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Mere Angne Mein 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Preeti asking Lucky to marry her. He asks about her family. She says I don’t think they will have any problem if we take this decision. He says I think they will not agree. He agrees to marry her. Preeti thinks to take divorce from Nandu first. Riya looks at them shocked. Preeti and Nandu leave for shopping.


Sarla thinks to do something to give them shocks. Shanti asks Kaushalya is Sarla teaching you wrong things. Sarla tries to break the plants and says peace is strong in this house. Shanti does not see Sarla throwing the plant. Sarla runs upstairs and acts like coming from upstairs. She shouts seeing the peace plant. Shanti and Kaushalya get shocked.

Kaushalya worries and asks Shanti will anything happen. Shanti says nothing will happen. Sarla thinks

now peace of this house will be ruined. Nandu/Lucky says someone has stolen my wallet, I will go home and get money, you stay here and wait, else we will keep shopping program tomorrow, go home, I will go police station to complain. She leaves. He thinks now I got time, before Preeti and Lucky’s love truth comes out, I should convince my parents and call them to Shanti Sadan. Shanti pots the peace plant again and says you get peace for us again.

Sarla asks her what work is Riya is do. Shanti says you will know. Sarla says Riya never did anything right till now, I think she will spoil the work. Shanti says Riya made your sautan away from your life, you always say this. Riya comes. Shanti asks did you get tickets, Preeti’s inlaws will come and take Preeti with respect. Sarla and Kaushalya get shocked. Sarla goes and calls Pari, asking her what did Preeti say, her inlaws are coming. Pari says don’t worry, her divorce will happen. Sarla says its no use if she does divorce thing later. Pari agrees.

Shanti asks Riya what happened. Riya says Preeti does not want to go to Nandu’s house. Kaushalya asks Riya why is she writing new story. Riya says Preeti told this, I have seen Preeti with some other guy. Shanti asks what did you mean, tell me fast, what you want to say. Riya says Preeti was hugging someone and saying I love you. They get shocked. Shanti says you are lying, this can’t happen, maybe you have seen someone else, Preeti can’t do this. Riya says I m saying truth, she was with someone. Kaushalya says shut up, you are blaming Preeti for wrong. I will not bear this. Riya says I m saying truth. Kaushalya goes to slap her. Shanti stops Kaushalya and asks did I slap you ever that you are slapping Riya. Sarla thinks Shanti Sadan’s peace is gone. She says today peace plant got de-soiled and this news of Preeti’s affair came. Shanti asks Sarla to shut up. Riya says I m saying truth, Preeti is cheating Nandu. Shanti says no. Preeti comes home and hears this.

She scolds Riya for making everyone against her, I m not cheating anyone. Kaushalya says see I told Riya. Preeti says I never regarded Nandu as my husband. Pari and Nimmi come. Preeti shouts I meet a guy named Lucky, I love him. They all get shocked. Sarla thinks it will be fun now. Shanti asks Preeti what did you say. Preeti shouts I love him. Nimmi asks Preeti to talk in low tone, whats your problem. Riya shuts the door as neighbors come to see. Preeti says you are my problem Nimmi. Riya asks her to talk with manners. Shanti says I m alive and sends Riya. Sarla asks Pari to go and do the work. Pari goes and keeps earrings in Nimmi’s room. Sarla asks what problem is Nimmi doing. Preeti says Nimmi is coming in between, she has an affair with Nandi. Nimmi, Shanti and Kaushalya get shocked.

Shanti asks Preeti is she not ashamed to blame Nimmi. Preeti says Nimmi is shameless, ask her, all truth will come out, I have seen Nimmi and Nandu laughing and talking in corners. Nimmi cries. Shanti asks Preeti to be quiet else I will beat you. Preeti says beat me as always, truth won’t change. Sarla says maybe you are wrong, do you have any proof. Preeti says yes, and shows Nandu and Nimmi buying earrings, Nimmi says enough, I did not know you have cheap mindset. Nimmi says we went to buy surprise gift for Preeti. Preeti asks which gift, Nandu did not give me anything. Nimmi says it disappeared. Preeti asks do I look a fool, no one knew of it, think before lying.

Shanti asks Preeti to stop it now. Sarla says whats there to fight, we will find truth, Pari go and check Nimmi’s cupboard, is there any earrings. Shanti says no need, I trust Nimmi, her character can’t have any stain. Sarla insists. Preeti and Pari go to find earrings, and get it. Pari and Sarla smile. Preeti shows the earrings. Nimmi gets shocked.

Kaushalya says why did I not die before seeing this. Preeti says Nimmi has affair with Nandu. Shanti asks Preeti why is she doing this. Preeti argues and says you all always do this, you have sent Nimmi to big house and made me marry a clerk, I don’t regard him my husband, I love Lucky ji and will marry him. They all get shocked.

Preeti tells neighbors that she is Shanti’s granddaughter, Preeti, she is in love with Lucky, not her husband. Shanti and Kaushalya get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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