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MMZ – Kaisi Yeh Manmarziyan (Shot 1)

Hello Darling….Your Dipu knocking Again….So I’m here with Aradhika…..

My cutiepie nanad wants me to write on aradhika..but I kept this story on hold..But today is her birthday so I thought to give this gift..you wanted aradhika in pov style, right?


Wishing you verrryyyyyy veryyyyyy happieeeee Birthday my cute sweet innocent and adorable nanad Sree…….the only girl consider Arjun her bro…

You always supported , motivated and loved me by showering your cute and sweet words..You made me blush hard by teasing me by ur bro’s name…God I just loves that very much…

I wish all the happiness,success and sweetness for you..May almightly god keep you happy , healthy and smiling always…MUHHAAAAA…

Shot 1

Radhika’s POV

On that afternoon, driving up the spiraling ramp connecting the basement car park to the exit, I lost my new found confidence as a driver. It was my first time driving up a steep incline. The problem wasn’t much of inclination but the car who stopped abruptly before me. Damn!! I cursed and applied the brakes..

The car in front of me began moving when it halted again a few feet ahead. I tried the same but I failed miserably and as I realized the brakes to press accelerator, my car began rolling back. Immediately I applied the brakes to stop the car..HUshhhh!!!

I realized this is going to be tricky. You need to be quick with whole shifting from brakes to accelerator thing..I told myself..
With my every attempts to go up, my car was rolling behind..God this race against Gravity..!!!

A sheer fear heats me when another car come to halt behind me..OHHH GODDDD!! NO…This couldn’t happen with me.

When the car in front of me moved world behind me expected me to do exactly the same. But I was on slope. On a spiral slope of mall basement.

Mother earth..swallow me!!

Suddenly car behind me honked. And then there were a few more honks, one after another. In rear view I can see trail of car behind me…Shit!!!
Its time….You can do it Radhika…!!!

My figures were trembling in fear while my palms sweating badly. I felt sick. I wanted this over.

“I have to do it……I HAVE TO DO IT…� I motivated myself repeatedly..BREATH IN AND OUT.

And then to my car “Okay clutch done…Now, first gear..okay..now…�

“Ganesha….bacchaaa lena….(It’s now up to you, GOD….) I promise I will give garland of 21 coconut at heel temple…..�
And then I let go…

Two sec later I felt the thud…BANGGGGGG!!!!The front of the car behind me was dented, it’s number plate bent.
And guess what? It had a temporary hand written number on it and it white, pearl finished body was glowing under the ramp lights which clearly indicate it was brand NEW CAR…

Even the Ganesha had not saved me….

“W-H-A-T? You rolled back into a brand new car?? “ Sam appeared to be shock before she burst into round of laughter. She was amused listening my ordeal from day before yesterday. I wasn’t sure if she was laughing on situation or at me. I stayed quite; when she noticed my sad face she stopped laughing.

“Oh Darling, I was just imagining the whole scene….� She said grinning and trying hard to control her laughter as she adjusted the hem of her towel she was wrapped in.

The two of us were in the steam room of gym.

Sam aka Samaira was my best friend from childhood. She is bold and beautiful. I really admire her as she carry herself..her attitude..she is fearless girl..do what her heart wants. Do what as her MAnmarziya told her…She is the co-owner of Bird song with her boy friend Neil…On other hand I’m simple girl having very low confidence. I always stayed under orders by my family. Ever since college days I know I fated for arrenge marriage..there is no love in my life.

My family is rich but conservative one where chances of love happening were zero. I didn’t stayed in hostel. I couldn’t travel in buses or local trains. Neither had I seated at the back seat of bikes holding on tightly to guys and didn’t caring about rest of world around…. In my life was driver and luxury car that would drive me to college and back home. My weekends were spent with family watching movie on home theatre. I was away from fun weekends. I was different from other girls in class..Boring one…
Now yesterday I joined this gym where Sam already is member from 4 months. As my marriage got fixed I wanted to get in shape before my marriage with Saral…Yeah..I’m engaged to Saral by my father’s wish….He is businessman…But badly workaholic….
Sam is the only person to whom I can talk freely always.

“ I feel sorry that it was a brand new car. I only realized when I stepped out of my car to see what I had done. He was already out of his by then…� I said

“HE? “ Sam asked with twinkle in her eye.

I blushed …â€� the guy in the car behind me…â€� I clarified “ forget about what you are thinking Sam..I was guilty and I kept apologies even before he could say anything….â€�

“Okay..did he abuse you?� she asked in concerned

“ Nope..Surprisingly he didn’t..he was very calm…�

“Really? That’s odd….� Sam said with disbelief in her eyes.

“ yes…In fact…not only he didn’t shout at me but when he found my problem, he offered to drive my car up the ramp….�

“W-H-A-T?� I saw naked shock in her eyes.

“You lucky, beautiful girl….� She winked
I blushed. I knew what she was trying to imply. But it was illogical she was trying to connect the dots..

“he didn’t have any choice Sam..� I blurted out

“how he looks like?�

“umm….tall..about 6 ft…well built..he wore a cap matching his red slim fit T-shirt with pair of straight fit denims and sneakers..i guesss…he was dressed casually..but smartly….but that cap thing was odd…who wore cap now days…I still wonder if cap wearing fashion is in….� I told her what I could recall of the stranger..

“OHHH…may be he likes to wear cap…tell me..wasn’t he upset? I mean this was his brand new car, right? “
She couldn’t hold her curiosity

“Oh..he was.. I saw disappointment in his eyes…but he didn’t lose his cool….that was quite amazing about him..he drove my car and handed me my keys back..i even offered to get his car fixed….� I replied

Sam asked quickly “ what did he said?�

“ He said he would claim insurance…�

My answer gave her 420 volt shock…
“Such a gentleman you drove your car into…� she chuckled

“I felt guilty…I am even now..i wished I can do something for his damage…he must have gone through much difficulties because of me “

“C’mon Radhika..it’s okay..you apologized and you offered to get the car fixed..what more you have done…?

“hmmm…� I sighed but I still felt guilty.

Neither of us said anything for a while..A loath of stream blocks our vision to see each other..so leaned on back wall and made myself feel relaxed.

“ Do you think he didn’t get mad at you but helped you because you are beautiful..� Sam asked suddenly..she still was struck up there….

“Beautiful?� I let out a laugh “ C’mon Sam…You are exaggerating…look at me..I’m plump..fat girl…KUCH BHI….�

“Well, you have beautiful face with sharp features and gorgeous skin..your long dark hair complements your fairness..AS far as weight concerned, you have joined this gym to lose it…it will happen eventually….� She said

“Thank you for saying but I wish I could be like you bold and fit..like you are…�

“HAHA..well I shamelessly accept the praise..you have to believe on yourself for boldness Radhika…� She said

“Hmm..� I sighed again

“ hey why don’t you enroll for personal trainer program..its really good..i achieved my goals than I could have..Arjun..My trainer is quite good..you should ask the receptionist about the personal trainer program..� Sam said as we got out of the stream room.

“ I will…� I said before leaving for changing room…. Sam hurriedly left for office after changing into regular cloths

Outside the ladies room, I bumped into familiar face. I didn’t able to recall the face instantaneously. We sort of blocked each other’s way. I quickly moved right. So did he.then he moved back left. And so did i.

I got nervous. I looked at him.

Underneath a sporty navy blue sleeveless jacket, he wore collard white t-shirt. Navy blue track pants and spots shoes completed his look. Right side of his jacket below the collar his name was printed but I couldn’t able to read it.

He looked at me trying to recognized something and then he said “ I’m sorry..� and moved to give me way.

I nodded and smiled as I walked away.

I guess he smiled when we passed each other. Mysterious one. Once I had seen that smile. Once that had made me nervous before.

I kept my eyes I glued to the ground and I realized who was him..As i reached the reception desk I turned back to see him.

He too turned around. We were looking directly at each other. He was still smiling. My heart grew faster. My eyes must have told him that I had recognized him. Yes…it was HIM, whose car I broke.

It suddenly struck me that I should inquire about that he had got his car fixed or not…but before I could say, he waved me his hand, turned around and left for the men’s room….

The back of his navy jacket read- Arjun, Personal Trainer….!!!

So how’s it darlings? Gym wala pyar..Next chap will take some time to get posted..Plaese to forget to drop your reviews ..I’m nervous….

Love you all…

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