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Mere Angne Mein 26th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 26th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Babloo asking Sarla and Pari to talk to Lallan. Sarla sends Pari to apologize to Lallan. Pari asks Sarla to give her money. Sarla agrees. Pari apologizes to Lallan. Ashok says we are not scared of you. Lallan gets up. Ashok looks at him. Pari says your timing is wrong, Sarla is standing behind, you go. She tells Lallan to understand no fights, only loves and peace. Lallan scolds her and says go and stand at side. Amit worries. Sarla sees Amit. Lallan says you all tied Babloo, I will not leave you all. Lallan asks for Amit and stays there only to wait till Amit comes.


Nandu’s mum calls him and takes his welfare. He gets glad. She gives the good news that his dad has forgiven him and want to meet their bahu. Nandu gets shocked knowing his parents are coming. He

tells this to Ramesh. Ramesh says Preeti is giving you divorce, ask them to come later. Nandu says I m busy for few days, come later. He ends call.

Sarla asks Rani where is Amit. Amit removes the dupatta and tells Sarla that he is Amit. They all get shocked. Sarla asks what did you do. Rani says Amit had to become Amita to get saved from Lallan, how did that boy come, I m saving Amit, Amit is paying for his deeds, remember Amit if you want to get saved from Lallan, you have to become Amita, you will know its tough thing to be beautiful woman. Amit gets angry on her. She says leave me, you can’t do anything, if I call Lallan, he will see you.

Babloo says they all do planning together. Lallan says they can’t do anything, I m here. Its morning, Kaushalya keeps tea and clothes ready for Raghav. He is annoyed with her and takes other shirt. She asks why did he not take the clothes she kept. He asks if she will sit on strike again and argues. He leaves.

Lallan and Babloo play in the hall. Amit does makeup and says till when will I have to become Amita. Pari pulls his leg. Sarla asks them not to argue. Rani comes and asks Pari to make Amit ready well, else Lallan will doubt. Pari and Rani do waxing to Amit’s hands and make his eyebrows. Amit screams.

Sarla goes out and tells Lallan that she has to go out for work, she kept food. He asks who will serve me food. Amit comes there. Lallan says why do you worry, Amit will serve food to me. Amit asks how, I also have to leave. Sarla says its imp, she has to go. Lallan says she will stay here. Sarla tells Rani that they have to give sleeping tablet to Lallan and make him sleep. Rani agrees. Ashok gets ready. Sarla asks him is he not going canteen, we will call you if needed. Ashok says fine and leaves. Rani tells Amit that she will give sleeping tablet to Lallan. Rani and Amit add the tablets in milk. Amit takes the milk glass and gives it to Lallan.

Lallan asks Amit to feed him. Amit makes him drink the milk. Rani smiles. Lallan feels dizzy. He falls asleep. Babloo asks what did you give to lallan, why did he sleep. Amit says milk is good for health. Rani takes Babloo. Amit takes Lallan.

Kaushalya asks Nimmi to get haldi fast.Sarla and Pari come and talk to Preeti. Kaushalya asks Shivam to get ready, take haldi to Lucky’s house. He says I won’t go, I m angry. Preeti asks why, I m getting married, atleast get happy thinking I m going away from the house forever. Kaushalya asks him to get ready, else they will think he has become wife’s puppet. Shivam angrily goes.

Sarla asks Lucky where are your relatives, will there be no baraat. Ramesh says no. Shanti asks why, elders should be there.

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