyas fight makes you all together..
Bul; yes rishab..
Ali; we both entered to your friendship so late.. so can you tell us how all this happens?
Ab; of course..
All smiles recollecting that moments..

Episode ends..
So friends you all are thinking that why the episode is different from teaser right.. ya it’s different.. but we will reach at that point soon.. and all think my episode will be next week and it’s happen today itself… ya I am always like this.. will tell something and do another thing.. actually my exam date changed.. it’s from 21 st November… that’s why.. when I get bored I will write episode…

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