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Mere Angne Mein 20th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 20th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nandu leaving. Shanti thinks Nandu is good, don’t know whom Preeti wants to marry by leaving Nandu. Nandu greets everyone. Raghav holds him and blesses him. He apologizes. Nandu asks Kaushalya not to worry, I m freeing Preeti. Kaushalya does not bless him when he touches her feet. Shivam and Nimmi feel bad. Preeti comes and stops Nandu. She gives him divorce papers to sign before leaving. Sarla smiles. Raghav says you have done all preparations. Shanti says Preeti planned this, what all preparations did you do, if you give many shocks, we don’t have courage. Nandu says I will sign. Shivam asks Preeti to think once, Nandu is a nice man. Preeti says I have thought, you don’t think much. Nandu signs and gives her the papers. Raghav and Kaushalya bow down by shame. Nandu



Preeti thanks Raghav for supporting her. Raghav scolds her angrily. Kaushalya signs Preeti to be quiet. Sarla asks Raghav to leave anger, go and meet the guy, if he is nice, we will keep engagement and marriage soon. Raghav asks them to do anything, call anyone, what’s the guy’s name. Preeti says Lucky. Raghav asks did his family keep such name for him. Sarla asks Preeti to take everyone’s blessings and then call Lucky home. Shanti goes. Raghav says no need to take our blessings. He goes. Shivam and Nimmi go. Preeti cries. Sarla says see, all went and did not bless Preeti, atleast you bless your girl. Kaushalya cries and hugs Preeti. Sarla smiles.

Sarla says now its your responsibility to see her happiness, I will go home, Rani is calling me. She asks Preeti to take care. Kaushalya and Preeti thank her. Sarla goes. Bablu takes the ghee box. Rani stops him and he bites her hand. He goes and gives ghee to beggars. Rani sees even cooked food gone. She scolds Bablu and beats beggars. They run away. Bablu takes stick from her and beats her. Rani throws the stick and asks will you cook now. Bablu says no, I just eat and feed others. She calls him mad.

Amit is at tea stall. Amit tries to recall which girl got much involved with him. His friend comes and tells him about the new business. Amit likes the idea. Kaushalya goes to Raghav. He is annoyed and says the way you asked and what you asked, you threatened to die, I thought you can bind the house, you broke Preeti’s marriage.

Kaushalya says I will not break her house, I love Preeti. He says I m enemy of my children, you are saying right, don’t get blind in love that you don’t see right and wrong. She says we love and respect each other, Nandu and Preeti are different, she disrespects Nandu, we forced her to marry. He says we had no option that time, its better not to take talks ahead. He goes.

Preeti goes to call Lucky. Nandu is crying. He answers her call as Lucky. She says I spoke to my family about you, come tomorrow and ask my hand from my family. He cries. She asks are you happy. He says a lot, I will come tomorrow, don’t worry. He ends call and cries. Preeti smiles happily.

Kaushalya says that guy is coming to meet, shall we do their engagement today itself. Shanti and Raghav look on.

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