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Mere Angne Mein 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nirmala creating a huge issue. She says she will not go from here and sits to protest. Riya and Shivam rush to room. Riya gives his clothes and asks him to take disguise fast. Shivam rushes from the balcony and leaves. Riya asks Nirmala to stop this drama. Nirmala says she will not move. Shivam calls Nirmala. Nirmala says I m busy, call me later. Shivam says I m Chamanlal, you forgot me so soon. Nirmala says I remember, I got a gift for you, I went to your home, your neighbor said you went to Shanti Sadan, I came tracing this house, can you tell me address, I will come. Nirmala says no, don’t come. Shivam says I have no one in this world, I wanted to meet your family. Nirmala ends call and thinks if Chamanlal comes here and says I had drunk water, it will be big issue.


Nirmala apologizes to Shanti and says yes, I should leave from here, I did mistake, let Sarla do puja with Ashok, forgive me, I will do puja with Ashok’s pic. Everyone get shocked. Shanti asks her to leave. Riya calls Shivam and says Nirmala went from here, you meet her and come back soon. Shivam sees Nirmala.

Riya asks Shanti did she see how she made Nirmala leave. Shanti says yes, you said you will make her leave, this should not happen again, now everyone do puja. Sarla asks Pari about stealing earrings. Pari says yes, I have kept earrings with Nimmi. Sarla says Nimmi will not have any answer to give us. Pari says yes, you have a point.

Shivam comes back home. He gets relieved. Riya asks him to get ready fast, everyone is waiting. Shanti asks Kaushalya to hurry up. Nimmi tells Nandu that earrings got missing. He says I told you to keep it safe. She says its not there, I don’t know. He says we will go and find it. Paari asks Preeti to see how Nandu and Nimmi are getting close, don’t be angry, be happy as this will make your divorce get easier. Sarla tells Kaushalya that Riya stays out of home all day, I think she asked Nirmala to come here. Ashok says no, stop spying. Sarla says I have seen Riya with Nirmala. Kaushalya says this can’t happen. Sarla says yes, I m saying true, ask Riya. Shanti asks everyone to come. Nandu asks Nimmi did she keep earring here, she did not keep earrings safe. Nimmi says I kept it here, I did not forget. Nandu asks her to think well. Nimmi says Pari would have stolen it. He asks what shall i gift Preeti now. She promises she will find it and get it. He says fine, what else can we do, come Preeti would be waiting.

Sarla says I have seen Ashok and Nirmala. Ashok says no, its nothing like that. Riya comes and says why will I meet Nirmala, you can ask Shanti, I scolded Nirmala infront of her. Sarla asks why did you go upstairs. Riya says I went to call Shivam. Sarla says you are lying. Shanti sees Nimmi crying. She gets sad. Pari taunts Nimmi for her bad deeds. Nimmi asks Pari to leave. Pari asks her to keep crying. Shanti gets angry. Pari goes. Shanti tells Kaushalya that its Karwachauth day and Nimmi is sad. Kaushalya says her fate is like that, what shall I say. Nandu tells Shanti that he wanted to give gift to Preeti. Shanti gives him a saree and asks him to gift that to Preeti. Preeti asks Nandu not to be sad, she is happy with the saree. She acts good and takes the saree. Nandu and Nimmi get shocked. Nimmi thinks how did Preeti change.

Nirmala breaks fast seeing Ashok’s pic and apologizes, saying I was upset as my fast broke in morning, you are not with me. Preeti sees Nandu’s face by net.
Kaushalya breaks fast by seeing Raghav’s pic. Rani, Riya and Sarla see their husband’s face and break the fast. Nandu asks Preeti to have water. She recalls talking to Lucky. She acts to get dizzy and faints. Shanti asks what happened. Kaushalya says she did work, maybe she fell weak and fainted. Nandu says she fell before having water, I will lift her. Preeti gets conscious and says leave me, I will have water later. She goes. Nandu asks Nimmi not to worry, its fine if she did not find earrings.

Preeti calls Lucky. Nandu thinks whatever happens, I won’t let Nandu lose, Lucky will not meet Preeti today, she will have water by Nandu’s hands. He messages Preeti to come out, he is waiting. Preeti smiles and replies she is coming. She goes downstairs and sees Nandu. He asks what happened, why did you come here. Shanti asks what happened. Nandu says Preeti came downstairs, tell me if you want anything. Preeti says I wanted water. Nandu says I will make you have water. He gets water. She says I will have it. She says I will have it myself. He asks her to drink. He makes her drink water. Shanti looks on.

Nimmi says Nandu is making fun of me, scold him. Preeti says he made fun of my life, did you fall in love with him. Nandu and Nimmi get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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