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MMZ – The Inmate – Chapter 9

The inmate
Chapter 9

Sam, who by now was up to date on all happenings, felt this to be a draconian turn of events. This would only further complicate the situation. What if Arjun is still in love with Radhika? This question made her head numb. She had no idea what should her response, should she be happy or should she worry?
She still remembered the day, as clear as any. The day, back in college when Arjun asked for her help to propose to Radhika.
College days.


Arjun was worried pacing in the front lawns, it was almost midnight.
Sam came in a rush, still in her night suit, her shoulder length hair, hung unstyled.

She worried patted his back, making him jerk up.

Arjun sighed, “ohh its only you..”

Sam slapped him lightly, asked all irritated “dude, come back to the real word. What the hell happened? …that you had to call me up at midnight and beg me to come to the front lawns without whispering a word to Radhika. I was sleeping for godsake.”

Arjun gave her a sheepish smile, “ohh…actually…I-i…umm, …”

Sam was impatient, this guy had the nerves to disturb her beauty sleep for something he wasn’t even unable to speak out loud.
“what you? Did you kill someone? And now need my help to get rid if the body?” she spoke sarcastically.

Arjun was embarrassed, “no…Sammy, yeah okay….so here it is, I love Radhika and I need your help.” He spoke in one go.

Sam forgot all her sleep and annoyance and jumped on him, all excited, “oh my god….trust me, when Radhika gets to know.”

Arjun jerked her up shushing her, “here’s the thing, you cant tell her, until I do…dumbo!”

Arjun never even got a chance to confess. She sighed. And now neil.
Neil jerked her up, bringing her out of her thoughts.
Neil spoke desperately, “Sammy….i need your help….seriously….”
Sam’s face lost all colour. She felt a sudden shard of glass pang her heart, but understand why….she spoke softly, “are you sure neil….are you sure, it isn’t just an infatuation?”
Neil stiffened, “sam are you insulting my love?” he asked aggressively. But softened a second later seeing her worried face. He kept his hand over hers and spoke gently, “Sammy, I love her….yes, I do..”
Sam was disturb, she gulped.
“what if she loves somebody else?”

The question hung above in the air, making the aura around, tense. The silence prevailing between them, screamed a lot many things. The silence screamed a lot many answers….the solace of the two hearts shattered. One knew why while the other was still ignorant.

(in the evening, after a couple of hours.)
Arjun was lead to outside gate. He saluted the guard as he opened the gate to arjun’s freedom. He felt a momentary happiness which disappeared right then. Strangely enough, he felt a strange void as he stepped out of the gate to an uncertain future.
To his absolute surprise, he found sam leaning beside her car. She quickly walked forward and hugged him. He was too surprised to react.
“I thought, you’ll take forever to come outside.” She spoke cheerfully.

He was taken aback. He was never that close with sam. He knew her and talked to her just because she was radhika’s friend. True, she had become his too. But not such a close friend. Nope.

“samaira…you here? Did expect you…”
Sam made a face, “ its been five years out of college and still Arjun mehra will behave like a senior…its sam not samaira.” She said air quoting the word.

Arjun smiled. Well atleast somebody was happy with their lives.

Sam suddenly took his hand and dragged him to her car. He cocked his eyebrows questioning her actions.

“my treat.” She said and pushed him inside. While Arjun having been left with no other option sat down.

Sam sighed as she skirted around the car towards the wheel. Stage one accomplished. She desperately needed to find out if Arjun still loved Radhika, because she knew for a fact that Radhika did. And if so was the case, then neil was to be brought out of the picture. She wanted to bring the long lost lovers, her best friend and her senior together. This wasn’t a completely selflessly action. She had lost her heart to neil, realising it only when he confessed his love for Radhika. Life’s cruel.

“I wont snatch neil’s love, if Arjun doesn’t love her.” She thought, determined to sacrifice her own newly found feelings, if the need be. She was a true friend.

Sam was scratching her brains as to how to approach the subject. She couldn’t just out of the blue ask him being like, hey mr. Are you secretly in love with my best friend…she was ridiculed at her own thoughts.

Arjun broke the awkward silence prevailing in the car, he passed an amused smile to sam, finally opening his mouth, “god, will you ask already?” he teased.

“what?” sam was bewildered, trying to put up a brave front. a part of her was terrified, imagining him to everything from a mind reader to a vampire, in a matter of seconds.

Arjun smiled, “sam, there isn’t any need for second thoughts. Just ask whatever is playing in your mind.”

Sam glanced sideways, “how did you know that I wanted to ask something?”

Arjun sighed, “Radhika once told me that whenever you thought about something hard, you sub consciously start drumming your fingers together.”

Sam pulled the car to a side and twisted in her seat to face him, “you remember every word she said?” she asked with her eyes gleaming with hope.

Arjun looked ahead, trying to avoid her gaze.

She understood. His silence answered her question, “you know why I came to receive you at the jail today…why i forced you to come with me here…and what I want to ask….”

Arjun frowned and turned to face her, apparently displeased at her sudden pause.

Sam gulped and continued, “is about Radhika….why did you leave her when you loved her?”

Arjun sighed, “look sam, I consider you my friend…and I want this friendship to continued independent of your equation with her…and as far as she goes, I don’t care.”

Sam gripped his bicep turning him around, “you still cant lie….arjun, you have expressive eyes and I know you love her….and idiot, she loves you too…seriously.”

Arjun was not fully convinced yet his heart skipped a beat, “sam, I hope this is a joke.” He asked in a shaky voice.

“not it isn’t..” she heartily assured him.

Arjun turned all emotional, “sam, you know i never had any sister..”

Sam slapped her forehead, “will you cut all the senti part, already? Hug me, idiot..”

Arjun smiled and hugged her tight, “my kiddo…drama queen.” He whispered in her ears..

She smiled, “okay..now tell your kiddo what landed you in jail.”

Before Arjun could reply, somebody knocked on the passenger window. Both jerked up, Arjun rolled down the window a little. He completely rolled it down on seeing a police man.
Arjun asked, “any problem officer?”

The police man spoke in a gruff voice, “let me tell you both what the problem is, every day we arrest atleast 5-6 couples…this is a family residential area, all this public display isn’t allowed. You both need to come with me to the police station.”

Sam was bewildered at his insanity, “what public display haan?…we were only hugging…plus is my brother..”

The police officer laughed sarcastically, “every couple says so once caught.”

Sam suddenly got an idea and winked at Arjun. Arjun mentally cursed her and prayed to got to not let her go now with one of her famous award winning ideas.

Sam spoke confidently, “seriously sir, he is my brother. Moreover, he is married. Wait, if you want I can call his wife right here.”

The police man seemed half convinced, he immediately agreed.

Arjun mentally face palmed himself while sam dialled radhika’s number.

Radhika had just came back home all exhausted from work. For starters, she was surprised as it was almost dinner time but sam wasn’t at home.

“sam, where are you?” she instantly shot up, as she picked up her call.

“chashni, I need help.”

Radhika sighed, “whats new in that…what happened this time?”

Sam gave her the location and requested her to come immediately without divulging any further details.

Radhika sighed as she picked up her car keys and walked out.

She had almost reached the given location when neil called her. She explained all the information she had and he promised to come immediately.

Radhika pulled and her expression turned grave on seeing a police man with sam. And her anger shot up when she registered Arjun with her. She felt an emotional rollercoaster on seeing him after so long. It took a lot of energy to keep a straight face.

Sam jumped as soon as Radhika got out of her car, “sir this is Arjun’s wife and my Bhabhi.” Leaving no chance for Radhika to speak.

She was confused whether to be happy or to be sad. Arjun was closely observing her expressions.

The police man questioned, “if that’s the truth, why isn’t she wearing any vermillion or her wedding locket?”

Before any three of them could cook up a story.
A voice from the back answered the question, “its modern times, shyam ji.”

The police man turned around and saluted. Neil it was. Sam suddenly felt afraid on seeing him like that. He was standing with his arms folded across his chest. On the exterior, he looked all calm and composed but the flame and the murderous rage in his eyes screamed another story.

“you should go and patrol the area. I vouch for them. I know them.” He spoke in a extra calm voice.
The police man nodded and left.

Sam stammered, “ne- neil…you here? Listen…I can explain..”
But neil showed her his palm, asking her to stop.

He grabbed radhika’s arms and took her to his car. While he himself got behind the wheel, taking deep breaths to calm his anger all the while.

He drove off like a maniac.
So, another one comes to an end….how was it?
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