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MMZ – A Mute Love (OS – Dedication to Sangee) Hpy Bday Sangee !!!

Hi All,

I came back with OS this time and i would like to dedicate this to Sangee and it’s her birthday today. Happy Birthday Sangee 🙂


hope yo like this and let me know ur views.

MMZ – A Mute Love (OS)

@ Chennai International Airport,

Arjun picks his luggage from the Carousel and walks out being in the call with his Mom saying, “Yeah Mom…just reached and i will be in home in another 20 mins. Yep i will driver to drive slowly and you don’t worry. C u in home. Bye”, he cuts the call and nods his right to left leaving a sigh relief.

He reaches the place where the visitors waiting for the passengers and he too looks for his driver, he is looking around the place and suddenly his vision stops at one place and he couldn’t able to move his eyes from there.

There is a sparkle on his view and a cute smile occurs on his face, he forget to search his driver and admires the scene happening there.

A girl is sitting on her knees and talking to a cute little girl….No No No…wait wait…she is not verbally but in a sign language to that little girl. And there are so many small kids around her and she is informing everyone something through sign language.

He starts admiring her the way she signs the kids and they also started nodding their head happily. A 1000 walts brightness appears on the kids face and all the credit should go to that one girl who also smiles brightly seeing some one approaching them.

A lady who is in her mid of 40s approaching them and hugs the girl tightly by expressing her happiness seeing them. She greets the kids by giving a group hug to them and the kids too welcomes her by moving their both hands in the air with a bright smiles on their faces.

Soon they all started leaving from there and unknowingly i too started walking behind them…i don’t know how much time but i stopped when my driver runs behind me saying, “Sorry sir…i went to washroom and got late”

I sighed and replies with a smile, “You done a good job. Now give me the Key”

Driver is blinking at him and nods his slowly but Arjun with fake anger saying, “If you are not giving me the key now, then i will tell Mom that you made me wait here for long and you will know the consequences for this”

Driver gulps his fear listening him and Arjun smirks saying, “So better be a good boy and come with me” he get the key from him and made him sit beside him and he himself drives the car. It starts with a little jerk and the driver immediately locks him inside the seatbelt and looks Arjun with fear.

Arjun smiles seeing him and drives slowly for the very first time in his life..the driver is so shocked seeing him driving below 40 and looks at him suspiciously.

Arjun did not care anything at all and his only target now it follow her. Yes and that’s what he is doing now going behind their vehicle. The driver is in atmost shock of unable to realise what his boss is upto now and why he is driving this much than him. Suddenly he gets jerked hearing Arjun’s mobile ringing and Arjun casually attends it in one hand and handling the stearing in another which is another blunder which his Mom never allows to do it. Now the driver is almost drained out and slowly asks him, “Arjun Sir, where are we going? This is not the way for our home”

Arjun smiles and without moving his eyes from the front vehicle, “I know and you keep quiet and sit. Don’t distract me”

After a long 30 minutes of journey, Arjun see her getting down infront of a big building and he reads the name of that, “Mother Teresa Sevashram”. He stares her till she gets in and disappears from his eyes. He let a sigh relief and gives the key to the driver to drive. He sits at the back seat silently and thinks about the girl.

Soon he reaches his home and rushes inside to greet his mom but instead of a happy welcome, she gives him and the driver an angry look. The driver gulps in fear and looks at Arjun for help. Arjun just signs him to keep quiet and hugs his mom saying, “Mom, i only snatched the key from him and roams the city before coming here.

Don’t scold or punish him. If you want to do so, then do it with me”

They both hears a voice from behind saying, “Nandu, why u want to upset him now? He came home after spending a year in abroad and you are starting your rules and regulations the very first day”

Arjun gets happy seeing his father Samrat and hugs him saying, “Dad, i missed you so much. How are you?”

Samrat smiles widely, “You tell me how i am looking?”

Arjun steps back and looks him from top to toe and says, “Not less than a King dad”

Samrat laughs heartily and with a proud saying, “Because you are my Prince son and i should be looking good equally with my son right?”

Arjun, “Ofcourse dad”

Nandini signs the driver to leave and turns to them saying, “Enough of your self flattering now and Arjun, so how was ur trip? All ok?”

Arjun side hugs her, “All perfectly ok mom. I enjoyed it and the important part is now i won’t go anywhere leaving you and Mr.Samrat”

Nandini smiles and hugs him saying, “I missed you so much Arjun” and kisses on his cheeks.

The trio spend some good quality time with each other and Samrat invites Arjun for Office but he denied saying need to take rest. So Samrat leaves to office and soon Nandini also leaves to her ladies club informing him to sleep well.

Now only Arjun is alone in that big mansion and he smirks mischeviously, he runs to his room and turns on the Music system with high volume and starts dancing like a maniac by throwing all his things everywhere on the room. The music vibrates in the whole house and due to this sudden jolt, the maids, drivers, gardeners and including his favourite Shepherds shaking their bodies to match with the music. If some outsider comes newly to this house means, then definitely he will faint for sure. The whole mansion is shaking now coz of the one man Arjun, he finishes his bath and is getting ready with the music in the background. Till that time each and one there dancing on their own and when Arjun turns off the system and comes out to have food, then others too behaves normal and gets back to their work.

Arjun finishes his food and goes out in his favourite BMW bike and drives out. The servants looks each other face and thinks what will happen when Nandini comes home.

Arjun stops his bike infront of the Ashram which he noted in the morning and sets his hairstyle properly and gets inside the ashram to look for her. Once he gets in, he finds so many physically challenged kids playing on the ground happily. He smiles at them seeing their happiness and his eyes started searching for the girl whom he wants to see now. He silently roams inside the campus and finds her at one place where she is teaching the kids through their sign language.

He moves and hides himself behind the tree and admires her secretly. She said jokes and makes the kids laugh seeing her, Arjun also laughed seeing them laughing but he did not understand what she said. He gets a call from his friend and he attends it saying, “Hey Neil”

Neil, “Idiot, you came to india and did not think to tell me, i got to know from Mom”

Arjun, “Leave it yar. But now i have something important to tell you. Where can we meet now?”

Neil, “Where it will be? Come home”

Arjun, “OK bye”

He disconnected the call and again stares her lovingly and leaves from there without making his presence visible to others.

Arjun reached Neil’s home and gets a warm welcome by the couple Neil & Sam. He hugs both of them saying, “How are you guys? The elderly couple in our gang”

Sam hits him in his stomach saying, “Dare to say that. We both are always young and cute couple”

Arjun rubs his stomach where in Neil gives him a juice which already kept ready in the dining table saying, “Your day will not start without getting a kick from Sam”

Arjun sipping the juice saying, “What to do? I used for this but not anymore ok?”

Sam sits beside him, “Why so?”

Arjun, “I got the owner of this property and only she has the full rights to kick me” he says this by pointing himself.

NeSam jerks and moves close to him asking, “Who is she? Where is she? Is she from India or you already married any foreigner?”

Arjun closes his eyes tightly saying, “Pls don’t shoot me with your idiotic questions”

Neil, “Then tell everything clearly”

Arjun then tells them everything about the girl he saw, both are jaw dropped looking at him in day dream, Sam pinch his hand harshly which makes him to scream badly.

Sam, “OK u fallen in love at first sight. So did you get her name? Address? any other details?”

Arjun, “She is working as a teacher in Mother Teresa Sevashram”

NeSam together, “Teacher? Ashram?”

Arjun, “What? Why u giving such reactions?”

Neil, “Arjun, you know about Nandu maa right?”

Arjun casually leans on the divan saying, “I know very well about her and more than that i know my dad very well” he winks at them.

Neil, “So Papa gonna get beaten up by Mom”

Sam giggles and Arjun hits him badly for teasing him and later the trio shares some jolly moment and Arjun thinks to get to know about her. He bids bye to them and again leaves to the same ashram and peeps inside again. He did not find her instead he is stopped by the Peon asking, “Sir, Who are you? Whom u want to meet?”

Arjun, “I…i want to meet a lady who works here as a teacher”

Peon scratching his head, “Lady? Teaching here? Sir, here so many are there. Whom u want?”

Arjun remebers something and says, “Today, she took the children to Airport to receive someone and again came here right. She has long hair also”

Peon thinks whom it should be and his reactions changed as if he found it, “Sir, yes she is working here only. You want to meet her?”

Arjun smiles and says, “Yes, i want to meet her and need to talk to her something important”

Peon, “Sir, only you can talk with her but she cannot”

Arjun, “Why?”

Peon, “She also cannot speak sir, she is deaf and dumb”

Arjun is shocked listening him and is in loss of words. Peon calls him twice but no response so he left him there and leaves. Arjun is freeze now and gets to his sense slowly. He walks to his bike like a lost child and drives to his home. Nandini who is waiting for his arrival to scold but stops seeing him coming inside with a sad face, she gets worried seeing him like this and cups his face, “Arjun, what happened? Y r u looking so dull?”

Arjun removes her hand from his face and goes to his room silently without talking to anyone. Nandini looks worried seeing him and immediately dialling to Samrat to inform about him.

Arjun falls on his bed starring the ceiling for sometime. He continuously remenisces the moment he saw at first time in the airport and in the ashram with the kids. He close his eyes and sits straight leaving a heavy breathe saying, “So What? Nothing can stop me in getting her in my life”

He smiles saying, “I will come to you”

Soon he gets a call from Neil, “Yeah Neil”

Neil, “Arjun, “What’s up Man? U look upset it seems? Mom told”

Arjun, “Yeah i was but not now”

Neil, “What made you upset?”

Arjun tells him everything about the girl to Neil and he asks, “What? She is deaf n dumb?”

Arjun, “Don’t say like that Neil”

Neil, “I am sorry but that’s the truth right?”

Arjun, “Yeah but don’t call her by that word.”

Neil, “Arjun, we will call the people as dumb who cannot speak. So what’s wrong i said? If you doesn’t like that word then you only name her till you find her original name”

Arjun thinks for a while, “Mute Girl”

Neil smiles, “OK..your Mute Girl. So what is ur decision now? And pls don’t say that you are deeply in love with her. I am scared now to hear that after you did a naming ceremony for her”

Arjun, “Actually you got me correctly Neil and this proves you are my best friend”

Neil bangs his head saying, “Arjun, fine…so what you gonna do now?”

Arjun, “I will become a Mute Man for her”

Neil is jaw dropped saying, “You are Impossible Arjun”

Arjun smirks saying, “I will make everything possible for me Neil and BTW don’t leak anything to Sam or my parents.”

Neil, “Done”

Arjun disconnects the call and starts searching something in the net and noted the details of it.

In the night Arjun comes down to meet his parents in the dining hall, Nandini signs Samrat to ask him.

Samrat, “Arjun, so what was the news made you so upset and made your mom tortured me to get me in home soon”

Nandini glares him angrily and waits for Arjun’s answer.

Arjun chuckles saying, “Nothing dad, just a small mood out”

Nandini, “What’s that? Can’t you share with me?”

Arjun thinks to lie to them, “Love Failure Mom”

Samrat spills the food and chokes seeing him and Nandini also gets shocked listening him.

Samrat, “Love Failure? But when you started loving her”

Arjun, “Today Morning”

Samrat, “Arjun?”

Arjun, “Dad, i just saw a girl on the roadside, she looks cool and beautiful but the bad news is she is having a boyfriend already. That’s makes me little upset”

Nandini rolls her eyes and murmurs, “Unbelievable”

Samrat and Arjun chuckles seeing her reaction and silently finishes their dinner and goes back to their room.


Next day, Arjun gets up early and gets ready to leave somewhere when samrat asks him he replies, “I will be busy for somedays dad. Don’t expect me in office”

Nandini & Samrat looks surprised seeing his change of behavior and Nandini decides to get him married soon.

Arjun stops his bike infront of a house and gets inside. There a man teaching some kids on the sign language. After sometime he sends off the kids and talks to Arjun.

Arjun, “I am Arjun. I got ur details through internet and i am eager to learn the sign language. Will you teach me?”

He is surprised seeing Arjun asking like this but still he accepts and starts teaching him word by word. Arjun sincerely learns it from him.

It’s been a weak now, Arjun almost learn the important things how to convey through the sign language and he becomes so happy. He goes to his home in the night after roaming and stalking his girl, Nandini get hold of him and makes him sit with her saying, “Arjun, me and ur dad decided your marriage”

Arjun jerks of hearing it, “Marriage? Y so soon?”

Nandini, “Then when you want? See Arjun, i feel like you should get married as soon as possible then only you will be in control”

Arjun needs some reason to escape and he knows if he argues Nandini will start her emotional blackmail so accepted saying, “Okay mom…but do all this arrangement after 10 days. Till then don’t disturb me”

Nandini is relieved and agrees for it.

Arju thinks to meet her soon.

Next day, Arjun waits for her in the Chennai Egmore station where in the local metro trains arrive. Yes, in these few days, he stalk her and gets to know her daily routines and habits. She always comes to the station alone and gets the Guindy train from Egmore. She never talks with anyone and always have a earphone with her and listening songs. She gets down in Guindy and goes to the Ashram spending her day and evening as usual she leaves to her home. For first few days he followed her and after that once he gets busy in his learning, he couldn’t do that and now he again comes back to the Egmore station and waits for her to come.

He stands near one pillar and looks at the way she comes and he feels that some one is pulling him down. He bends down and looks at the small girl who had a big basket and full of roses. She signs him to buy one rose, he feels bad seeing her and he too speaks to her in sign language.

(This conversations will be on Mute, sign language)

Arjun, “Where is your parents?”

Girl, “I don’t know”

Arjun, “From where you are coming? And who asked you sell this?”

Girl, “I go to flowershop begging for money and he was not ready to give money. Then i told him that i will do work for him. Then he gave this flowers to sell. Bhaiyya can you please buy one flower and give money, then only he will give me 10 rs”

Arjun melts listening her and takes the full basket in his hand signing, “I will get everything” and he gives her 100 rs from him. The girl smiles and gets happy, she hugs him and kisses him on his cheeks. He too hugs her and takes her to the shop where she got the flowers.

He takes out the roses, make it as a bouquet and gives to the girl saying, “You are so beautiful as much as this roses are…always keep smiling”

She happily nods her head and takes her with him without meeting his mute girl.


Arjun stops his bike infront of the Ashram the one he knows and takes the girl inside the home. He goes straightly to the office room and speaks with the Mother there about handing the girl there. Mother happily accepts the girl and sends her in with the another teacher. Before she goes, the girl hugs him tightly and kisses him signing, “You are a very good man and you will get what you wish for”

Arjun’s happiness has no boundaries now and happily waves bye to her and walks out with a huge smile on his face.

He is walking out towards the entry with mixed emotions happy and sad….happy is for the small girl and Sad is for not able to meet his girl. He thinks to meet her tomorrow or probably in the evening. But he did not notice that someone watching him going from there with a surprise smile.

It’s none other than the girl whom he wants to see. She looks surprised seeing him and goes to office room to check why he came there and she gets to know that he admitted that little girl here and her eager to talk to him gets increased hearing this.

She comes out from the office room and smiles seeing him and remembers the incident happened in the station a while ago.

FB starts

Arjun talks to the girl in sign language and there is another person who watches all this with a cute smile on her face. Yes she watch both of their cute actions and smiles at them and moreover she gets impressed seeing him giving the flower boquet to the girl.”

FB over

Unknowingly Arjun makes a good place in her heart and thus will give him a good result..hope so.

Coz of NeSam, Arjun couldn’t go to the station in the evening to meet her and he decided to meet her next morning.

Next day, he again comes to the station and the platform where she used to be and waits for her impatiently. Suddenly he feels a feathery touch on his shoulder and he turns back to look who it is. To his surprise it is the girl whom he waited for.

She smiles at him and he stands like a jerk for sometime but soon he gets senses and smiles back.

She greets him in the sign language and reminds him the yesterday’s incident. (Sign language and the conversation below)

She, “I saw you yesterday with the little girl and you helped her, giving bouquet n all…you did a very great job. Hats off”

Arjun also speaks in sign language, “It’s ok. Don’t embarrass me saying thank you n all.I just did my duty”

She, “My name is Radhika” she extends her hand to him.

Arjun happily grabs it and signing his name, “I am Arjun”

Both gets introduced to each other and there occurs an awkward silence between them. Soon the train comes and she leaves from there bidding bye to him. After she goes Arjun jumps in excitement and happiness and leaves to Neil’s place to share his happiness.

Next day also, he comes to the station and waits for her, she too comes and meets him.

Rads, “You here today also? Any work? WHere you want to get down?”

Arjun, “No work and all. I came to meet my friend”

Rads, “Friend? Who?”

Arjun, “You”

she gets surprised and at the same a small smile appears on her face which is noticed by Arjun.

Arjun, “You are my friend na?”

She looks at him and nods her head positively.

They share a light moment and discuss about the social things and he tells about his friends, but the wierd part is both did not share about their family details to each. Wierd isn’t it?

(All their conversations are only on sign language, according to Rads she too thinks Arjun cannot speak since she saw him speaking to the little girl in sign and so she misunderstood and did not even ask to clarify it)

This meeting goes on for few day and they both now share a good bond and this leads them to share their mobile number.

Arjun first blinks seeing her thinking how to talk to her and then she signed him to message her. Their friendship grows through their message. They meet outside on the week ends. An unknown feelings grown between them and Arjun is sure that he loves her and expects a right moment to propose her but according to her he is still a good friend for her. He desperately waits to know her heart about him.

It’s been 10 days now and they both like each other company, Arjun gets ready to leave from home to meet her but Nandini stops him saying, “Arjun, tomorrow you have to be with me and should not go anywhere”

Arjun, “Why mom?”

Nandini, “Surprise”

Arjun shrugs his shoulder, “OK”

Nandini smiles seeing him and winks at Samrat.

Arjun goes to station and waits for her to come and is ready to propose her today. But it’s been 2 hrs now she did not turn up and did not respond for his message also. He gets disappointed and leaves from there, and in he evening also he waited for her in Guindy station but there also she did not turn up that day. He gets much upset of unable to contact by any other way and goes to his home sadly.

Next day, Nandini is so busy in roaming inside her house and doing some preparations and makes the maids on their toe. Arjun comes down hearing the noises Nandini creates in the morning asking, “Mom, what are you doing? Why are you shouting like this?”

Nandini, “Don’t ask me anything and get ready before they comes”

Arjun, “Who is coming?”

Nandini, “You will know it and go now”

Arjun shrugs his shoulder and goes inside but his mind is always thinking about Radhika and why she did not come and respond his message. Soon he gets ready and comes down to meet Samrat in the hall and he overhears his parents talk.

Nandini, “Samrat, i hope this Misra family will be the perfect for us. I saw the girl already and i liked her very much and she is perfect for our Arjun”

Arjun interrupts, “What are you talking?”

Samrat, “About your marriage Arjun. Soon the girls family is coming here to meet us. Generally guys family only will go right…we thought vice versa and it happened because that girl’s father is my friend so only we both decided like this”

Arjun, “What the hell? Y u did not say me this earlier?”

Nandini, “Y again u will run away saying some reason and Arjun u gave me 10 days and it is over. I am keeping up my word and so as you”

Arjun, “Dad…what’s this?”

Samrat raises his both hands on top saying, “Sorry son…i am with ur Mom today. Just see the girl and decide”

Arjun shoves them and goes to his room. Later he hears some noises in the hall and he knows it who came. He is least bothered and looks outsdie from his window.

After 15 mins, he heard a knock on his door and responds, “Come in”

He did not turn back and stands showing his back and he hears the door lock sound. The girl comes in and look otherside and avoids seeing him.

After a few seconds of silence he hears a sweet voice and he is sure that this is the girl whom his mother suggests. He holds the strings of the window tightly to control his anger and listens her statement.

Girl, “Hi, i know it is very awkward thing that girl’s family comes to boy’s home and talks about the marriage. I understand. Our dad’s are friends for long time it seems but i don’t know about that n all. And now suddenly they took a marriage decision between us which makes me shattered little. I don’t have any idea about you and your family. Initially i was not interested to come but then i thought to tell my decision directly to you, so that we both can talk to our parents and make them understand.”

In these time, Arjun’s hold on the string gets loosen and he started smiling slightly.

She continues, “Actually, i love someone else and i want to marry him only. I told my parents but they are not accepting it…because..because he is a Mute Man, i mean..he cannot speak. I know him from the past 10 days only but i feel like i have been with him for so many years. I did not realise my love when i was with him but within a day i realised it that his presence makes me happy to the core and thus i felt pain when i did not see him. Yesterday i couldn’t meet him due to this problem but my heart was pondering to have his one glimpse…at first i don’t understand why and then i realize my love on him. Yes i love my Mute Man. And sorry, his name is…” before she finshes she gets a reply from him saying, “Arjun”

She gets shocked hearing the name and blinks at his back blindly and then gets hell shock when he turns and shows his face. Arjun turns to her and calls her name,


Yes and that girl is his Mute Girl Radhika.

Both looks each other blankly of not understanding what happened. Arjun thought Radhika is dumb and Radhika thought Arjun is dumb. Both realises their moments together and how they avoids talking with others than each when they are together and always conveys through sign language.

Rads comes out from shock first asking, “You can speak is it?”

Arjun smiles, “Think so”

Rads glares him angrily and is about to storm out but before that Arjun reaches the door and locks it leaving her shocked.

Rads, “Why u locked the door? Just move..i don’t want to talk to you”

Arjun walks to her step by step asking, “WHy so?”

Rads step back, “You have hidden the big truth that you are not dumb and you can speak”

Arjun, “Likewise you also hidden the same thing from me right?”

Rads, “I never said i am dumb”

Arjun, “Even i too never said i am dumb”

Rads now hits the wall and Arjun stands infront of her crossing his arms in his chest looking at her, “Guess, it’s a confusion Radhika”

Rads, “What confusion?”

Arjun, “Listen, i first saw u on the airport and followed you to the ashram and all the way i saw you were talking to the kids in sign language and even with the lady whom you received but still i did not think that you cannot speak, but the peon in your ashram only told me that you cannot talk”

Rads, “What the hell? Who said that? and why he said like that?”

Arjun, “I don’t know. I asked him about you mentioning that you came to airport, long hair and all and he said you work there and you cannot speak”

Rads gets into thinking and try to remember that day’s activity and soon she gets something which clearly visible in her face.

Rads looks into his face saying, “Actually with me, there was another girl came to airport and she too has long hair and she only work there as a teacher not me”

Arjun, “You are not working there, but i saw you were teaching the kids”

Rads, “That ashram is owned by misra family and that’s mine. So i used to go there and spend some time with the kids and after that i will go to my Company to look our business”

Arjun, “You used to go in trains?”

Rads, “I love to go and i enjoy my simple life”

Arjun, “Ohhh and there the confusion comes”

Rads, “No, it’s your mistake. If you think i cannot speak then y can’t u speak and why confused me?”

Arjun, “Actually after knowing that u cannot speak, i felt bad and decide to marry you only, so i thought of learning the sign language to communicate with you. Few days i spent my time in learning that and came to that station to meet you . And that day i was waited for you only but i couldn’t meet you that day and next day you only initiated the talk but in sign”

Rads, “Even i thought you cannot speak seeing you speaking with the little girl so easily by sign. Sorry” she holds her ears saying it and Arjun smiles seeing her puppy eyes.

Before they talk further, they heard a knock on the door and Arjun opens it only to get shocked seeing NeSam there. He drags Arjun to hall and tells to Nandini, “Mom, he is in love with a girl and how can you decide his marriage without his wish”

Samrat, “Neil? what are you saying?”

Neil, “Haan Dad, he only called me when he gets to know his marriage preparations today. I am saying the truth, he loves someone else”

Samrat to Arjun, “Is it true?”

Arjun turns to Radhika who stands beside him and says, “Yes, i am in love”

Samrat leaves a sigh relief and goes to Dilip Misra holding his hands, “I am sorry Dilip, looks like we messed it up”

Dilip pats his hands, “Even i have to say sorry, we supposed to meet you yesterday only and y we did not is the reason of my daughter’s love. I forced her to come here today and now all looks like we shouldn’t force our wish on our children”

They both hugs and NeSam smiles widely seeing them, then Neil turns to Arjun and says, “Why are you waiting? Go and Propose to your mute girl”

Nandini, “Mute girl?”

Neil, “Haan Mom, actually..” before he completes his sentence Arjun moves from there and goes to Radhika who looks him with her big browny eyes with a mischevious spark in it.

Arjun moves steps back and does some signs to her and she too replicates the same actions against him and both smiles happily seeing each other.

Arjun, “I love you”

Rads, “I love you too”

Neil looks confused asking Arjun, “What are you doing man?”

Arjun, “I proposed to my Mute girl”

Neil in shock, “What?”

Arjun, “Yes, she is my girl but she is not mute…she can speak”

Ardhika then explains everything to their family and all finally gives a sigh relief and gets happy for their love.

Arjun kneels down infront of her and signs her,

Arjun, “Will you marry me?”

Rads nods her head with little emotions, “Yes, i would like to”

He then cups her face and plants a soft kiss on her forehead and both shares a romantic eyelock. Their eyelock gets disturbed when everyone chorusly disturbs them giving a sound, “ahem ahem”

Ardhika jerks and gets blush seeing them.

Mehra Family and Misra Family decides the marriage date for them. Soon Ardhika tied into one and lives happily for ever.

********THE END********

That’s it for this One shot guys. Once again Many more happy birthday Sangee. I wish you will get all ur wishes u deserve and be happy. Get well soon dear 🙂 Hope you like this…i am sorry if something messed up…i wrote this in a hurry after seeing the ur bday info in ur ff…pls let me know ur views.

Hope you all enjoy this OS and pls let me know ur comments.

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