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Hello everyone…let’s move on to story directly…
Ab: pragya I knew what’s going on to you.. you may think that to take a revenge from me.. what ever you did chashmish… I knew you you will find me as innocent.. and now I feel its our destiny making us to be together..


Scene shifted to pragya
Pr; I don’t knew what is really happening to my life.. as I thought I get everything what I need but all happens in reverse… I am doing this only for ma..
Bul; di… I want to tell you something.. I don’t knew what you decide about your life.. but I want to tell you something.. you knew abhi well and you just ask yourself that abhi can do this to you.. you just remember the incident that happened at our college…

Fb shows…
When pragya is getting ready at college for a show… she is in dressing room.. as abhi calls her from outside..
Ab; chashmish come fast na..
Pr; coming..as it was at that time abhi noticed that someone is just shooting pragyas dress changing scenes.. abhi who get anger and started to beat him.. pragya who Comes outside stops abhi.. the person runs out.. but his mobile is with abhi.. as everyone get crowded..
Pu; abhi what happened abhi why are you beating that man who is he..
Ab: kuch nahim just…
As principal come all goes..
Pr; why are you beating him abhi..
Ab; because he takes the clip of your dress changing…
Pr; what and started to tensed..
Ab; don’t shout.. and gives the phone.. you just delete the clip and break that memory card…
Pr; thanks a lot abhi.. if you are not there na..
Ab; no need of your thanks place it with you.. but promise me that you never break my friendship..
Pr; promise… I will be there with you as your fighting chashmish.. but why you hide it from purab..
Ab; it’s not good for girls if such news everyone knew..
Pr: so sweet of you..
Fb ends..

Bul; di.. abhi can’t do that..
Pr; bulbul.. I really don’t knew what truth or lie.. but abhi really cheated.. me he didn’t tell me the fact that he loves you..
Bul; di you just understand..
Pr; bulbul come all are waiting for us na..
Bulbul leaves..
Pr; bulbul… I knew everything… but I can’t get anything clear I need some time to sort it out… ( guys actually pragya is really struggling as sometimes she feels its all happened because abhi.. but she knew her abhi can’t do this.. )
Abhi in his room seen purab.. abhi came to talk with purab…
Ab; purab just listen to me…
Pu; abhi I am not interested to talk with you now.. I don’t want to spoil my mood.. and goes..
Mandap get ready… panditji starts pooja… abhirab reached and sits on Mandap.. later pragbul too..
Abhigya in red and blue combination.. prabul in pink and viloet combination..
Panditji starts pooja.. couples did it…
Panditji, it’s time to wear mangalsutra… abhi take mangalsutra and tied around pragyas neck.. pragya close her eyes… same did by purab.. abhi make her put vermilion… ( mangalam bhagavanu vishnum plays )
Pan; now it’s time for 7 vows.. abhi holds pragyas hand.. purab holds bulbuls… as they complete 7 vows..
Take blessings from dadi and sarla..

Pragya hugs bulbul.. and look at purab in sad look.. purab doesn’t notice pragya.. abhi look at purab.. but he didn’t look on him..
Da; so now it’s time for grihpravesh.. dadi did all arrangements..
Pragya and bulbul pushed the rice bowl and enter and make their foot prints on floor..
Da; there is a tradition in our house that bride must be carried by arms on groom.. all shouts. Abhi take pragya in her arms same did by purab.. ( Allah warriyan plays.. abhigyas second eyelock)
Da: aliya… you just take pragya and bulbul to their rooms..
Ali; k dadi..
Aliya make bulbul and pragya in their respective rooms..
Dadi; abhi.. purab come with me..
Abhi sits in bed.. on one side purab in otherside of dadi..
Da; I knew what ever happens is not good.. but sometimes life is like this.. we need to adjust it of… forget the past and live in present.. purab.. do you understand what you said…
Pu; yes dadi.. k dadi I am leaving..
Abhi look at Dadi.. dadi I am sorry.. and hugs her.. daddy I don’t knew how all this happen.
Da; abhi what you both did was not correct… but I don’t wish to tell the same and be over that.. so forget about it and go ahead in your life..
Abhi leaves..
Purab enters bulbuls room..
Bulbul who is standing looking at window turns.. and sees purab.. she get tensed…
Pu; bulbul.. don’t be get tensed.. you just lie on bed.. I am comfortable in couch..
Bulbul smiles..

Pu;;bulbul.. I don’t knew you agree for this..
Bu; I. Willnot… but it’s you who convinced me for all that.. goodnight purab.. both lies on their respective place..
Abhi enters pragyas room.. pragya is looking at sky through balcony and crying… abhi hesitantly come forward and place his hand on her shoulder.. pragya suddenly hugs him and cry.. but abhi didn’t hug her back as he knew well.. pragya came to sense..
Pr; sorry…
Ab; don’t be sorry as you are upset and you need someone.. she moves from there and sits on bed.. abhi takes a sheet and a pillow and goes to couch… and look at pragya.. pragya too lies on bed.. and she is still crying.. abhi turns his face to other side and cries..
( tere liye khudko badalde plays )
Both of them slept.. as they don’t knew when they falls in sleep..

Next morning.. as Sunrays disturbs pragya she wakes up.. and goes to get fresh.. and comes out sees abhi.. she make fix of her hair looking at mirror.. but it was this time she noticed that abhi who just going to fall from sofa.. pragya rushed and place her hands from falling..
Abhi opens his eyes and sees pragya.. they share an eyelock.. ( Sanam re plays)

Episode ends..

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