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Mmz- Sangee the side kick birthday gift OS part 1

Happy birthday Sangee it’s your birthday a special OS for you.

Hi my name is Sangee and I have a story to tell…

It was the first day of school, where I met the most wonderful teacher Miss Samaria Khanna, she saw something in me that no one did, my talent in writing stories.

There was a competition for the best writer award, Miss Khanna enter my writing in the competition, and you know what I won thanks to Miss Khanna.

I want to give Miss Khanna a special gift to thank her, but I didn’t know what to give until this bully was coming after me, I went to hide under the table suddenly Miss Khanna came to the room with a friend, Miss Khanna was crying.

What I heard from Miss Khanna is that she loves a man name Neil Malhotra, he was her childhood sweetheart, Neil had promise her that he would marry her when he grew up.

You think Neil kept his promise, yes he did but the problem is every love story has a villian and that villian is Neil’s dadaji, Raj Malhotra.

Neil’s mother Prerna Malhotra fell in love with Neil’s father Prem Sharma , he was a middle class and her father did not approve so she ran off and married Prem and had his child. When Neil was 12 his parents died in the car accident, Neil’s dadaji was the only surviving member, he took him in, that was there first separation.

They kept in touch by email letters, when they were 20, Neil came back and gave Sam an engagement ring. They were so happy, but dadaji had other plan for his grandson, he wanted his grandson to marry Tina Dixit she was in high class standard.

Mr Raj Malhotra had only invited Sam, he ask her how much money do you need to get out of Neil’s life, she told him she loves Neil not his money, he said he will destroy her family. And that is what he did, he took control of Sam’s father company and fired him, later Sam found out her father had cancer, he was not taking treatment because he was saving money for Sam’s college fee. She told her father please take the treatment that she have other way to make money.

She went to Neil’s dadaji and told him she will stay out of Neil’s life but she will not take his money for her love for Neil is true, and that she doesn’t want to break his relationship with his grandson.

When Sam left Dadaji home, she went straight to Radhika’s house, she told Radhika that she had to break Neil’s heart, Sam was in so much pain, this was unbearable for her, she ask Radhika if she could borrow Arjun as her boyfriend until Neil start hating her. The three of them talked and thought it had to be done for Sam’s dad was sick.

Next day Radhika told Neil that Sam was cheating him with her boyfriend, he didn’t believe her until he heard it himself. Sam said she loved Arjun but using Neil for his money, Neil came to the room and PUNCHED Arjuntil and told Sam the engagement is over, he said to her that she broke his heart it will never be fixed. When he left Sam cried her heart out.

Now back to the present, Neil never got married to Tina when he was separated from Sam, to numb is his pain he turn to alcohol, one day Sam saw Neil drunk, she was at the far corner so he wouldn’t see her, it broke her heart to see him like this, but she promise dadaji she wouldn’t come close to Neil. Her father was cancer free, she did waitress job to pay for her college, now Sam is a teacher, she never took dadaji’s money and she was glad she achieved it on her own.

It was hard for Sangee to see her teacher in pain so she decided to confront Dadaji on her own, she was going to get Nesam together.

To be continue….

Sorry Sangee have to leave it half way, I will post the next OS either Monday or Tuesday. Again wishing you a happy birthday, may all your wish come true, bye now,..,

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