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Hello my dear readers..This is Saanvi..I hope you remember me and my stories 😛
I’m really sorry guys for not being active all these days but I was in some other country busy in study process..I know sorry wouldn’t make up but I will try my 100% to stay active and keep you updated from now on.

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Coming to the story:
Ragini’s POV:
Sanskar is a mastermind. I feel he has a plan in his mind to expose me. Before he does so I need to make Laksh mine. So that the truth might make Laksh angry but will not make him hate me. I need to do something for our relation as soon as possible.
Scene 1:
In Maheshwari Mansion:
Sujatha: Bhaisa..Please forgive Sanskar for this time. I promise he wouldn’t do any mistake from now onwards.
DP: I have told you several times to not even bring his name in this house. Why don’t you understand.
Sujatha becomes sad and is about to cry.
AP: I know Sujatha you love Sanskar very much but what he has done to this family is unpardonable.
Ram: I have always done my responsibilities without even questioning you’ll once. For the first time I’m asking something for myself. Please forgive my son.
DP: Okay..But if he does some other mistake you should send him out.
Ram and Sujatha get happy.

Scene 2:
Sanskar enters the house and is welcomed by everyone. Although there are different expressions on everyone’s face like Ragini is tensed, DP is angry and Laksh is irritated by looking at Sanskar, he is allowed into the house.
Sanskar’s POV:
I came into my house although I have done a sin of separating two lovers which means god is giving me a chance to correct all my mistakes. Yes, I will make SwaLak together and will bring out Ragini’s truth.
Sanskar- One minute bade papa..
DP- Tell me?
Sanskar- Can I continue at the same position in office where I was working 5years back?
DP- Office was always of the Maheshwari’s but you didn’t think that we are a family.
He takes a deep breath and says- If you really want to show that you have changed then show genuine interest in growth of our business.
Laksh: But dad?
Before he continues DP cuts him off and says: I know he has done wrong with you but he is a Maheshwari and is very good at managing business activities. So think professionally.
Laksh leaves from there angrily.
Scene 3:
Swara enters the office nervously. Here Laksh gets restless in his cabin unknown of the fact that Swara came.
He moves to and fro in his cabin and moves towards the window. From there he notices Swara at the entrance .
He rushes out to see Swara.
His feet stop when he and Swara are just a inch apart while standing.
Laksh- Why did you come here?
Swara- Wo Laksh..Sanskar
Before Swara could complete Laksh cuts her off saying- I don’t want explanations Swara. Whatever you did to me wouldn’t change by your reasoning..
Swara gets teary eyed.
Sanskar who notices this from a distance intervenes and says- Swara came here to meet me.
Laksh looks at SwaSan in a confused expression.
Sanskar- Swara you are employed. Join office from tomorrow.
Laksh- But how can you do that? (looking angrily at Sanskar)
Sanskar- Because I’m in the recruiting department and you have no right to question my decisions.
Laksh hits the wall with his fist in anger and a nail injures his palm.
Laksh winces in pain while Swara runs towards him and ties her handkerchief on his hand.
SwaLak share a painful eyelock.
A song plays in the background.
Teri dhadkano se hai zindagi meri
Khwahishein teri ab duaaein meri
Kitna anokha bandhan hai ye
Teri meri jaan jo ek hui
Lotunga yahaan tere paas main haan
Waada hai mera mar bhi jaaun kahin
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
(each and every line describing what emotion SwaLak were going through)
Laksh breaks the eyelock and leaves the place.
Tears were brimming in Swara’s eyes seeing Laksh in pain.
Sanskar walks to Swara and says- Aaj bhi usse dard mey nahi dekh sakte ho na(
Even now you can’t see him pain right?)
Swara nods in a ‘Yes’
Sanskar- They why don’t you agree that your love for him will never end..Why can’t you get back to him?
Swara wipes her tears and in a serious expression- I agree that my love for Laksh wouldn’t get less but I can’t get back to someone else’s husband.
Sanskar looks on while Swara leaves the place.

Scene 4:
Swara helps a old lady to cross the road.
The old lady thanks her and blesses her to stay happy.
Swara is lost in thoughts- How I can stay happy when everyone hates me so much including my love.
She is just walking on the road lifelessly not bothering about the surroundings.
A bus comes towards her in full speed..May be the driver isn’t able to control the speed and blows horn but Swara is in separate world that she doesn’t notice all this.
Laksh who is coming in his car notices this and stops his car at a side and runs towards Swara.
He pushes Swara and both fall in such a way that Swara is on top of Laksh.
They share a cute eyelock.
They compose themselves and stand up.
Laksh- Can’t you listen to the horn sound? Became deaf or what?
Swara- Laksh wo..
Laksh- Don’t give me excuses now..If anything would have happened to you then how can I…
Laksh realizes what he said and leaves the place abruptly.
Swara looks at the Laksh’s wallet which fell on ground when Laksh rescued her.
She notices her photo in his wallet and picks it. She cries realizing the fact that Laksh held her close to his heart.

Precap: Sanskar teaches Ragini a lesson 😀

Credits: To all those liking and commenting on my ff 

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