Hello everyone.. it’s me haritha… ya I am now with a new story it’s really different from the stories… so now let me gave you teaser of my story… Mehra mansion is shown… it’s decorated well… everyone is waiting for someone to reach there..
Dadi is shown…
Da: sarla… where our queens?
Sa: haa.. dadi they are getting ready..
It was at that time their eyes falls on two boys.. who are looking dashing in their sherwanis.. one is with blue.. and one is in pink… ya it’s none other than our purab and abhi…
They take blessings from dadi and sarla…
Ab; maa.. where is your daughter? Look how much time she is taking?
Pu; exactly maa.. this girl’s are always like this.. I don’t knew how I am going to manage her.
Ab; ya.. it’s really difficult for you manage her..
Pu; abhi….
Bulbul and pragya get down.. one is in blue choli.. and one in pink choli..
Da: aagayi meri princess..
Abhi and purab turns to look at them..
Prabul get shy.. as by seeing their gaze..

Suddenly screen shifted to another…
Same place… same person’s.. but instead of love there seems handedness in their eyes…
Pr; it’s my fate make me marry you abhishek… but my fate is not you.. never be…
Ab; I am feeling guilty… and I can get rid from this by only marry you.. I knew you have only hatred for me..
Pu; I knew its really difficult to go forward with this life.. but bulbul I will never break your trust which once broken by someone..
Bul; purab… I knew you are good at heart.. I will try to forget my past and be with you..
It’s shown that purbul and abhigya are standing at opposite sides.. purbul have hatred for abhigya… pragya look at purbul without helplessly… and look at abhi in hatred…
So guys what happens in this one day which turns love into hatred…..
This is just a teaser… I will be with episode in next week… It really difficult to me to stay without writing that’s why. I came back as sudden.. but only 2-3 episode in a week… hope you al like this teaser.. and will be back soon.


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