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Hi All, Sathya back with shots this time and guys this is purely purely humor based concept. Read it and laugh heartily…if not atleast act as laughing yar. I will be happy. Hope you all will like this and pls don’t throw any stones or chappals if you don’t like it. Fingers crossed with tensed face waiting for ur responses.

Here is the shot:


Place : Ultra Modern Heaven

“Narayana…Narayana” Naradhar entering inside the Heaven and looks at the common people enjoys the facilities in heaven after their death. All greets him and Naradha also reciprocated with a mischeivious smile seeing them. He goes to lane “KRISHNA GARDEN” and shows his ID card to the securities at the entrance & enters inside looks for THE GREAT LORD KRISHNA. He waits at the reception where in one of the security guard goes to inform Krishna about Naradha’s arrival.

Naradha looks around the place and murmurs, “Hmm…If we wanna live…have to live like Krishna. Lucky god he is…Always surrounds by group of girls. I really want to ask the reason from him that how come he is able to manage these many ladies at a time.” His thoughts are interrupted when he hears a voice behind him saying, “What Naradha? You want to live like me is it?”

Naradha gulps seeing Krishna and wishes him Morning. Krishna smirks at him and signs him to sit opposite to him on the Expensive white color leather sofa and Krishna seats on his decoral set leaning on side with support of his elbow. Naradha forgets to blink his eyes seeing the meaning of beauty infront of his eyes.

(Krishna’s decoral set)

( http://montserrat.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/ke-0041.jpg )

Naradha gives a sheepish smile says, “Lord Krishna, you are more beautiful than anyother woman in this world”.

Yes and the very first time Naradha told the truth about Krishna. Krishna’s appearance as the beautiful young boy with blooming beauty, of dark complexion and this is the more effulgent than a million suns and the enchanting smile on his lips, a glimpse of his smile will make the most lustrous pearls into shame. His Moon like face is covered with a dark black long curly hairs floating as a feather on his shoulder. His dark big eyes gives a a glance lovingly which shows how much he cares for his people. His head is decorated with the beautiful and shining decorated Crown with peacock feather on top of it which gives the most glorious look for Lord Krishna.

Krishna waves hand infront of Naradha and says, “What happen Naradha? You lost somewhere”

Naradha again with a sheepish smile, “In your beauty Lord Krishna”

Krishna this time blushes more and his face becomes pinkish red and to hide his shy, he rolls his everywhere around. To disturb their moment, a sweet cute voice comes from behind saying, “You made this as a habit is it?”

Naradha & Krishna turns other side to look at it and it is none other than Krishna’s princess Radha, who is coming to them with a divine smile on her face seeing both.

Radha comes and sits with Krishna by looking at Naradha, “What Naradha? You always praise Krishna only is it? Are we not visible in your eyes?”

Naradha greets her saying, “No one can win infront of Lord Krishna’s beauty”

Radha is jaw dropped hears him and makes faces seeing Lord Krishna pokes his tongue out. She looks at Naradha saying, “Leave that praising n all…now tell us why u suddenly came here after a long time”

Naradha smiles, “Narayana…Narayana. Without matter how will i come here. I came here to tell a very interesting matter to Lord Krishna”

Radha, “Will you tell only to your krishna?”

Naradha, “Devi Radha, you are always with Lord Krishna only…then how can i tell him alone. I came here to tell you both”

Krishna, “Then why delay? Tell me”

Naradha, “Recently i happened to see something funny on Earth. 3 girls were fights for one person…actually one name”

Krishna narrows his brows saying, “Looks interesting. Y u stopped it proceed and what is that Name they are fighting for?”

Naradha, “That one name is Arjun”

Krishna gets little shocked, “What Arjun? My Cousin? When i am here how can they fight for him?”

Radha pinches him slightly saying, “You already crossed your limits Krishna. No space in our garden also…so please let others to get”

Naradha blinks at them saying, “Oh no…it is not our Mahabarath Arjun. The one am talking about is different person. His name is Arjun mehra, very reserved, serious and arrogant man”

Krishna, “Oh..how can these girls fight for an arrogant man”

Naradha, “But he is good at heart and he looks handsome too”

Krishna raises his brows saying, “More than me?”

Naradha blinks saying, “He will be a competitor for you Lord”

Krishna makes his face serious saying, “I wanna see who is that being a competitor for me”

Naradha, “But one problem is there”

Radha interrupts, “what is that? He loves someone else?”

Naradha takes drishti on her saying, “Correct. How u know tht?”

Radha rolls her eyes saying, “Universal Truth. Handsome boys cannot be single for long and then y these girls are behind him if he has his lady”

Naradha, “Devi, They are not behind him exactly, they are expecting a man like him..if we give them his xerox also they will be happy”

Krishna gets jealous seeing Radha praising Arjun and interrupts their talk saying, “I told i wanna see him”

Naradha takes his Android Mobile and gets his pictures and try to show him but Krishna stops him saying, “Send me in whatsapp…even i have android phone with me”

Naradha just nods his head and sends Arjun’s stylish picture to Krishna’s whatsapp. Krishna’s mobile beeps with the message and he downloads the picture of Arjun and stuns seeing the stylish king and now his facial expressions itself will say definitely Arjun will be his competitor if he comes to heaven.

(Arjun’s Pic)

( https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CtQap6NVUAA5N1I.jpg )

Krishna is shocked seeing the most handsome guy in the Earth and he gets tensed thinking whether people will forget him and praise Arjun for his beauty and handsome look. Radha is moving closer to Krishna and tries to see the picture but before that Krishna closes it saying, “He is not good than me”

Radha makes a pout face says, “It’s ok but i wanna see him”

Krishna gets tensed but still did not show her the picture says, “I will show u him directly” and he thinks “He has photogenic face which is very attractive but some people will not look good in when we see them face to face. Arjun also will be in that category i guess”

Krishna now turns to Naradha saying, “So for him the 3 crazy girls are fighting is it? what a surprise? For me all were fighting one by one and for him they fight at a time. Hmmm is he that much handsome or what?”

Naradha, “Actually yes..but the ultimate is they themselves imagined their own version of Arjun and dreaming with him”

Krishna, “What?”

Naradha, “Yes Lord, to avoid fight with each…they have their own version of Arjun and dreaming with him. Atleast these 3 girls are ok…but one more girl added in that group saying she is magadh princess Radha and her man is Magadh warrior Arjun. I just been with them for one day and i got mad seeing their chattings in their hangouts and i ran away from there”

Radha chuckles, “Then i should definitely see the princess Radha.”

Krishna also giggles hearing it, “Hangouts? what is that? Can we access it?”

Naradha, “Yes Krishna. We can…another app to go crazy”

Krishna, “So now what you want me to do?”

Naradha, “You have to help these girls to get their own Arjun”

Krishna chuckles, “If i go then they will be mine forever. Is it ok?”

Radha is jaw dropped hearing him and screams, “KRISHNAAAAAA”

Krishna jerks says, “Just for kidding i said. Don’t take it serious”

Radha gets angry and to Naradha, “You came here to create fight between us is it?”

Naradha shocks says, “Narayana….Narayana..I just thought of helping those girls to get their dream true”

Radha, “You never think to do good right…how come you are doing that now?”

Naradha smiles sheepishly says, “Devi Radha… u still have some grudge on me is it?”

Radha makes faces says, “All time”

Naradha keeps a pout face and looks for Krishna but he looks at Radha instead and both stares Radha’s face. Finally she gives up says, “Krishna will help them but he will not go directly there. you can do ur magic being here”

They both some how convinces her to allow Krishna go to Earth. She some how said yes and warns Krishna not to Overdo. Naradha gives the details of the girls name & address and their pictures also to Krishna.

Naradha & Krishna makes all the arrangements to reach Earth but before that they made some arrangements in Krishna garden where Radha can watch Krishna’s activities from heaven itself.

Radha, “What’s this?’

Krishna, “I made a satellite connection to Earth so that we can see the humans activities from here. I saw they are having their satellite connections to other planets and then thought why don’t we send our satellite to Earth to watch them”

Radha praises him and gets to know how to handle it. Krishna bids bye to radha & naradha and leaves to Earth.

Radha sits and tells Naradha, “Naradha, can you switch on that machine. We will watch Krishna’s activities from now itself”

Naradha opens his eyes widely saying, “So much trust on Lord Krishna”

Radha, “Will you please keep quiet and sit”

Naradha sits silently there and both started watching it Keenly.


Lord Krishna changes his look into Mordern as how Arjun looks. He gets happy seeing him more handsome than Arjun. He finally reaches a place where one among those 3 girls stays. He gets confused where to go by seeing everything newly and everyone in urgent mode.

He stops one guy and asks him for something to eat but the guy scratches his head and blinks at him & runs from there. Lord Krishna in full modern suite, with goggles everything is changed but except his language, where he speaks the one which can be understand only by the people in heaven and he spoke to that common man in that same way which makes him to run away from him. He stares the way the man runs and looks here & there of not understanding what to do.

@ Heaven, Radha & Naradha watching him in Earth and laughing badly seeing the man runs away of not understanding his language and Krishna’s puppy face.

Krishna looks around him and he blinks seeing the humans but hide it behind his goggles and looks at the building where people are entering inside continuously. He follows them there and enters inside. He gets shocked seeing the plaza full of people and all are looking for something on the strand and having something on their heads. First he did not understand anything and then he closes his eyes for a min and chants some mantra to make him talk like a normal people and give some extra knowledge to handle the humans. Now he gets some power and his attitude, behaviour and style everything got changed and walks inside in his own style.

@ Heaven, Radha sees this change in Krishna, suddenly sits straight on her place and stares him without moving her eyes. Naradha looks at her tension and chuckles saying, “Narayana…Narayana”

Radha glares him angrily and signs him to close his mouth and watch it. Naradha keeps his hands on his mouth and both indulge in watching The Modern Krishna at the Earth.

@ The Earth,

Modern Krishna walks inside and gets to know that it is a music stall where everyone is searching their favourite music cds and some insert the headsets and listening the songs there itself. He smiles seeing them and suddenly he remembers the picture he got from Naradha. He Scans the person there in the stall and is walking inside further by looking here and there. Suddenly he bumps into someone and gets stumble, at the same time he sees a girl who bumps into him is about to fall, he immediately catches by her waist in one hand and holds her wrist in another hand. Both stares each other gets indulged into a cute eyelock and their trance gets broke by others who is crossing by that way.

The girl breathes heavily and lost her in his dashing looks, she gets shy and looks away from him. She bends down to pick up her cds which fell down, suddenly krishna gets some spark and checks the pictures again he has and he gets double happy now. That girl is none other than one of the 3 girls who becomes a deewani for Arjun.

Lord Krishna now smirks seeing that girl and bends down to help her, they both picks the CDs and gets up.

Krishna extends his hands to her saying, “Hello I am Arjun” (Now we will call this Krishna as Arjun itself)

By hearing the name itself the girl gets flat and starring him continuously. Arjun waves his hands infront of her and touches her shoulder of not getting any response.

The girl gets jerk feeling his touch and stammers, “Hi…i..am…Dipika”

Arjun smiles, “Dipika? Very nice name. Nice to meet you”

Dipika gets shy looking at him and shakes her hand with him. She takes her hand from and turns to go but stops with tensed look. She keeps her hand on her neck near her dupatta. She breathes heavily, blinks and gulps realising the fact that her dupatta is stuck in his hands. She try to move further but she couldn’t and somehow now she gets angry and turns to shout at him to leave her dupatta.

She angrily turns saying, “Leave my dup….” she stops her words and blinks at him who stands little far from her and her dupatta sticks to the nail on the table nearby. She gives a sheepish smile to him and is about to remove it but before her Arjun comes forward and takes her dupatta from the nail and gives it to her with his signature smile. Dipika is mesmerised in his smile and her legs are not supporting for her to move back and go from here…somehow she managed and forces herself to go from there but often she turns back to look at him and smiles. Once she goes Arjun aka Krishna smirks saying, “I am not less than anyone. They can compete with me in this”

@ Heaven,

Radha is fuming seeing all these scenes and smashing her saree pallu with lot of tension. Naradha chuckles and lets a sigh saying, “Lord Krishna is also a man right. Seeing a beautiful girl like her…how can he control himself. Narayana….Narayana”

Radha stares him angrily and bites her nails with worried face.

Precap: Modern Krishna aka Arjun meets the second girl and she is is is….. (Any Guesses)

That’s it guys….how is this first part of the Modern Krishna. It is purely a humor based shots. hope you all like it and pls silent readers give your comments.

Imagine Anchor Manish Paul in the Naradha character. He fits for that role perfectly.

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