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Mmz- Rossy Angel

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Rossy, happy birthday to you, may all your wishes come true, I have written an OS for your birthday, hope you like it…

Rossy: “Are you out of your mind, it’s impossible, how am I going to get the mother to love her daughter when she is blaming her daughter for her son accident.”


Mighty god: “You said you wanted wings.”

Yes Rossy is an angel she is trying to win gods trust so that he can give her wings. The god wants Rossy to get mother Piyali and daughter Sam together, if she get them together she can get her wings.

The problem was she wanted to be Sam’s angel not Piyali because she thought she could convince Sam not to go on the wrong track, sure her mother was being difficult but Sam still had Neil and her friends that care about her but god wanted me to convince Piyali what she was doing was wrong, and it was up to me to show her the future.

Mighty god: ” What is your decision, you want your wings or not.”

Rossy didn’t want to be left out, all her angel friends had wings.

Rossy: “I’ll do it.”


Piyali was looking at the picture of her dead son Jai.

Piyali: ” Today has been one year since you left us, oh why do you have to die, if Sam wasn’t driving you would still be here, because of her, I will never forgive her.”

Then Rossy comes and says…

Rossy: “Do you want your daughter dead.”

Piyali: “Who are you and how did you get here.”

Rossy: ” I’m your guardian Angel.”

Piyali: “My what, is this a joke, get out right now or I’m calling the police.

Rossy POV: oh boy this is going to be difficult, wish I was Sam’s Angel not her, I can understand what Sam is going through, I had my mother blaming me for my little sister death too, it was depressing for me when my mother didn’t love me, I went in the wrong crowd that do drugs, one day I overdose myself and died and came to heaven. I thought my mother would be happy if I died but mighty god showed me that my mother was in so much pain, she didn’t want me dead, she regretted not being there for her. I guess god want me to show Piyali what her action are doing to Sam. I think I know what I have to do.

Piyali: “Did you here what I said, I’ll call the police.”

Piyali was going to reach for her phone but her body froze.

Piyali: “What is happening to me, why can’t I move.”

Rossy: “Sorry to freeze you, but you were not listening, as I said I’m an angel here to help you.”

Piyali: “okay, okay, I believe you now unfreeze me.”

Rossy unfreezes Piyali…

Piyali: “Why are you here.”

Rossy: ” I’m here to heal you to tell you to stop hurting Sam, or else you will loose her.”

Piyali: ” it’s not that I don’t love my daughter, I do but every time I see her she remind me of loosing Jai.”

Rossy: “You don’t think Sam isn’t feeling guilty, what happen was destiny, no one can control that.”

Piyali: ” It was all Sam’s fault not destiny.”

Rossy: “My god lady, you think Sam knew that she would cause accident, you tell me this, if it was Jai driving and killed Sam in the accident, would you have been happy that Sam died.

That made Piyali think…

Piyali: “No mother would want there children dead.”

Rossy: “Well If you don’t do anything, you will loose Sam too.”

Piyali: “What do you mean.”

Rossy: “She is hanging with the wrong crowd, once she gets into drugs it will be hard to save her, you need to go now, she needs you.”

Piyali: “I’m going, and thank you.”


Drug dealer: “Sam trust me this will make you feel better, you’ll forget your pain.

Sam was thinking if she should take drugs or not, maybe she should, her mother didn’t love her, maybe this would stop her pain.

Suddenly Piyali comes…

Piyali: “Stop!”

The drug dealer sees Piyali and runs away.

Sam: “Mom what are you doing here.”

Piyali: ” I am trying to rectify my mistake, I am so sorry Sam, I realize how Harsh I was to you, I love you Sam and I don’t want to loose you please forgive your mother.

Sam hugged her mother, and Piyali realize how much Sam needed her.

3 years

It was Little Jai birthday, last year Sam gave birth to a baby boy and named him Jai, she is married to Neil her idiot, Piyali and Samrat are proud of there daughter and grandson, the mother and daughter are closer than ever.

Now do you think Rossy got her wings, yes she did, and not only that her mother and her little sister is with her now. Both of them are wishing her a happy birthday too.

The End

Rossy you truly are an angel, may all your wishes come true, a big bear hug to you, enjoy your birthday……

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