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MMZ- Mother’s diary Chp-2

It was time for kid running for kids, I was waiting for my father, everyone had there parent, I was the only one who didn’t.

One of this girl name Tiffany likes to bully me, her mother is white and her father is East Indian, she thinks she’s all that.

Tiffany: “Ha ha poor Nithika doesn’t have her daddy here, looks like he doesn’t love you.”

Nithika: “My dad promise me that he will be here, you just wait and see.”

Tiffany: “Want to make a bet that your dad will not come.”

Nithika: “No!”

Tiffany: “Are you coward that I’m right.”

Nithika: “I’m not coward.”

Tiffany: “Then make the bet, if your right, I give you $100, if I’m right you give me $100.”

Nithika: “I don’t want to make bet.”

Tiffany: “Admit it your not sure your dad will make it here, that is why your coward to make the bet.”

Nithika: “I am not scared, and why do I have to make a bet, it’s my dad, I will deal with him, you deal with your parents.”

Tiffany: “My parents are here, but I don’t see your dad.”

Nithika: “Both of your parents are here, but it looks like they would rather be on there phone socializing with other people.”

Tiffany: “How dare you talk about my parents like that.”

Nithika: “Then stop making bets on my father and get lost.”

Tiffany: “This is personal, if I find some secret on you, you’ll pay.”

Nithika: “Go ahead, I’m not afraid of you.”

Tiffany leaves Nithika but she is furious with her, Tiffany thought she would make easy money with Nithika, seeing that she was alone, but she made it personal, now all she need is something that would break Nithika.


Arjun had left his meeting, he rushed to his car, but his car wouldn’t start, then he panic.

Arjun: How am I going to get to my daughter.”

Woman: “Is there a problem.”

Arjun: “Yes, I need to go to my daughter’s school but my car won’t start, now her heart is going to break if I don’t show up.”

Woman: “I’ll drop you off to her school.”

Arjun: “Thank you so much Sweetie.”

Sweetie: “We’re partners in the law office, no need to thank me, you came to my rescue, when I was in trouble so I owe you.”

Arjun help Sweetie when this unknown guy was stalking her, Arjun thought the stalker is someone in the office, he had tap every employee’s phone and he was right, now that stalker is in jail.

Sweetie gets Arjun to school.

Arjun: “You saved the day.”

Sweetie: “Hey, what are friends for, and for Nithika, I’ll do anything for her happiness, bye now.”

Sweetie leaves, and Arjun goes to Nithika and covers her eyes.

Arjun: “Guess who?”

Nithika: “Dad you came, I’m so happy.”

Arjun: “Sorry munchkin, I’m a little late, my car wouldn’t start up, do your Sweetie auntie gave me a lift.”

Nithika: How sweet of her, I will thank her later.”

It was my turn for run my best friends were cheering for me, Jenny, Meg and Jessica, while Tiffany’s friends Lexie, Lizzie and Martha were cheering for her.

My father was cheering for me while Tiffany looked on jealously at Nithika, she had purposely pushed Nithika so she could fall and loose the race. Arjun saw this and told his daughter…

Arjun: “Get up Munchkin, you can do it, I have faith in you.”

By hearing her father she got up and beat everyone in the race. While Tiffany came second.

Tiffany POV: I hate Nithika, she is one lucky girl, I wish my parent would cheer for me, even though they are here, they would rather socialize on the phone, I hate it when she is right, probably that is why I bully because my parents are not there for me, I feel so lonely.

Arjun: “Well done munchkin, I am proud of you, now could you tell me who that girl is that pushed you.”

Nithika: “Her name is Tiffany she’s a big bully.”

Arjun: “Are her parents here?”

Nithika: “Those are her parents.”

Nithika pointed Tiffany’s parents, we see Tiffany’s mother, but the father is facing backward, he is busy socializing on the phone, he didn’t see his daughter finishing the race.

Arjun goes to the mother of Tiffany and tells her..

Arjun: ” Excuse me miss but your daughter pushed my daughter, she needs to learn good manner.”

Tiffany’s mom: “Your Indian right talk to my soon to be ex husband, he is the one who should teach our daughter manner, hey Sarly could you talk to….I’m sorry what is your name.”

Arjun: “Arjun Mehra.”

Tiffany’s father turns around and Arjun gets a good look both are shocked seeing each other.

Arjun: “Saral Joshi, what are you doing here in New York…”

Saral: “Well, well Arjun Mehra, we finally cross roads.”

Nithika: “Daddy do you know him.”

Saral: “You must be Nitya’s daughter.”

Nithika: “You know my mother.”

Saral: “I know a lot of things that you don’t know.”

Arjun: “Munchkin go to your friends, I need to talk to Saral privately.”

Nithika: “But dad….”

Arjun: “Go to your friends now.”

Nithika leaves.

Arjun: “Look here Saral, my daughter doesn’t need to know the truth, I suggest you keep your mouth shut.”

Saral: “If you want my mouth shut pay me 1 million dollar and I won’t tell her the secret.”

Arjun: “How would I know you won’t betray me after I pay you.”

Saral: ” You just take my word for it.”

Arjun: “I would rather make a contract, if my daughter fines out the truth, you give me back my million dollar and if you can’t you’ll spend the rest of your life in jail, I think it would be a fare game if you sign the contract, then I wouldn’t worry about you telling the truth to my daughter.”

Saral: “Fine make the contract, I won’t tell your daughter that your not her biological father, you married Nitya to give her daughter a father’s name.

Saral and Arjun didn’t know that someone heard what Saral said and that someone was Tiffany…..

Precap: Tiffany tells Nithika the truth, Nithika will read her mother’s diary to fine out the whole truth.

I am very sorry for updating it late, I had guest in my house so I couldn’t write because I had to attend to them.

I dedicate the story to Sweetie, I hope you like your cameo role, missing you,hope you get better soon.

Please do comment, it means a lot to me, it’s 11:00pm, time to sleep, bye now ta, ta…

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