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MMZ: Legally Yours : Teaser

Legally Yours

Neil struggled to keep up the pace with sam, “but Sammy, listen to me naa….atleast give me a chance to explain once….sammy please….sammy…”


Sam ignored him and kept on walking at the tremendous speed.
“you had your chance, but preferred to spend it with neha.” She said with a cold, emotionless face.

Neil tried to grab her wrist, but she instantly jerked it off.
“now, Mr. Malhotra, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wedding shopping.” Neil’s jaw hit the floor on the word “wedding shopping.” Sam was getting married….but to whom and when….but most importantly why…didn’t she love him?

She walked off, suddenly stopping in her tracks. She spoke without turning around, “by the way, Mr. Malhotra, you are cordially invited to my wedding. The rest of the details and an invitation will be handed out to you, by my two best friends, Arjun and Radhika, who by the way are also planning my wedding.”

Neil felt like throttling himself, he felt suffocated. More so by the fact that his two friends were getting sam married to someone else, without even telling him about it once. He felt the people, who in the past knew him more than himself, turn into cold blooded strangers.
Guys, I posted this short teaser for legally yours. As I hadn’t been able to post any updates from a really long time…but don’t worry, am working on it right now.

Please do let me know, how the teaser was….and whether it actually teased you or not… *winks*
Chalo bye…..take care people!

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