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MMZ-Written on Stars!! (Chapter 14)

Chapter 12.2
Sam’s POV
As I descended the stairs, I watched his eyes, they were examining me carefully. I had never saw Neil looking at me that way earlier. He was blinking his eyes in surprise that I was the same women who was his best friend from years.

When I reached the bottom stairs, he walked forward and slipped his arm around me in hug.


“You are looking extremely gorgeous, Sammy…..” he whispered near my ears

I felt tingling sensation which clearly means I was blushing. He handed me bouquet of flowers.

Really??? Neil and Flowers??? Did I was dreaming it?

HE never gave anybody flowers ever…cause girls ran behind him it didn’t required him to be romantic…But he brought flowers for me…OHHH God!! This guy could be death of me….

They were white roses wrapped in violet ribbon..Matching with my dress…

When shock were off..we took selfiees…groupees….and selfiees and more…After our unending photo session we all off with our respective partner.

Neil opened his car’s door for me like a perfect gentlemen…he pulled his car on drive way….

My parents were waiting for us as we reached at my home…My mom was all weepy and blubbering about how her little girl grown up and how she used to pull my hairs in ponytail while I was in KG..After clicking more pictures with them we leave.

We arrived at college at seven, he escorted me towards auditorium.

Tonight, auditorium hall wasn’t old but decorated beautifully like they shows in movies. White lights twinkled like stars and walls were covered in dark cloths and spread silver ribbons which a glitter resembles to starry night.

We went in, I met Radz, Nandini, Sid and Arjun . We really talked for so long and then we heard Mrs. D’Souza, announce the voting for Mr and Miss of Year. We went and voted, waited for result. The dance would gonna start after result. I know Neil would be the Mr. of the Year cause girls were drooling over him since we entered the party and I bet that Lara would be Miss of the year. And eventually he will spend whole night with her..Never mind Sam…

Some people started dancing but I was standing in a corner as I don’t want to embarrass myself falling on my face due to this heels.

“ Excuse me….”

The whole crowd went silent when we heard Mr. D’Souza again. All’s attentions were on her who was standing at center of the dance flower as everyone cleared the dance flower.

“It’s glad to announce the Mr. and Miss of the Year..Our Mr. of the Year is Neil Malhotra

The whole hall broke in a big round of applauds, especially from our group. I could see Lara from corner of my eyes standing and adjusting her dress , getting ready for her name to be announced.

Mrs. D’Souza continued.

“ This year’s Miss Night is Miss Samaira Khanna….”

The hall burst into a loud applaud and many whistles broke out as well. I was frozen but then Radz poked me in the side.

“Go on…Sam…”

I walked slowly towards Neil. I could see Lara glaring me like I snatched something from her which was rightfully her. I stepped besides Neil and Mrs. D’souza placed Tiara on my head. I felt Neil slipped his hand into mine.

“Now it’s time to dance…and the officially beginning of Night to remember …”

It was then music started. Neil pulled me towards the centre of the dance floor and he pulled me close to him. He would notice that my heart was pondering at the speed of light.


He leaned close to me and whispered into my ear.

“You deserved this Sam. Stay close to me. I won’t let you fall…”

He knew what I was thinking and worried for..And then lyrics started..

Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon

Hawaa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

As we danced, he pulled me closer to him and he wrapped his arm around my waist. I wrapped my arm around his neck and then I laid my head on his shoulder, living the moment.

Meri nazar ka safar
Tujhpe hi aake ruke
Kehne ko baaqi hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chuke

The words of song echoed in my mind and they talked deeply in my heart, the heart which craved for this man that held me in his arms.
Meri nigahein hain
Teri nigahon ki tujhe khabar kya be-khabar

Main tujhse hi chhup chhup kar
Teri aankhen padhti hoon
Kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

As the song wrapped up , I looked into his eyes and he was staring at me already. I could see the look that I never saw before. I couldn’t resist myself anymore. I leaned up and placed a chaste kiss on his cheek. He looked taken back, but he hugged me tightly.

“Thank you Neil for giving me one of the best nights of my life…” I said as mere whisper that anyone couldn’t hear it except him

He looked down at me, his black orbs shinning with shimmer in it..

“No Sam..Thank you for everything….”

The rest of the night was very fun. I danced with Radz and Nandini doing our crazy steps on the peppy songs while boys watching us and laughing then later they too joined to our craziness. Though Neil and I were spent most of the time together. I wondered at that. May be he was protecting me from Tony’s constant lustful stares as if he was waiting Neil to leave me alone.

At midnight the dance was over and after taking our dinner we left the hall. Neil again escorted me to his car.Today he was being perfect gentlemen. Prerna aunty would be proud if she saw him like that. He talked with me entire time. He also told me how he had heard Lara talking that she gonna be Miss of the year before the party to everyone…. I laughed at that.

He pulled the car to halt as we reached to my house, I slipped out of my heels and walked bare footed holding them in hand, but he held me by holding my wrist and pulled me closer.

“I’m very happy Sam that we spent this night together….” His voice was little bit shaky.

“Me too Neil….i think I should get inside..It’s too late na..I’m hell tired as I went through the whole craziness to get this look..”

“ You were most beautiful girl in there tonight. No one could compare to you…” his eyes sparkled as he spoke…

“I think you are not exaggerating , Neil “ I laughed as he rolled his eyes.

He leaned and wrapped arm around me in hug

“What I am I do to you, Samaira Khanna?”

I pulled myself as close as I could to him, I enhaled his cologne. I never wanted to forget this moment.we stayed like for I don’t know how long.But for me it would never be long enough.

“ Good Night , Sammy..” he whispered in my ears and then I felt his lips brushing against my cheeks….God, I was about to faint…

I could feel warming of my skin that I went crimson…

“Good Night, Neil…”

I watched him go back to his driver seat and drive away. I reached up to feel the skin that his lips had just touched. He kissed me!!!

Stop it, Sam..It was a kiss like you gave to your loved ones, not a girlfriend. But it didn’t matter to me at that moment. The fact was that his lips touched my skin. I couldn’t help but to chuckle at the thought …It was indeed A Night to Remember…….

As I went to my room after sharing the party events with mom and dad, I leaned on bed, I realized what he had done for me..Neil made this night special for me that I would carry it always . No matter where my life would take me but I will keep this night with me…The dancing, his arm around me, chaste and innocent kiss he gave me that I truly remember till last breath of my life……Yes, He gonna be in my heart till My Last Breath….

Oh poor Sam……Please tell me guys how’s this?
Actually I had plan to come with double chappy having Neil’s POV..But I coundn’t wait more so I’m posting it…
I m half way with Neil’s POv..we are gonna find out what he was thinking, especially when he gave Sam that quick kiss….So you guys Excited for Next…
Special Thanks to Satz, Roma di, Jess and Sree for suggesting for this beautiful song….
Love you Alll…

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