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MMZ- Mother’s diary Chp-1

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It has been two months since mother died, for me without my mother life is very difficult. If I have a problem I would always share it with my mother, but now I have no one to share my problem, sure I have a dad but its not the same. I don’t know how to approach to my dad, he’s a man, only a lady could understand a girl.

My mother did say to bring Radhika in this house, I don’t want to replace my mother, but it is her last wish to bring Ardhika together. The one thing that is confusing me is did dad ever love my mother, did he lose his true love because he got my mother pregnant, was I a mistake, I was contemplating whether I should read the diary or ignore it. So when dad came from work, I ask him…

Nithika: “Dad do you love me?”

Arjun: “Yes, my little munchkin, (a nickname daddy always calls me) daddy always will love you.”

Nithika: “Do you love mommy?”

Arjun: “I love her for giving birth to you because you mean the world to me.”

That made Nithika happy she gave her dad a hug.

Nithika POV: Maybe mom misunderstood dad and thought he love Radhika.

Suddenly I remember our school was doing kids running for kids fundraising for children hospital, I was participating and want my dad to come to school.

Nithika: “Dad”

Arjun: “Yes, munchkin.”

Nithika: “Tomorrow our school is doing a fundraising for children hospital, will you be able to come.”

Arjun: “Sure munchkin, what time.”

Nithika: “It’s at 10:00am

Arjun: “I have a meeting at 9:00, I will try to come.”

Nithika: “Please try to come and dad could I make donation to the children hospital.”

Arjun takes his wallet out, to give Nithika the money, suddenly a picture falls down, I pick it up, it is the picture my mother showed to me, yes it is Radhika’s picture.

Nithika: “Daddy why do you have the picture of Radhika.”

Arjun POV: Oh no how do I tell my daughter that she is the woman I love and will always love. Nitya always knew the truth, but we hid it from our daughter, there were things that we hid from our daughter if she found out the truth I don’t know what she will do.

Arjun: “Radhika is my best friend and she is your mothers best friend. But how do you know her name is Radhika.”

Nithika: “My mother has a picture of her, any way please do come to the fundraise, I will be waiting.”

Nithika POV: Now I am 100% sure dad never loved mom and mom is okay with Radhika, but why, was my mother a manipulator that cause Ardhika to separate. All the answer were in mother’s diary, all I need to do is read it.

There was a knock at my door.

Arjun: “Munchkin I have a client to meet at a restaurant, I’ll be late for dinner.”

Nithika: “That’s okay dad, but make sure you come tomorrow.”

Arjun: “Don’t worry munchkin I will be there.”

Nithika: “You better because I don’t want to be left out being the only one without my dad.”

Arjun: ” I will be there, I promise you, now I have to go.”

When Arjun left, Nithika thought it was good time to read her mothers diary.



I was a shy girl, hardly ever made friends, it was when I was 8 year old that I finally had a friend her name is Radhika Mishra and this is how our friendship started.

First I need to tell you about me, I am an illegitmate child, I never knew who my father is, my mother had me when she wasn’t even married, it has affected me a lot.

At school I was bullied a lot nobody wanted to be my friend but one day at school play something happen…

Bullies: “Look who’s on stage Nitya the bastard child nobody wants to be her friend, get out of the stage.

Everyone was laughing at me, hurting my feeling, I had tears in my eyes. And then Radhika came on stage and said…

Radhika: “Shame on all of you, and teachers why are you letting these kids disrespect Nitya, it’s not her fault she does not know her father, maybe her mother has reasons, we should not get in there private life. And who said she doesn’t have friend.”

Radhika comes close to Nitya and says..

Radhika: “Hi my name is Radhika Mishra, would you like to be my friend.”

Nitya|: ” Yes!”

And that’s how we became friends.


Nithika was shocked, she never knew her mother was illegitimate she was always told that her grandpa died when mother was a baby, never knew grandma never married.

There were probably more secrets to come and she was hoping she was strong enough to face it…

Thank you so much for your comment for this chapter, I just want to clear things up, this story is not kuch kuch hota hai and body guard, its about a dying mother wanting Ardhika to be together, she gives her daughter her diary which has secrets in it, when Nithika fines out the truth she will bring Ardhika together. What the secrets are keep reading. I want to see lots of comment so silent readers please do comment. I will post rectify next Friday for now bye bye ta ta…

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