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Monday Spoilers — 7th November 2016


Devanshi has come back from the evil kindgom to end Mata Kusum Sundari’s sin pot. Kusum and Mohan want Devanshi off their way, but Kusum does not want to put her kingdom at stake. Kusum feels they have less threat by Devanshi, while Mohan alerts Kusum again and again that Devanshi has potential to challenge Kusum.


Nimmi’s total support and love has been accompanying Soumya till now. Even when Soumya got married to Harman, Nimmi has backed up Soumya and tried to protect her gender truth from Preeto. The very supportive mother Nimmi is now taking a last breath. Nimmi spots Maninder drinking poison. Maninder dies infront of her eyes. Unable to bear the truth of Soumya fallen in big problem, Nimmi gets a heart attack.

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Chandra Nandni

Udaan Link 1

Udaan Link 2

Shakti Link 1

Shakti Link 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Ishqbaaz Link 1 (More on Ishqbaaz will be added)



Mere Angne Mein


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