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[Mujhse Fraandship Karoge ?? ] {Ek Duje Ke Vaaste} [{By Nikita}] Chapter 6

Hey guys..
So since, it’s been a long time since I wrote my last part, let me get you back on track.

Sorry to make you wait. I was gonna post it soon, but then I thought to post it today, as it’s Neeti’s b’day!
And duh, as I did post it on Neeti’s b’day, but this stupid TU people, IDK when’re they gonna post this… Posting this for the 8th time hopefully.. I’m sooo sorryy
Shravan-Suman are engaged in a college assignment about LOVE. Ariana-Namik, are friends. Shravan talks to Ariana on FB, being Namik, and Suman talks to Namik on FB, being Ariana. Shravan thinks he’s talking to Ariana, whereas Suman thinks she’s talking to Namik. Whereas, the actual truth is that Shravan-Suman are talking to each other. We have experienced their lives in a party, and ShraMan gave an exam recently, Ariana-Namik have shared some cute moments.
Ps: today’s part is llooongg
[Whatever you gonna read today, is happening a few days later, okay? ShraMan hang out together now. They’ve built a bond]


Shravan: what do you mean?
Namik: I was using my facebook account yesterday, and I saw that you asked Ariana to go out with me, right?
Shravan: yeah! Waitt… You read my chat!
Namik: that’s my account.. Maan ja, warna baat ni karne dunga..
Shravan: whatever!
Namik: so I’ve decided, that maybe Suman and Ariana would come along to the hills.
Shravan: wait…WHAT? Hills? Kyu? Kaha? Kaise?
Namik: abe gadhe, you told me na, that Suman is a photographer
Shravan nods
Namik: so I’ll get a photo-shoot done, whereas you hang out with Aru!
Shravan: waiit… ARU?

Namik: Ariana!
Shravan: SHE’S MINNEE!!
Namik: you haven’t even actually met her!
Shravan: I have
Namik: 2 ghante ke liye milke, you can’t decide that she’s your soul mate!
Shravan: (shouting, emphasizing on every single syllable he spoke) I’ve talked to her, I talk to her 24/7…!! I’m in love with the person I talk, okay!
Namik: woah, relax bro! Chillane ki kya zarwat hai? Waisse, tu ye waitt..WHATT? Kabse bolne lag gaya?

Shravan: arre wo Sumo baar baar bolti hai, toh habit lag gayi..
Namik: ooo….
Shravan: chal bye, college jaana hai..
Namik: okay, bye!

-at college-

Sumo saw Shravan.. She loved talking to him.. She wanted to talk, but did not want to seem desperate.. So A PLAN
Sumo: hey!
Shravan: hey Sumo!
Sumo: oh Shravan…
Shravan: tumhe kya laga? Kaun hai?
Sumo: I though Pushkar.
Shravan: oh..

Shravan knew she was lying, cause Shravan was damn tall, and one could easily make him out among 100s. But he ignored as well, cause he loved talking to her, and of course, Ariana.

Sumo-Shravan went to get preparations done for their assignment..

[Parallel hits here. (Vica-versa)]

Suman sat there looking at Shravan, who was busy coloring some posters. He was sitting down with his legs folded. He was wearing a black sweatshirt and light blue jeans. The sweatshirt was tight, so it fitted his physique perfectly.. His hair wasn’t gelled today, but that was fine. She liked his messy hair more. What she loved the most about the sight she was witnessing that whenever he bent down to color, his one or two hairs would come popping out. Then he would come up again and settle his hair. She loved his hair the most about him, they were just different. She could literally watch him all day playing with his hair..

But waiitt………… *Why was she adoring Shravan?* she thought.. *She loved Namik, NOT Shravan!*

She resumed doing her work..

-college got over-

Shravan was about leave in an auto, and he finds Sumo waiting for an auto, whereas none stopped.

Shravan got down.

Shravan: Sumo, tum iss mei chale jaao, mei dusra dhoond loonga.
Suman nodded..

Suman sat down and was about to leave when she asked Shravan where he was heading. Shravan replied.

Sumo: chalo, mere ghar ke raaste mei hi aata hai..
Shravan: okk

Shravan and Suman sat down. They started singing songs..

[Ps: if you don’t know, ShraMan share a comfortable bond. It’s like one starts and other joins in singing]

They’re basically now singing and dancing inside the auto.

Suman looks at Shravan, whose singing and dancing. She messes his hair..

Shravan : SUMMOOOOOO….
Then he sits back arranging his hair, they’re still singing songs, but Suman’s looking at him.. EDKV plays in bg.

Aaj ke liye bas itna hi.. Aage jaane ke liye dekhte rahiye.. Nai nai.. Padhte rahiye, ‘Mujhse Fraandship Karoge’

Chalo hum chalte hai!
Ram Ram
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