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Manmarziyan Why should boys have all the fun… Pikachu birthday spl….OS

Happy birthday pikachu…. U r my cute little pikachu and always smile and spread ur smile to all around u dear….. Love u so much and here is the os for u and pls dont hit me coz i have gave a shock for u lol pls spare me love u all happy birthday once again,….

Enjoy the ride….


Is love at first site is only for boys ?? Why not for girls well it does not happen often but when it happens then that will be so cute and freaky. She was busy with her work just then she heard a voice calling her for the nth time. Radhika………… he was dragging the name to the maximum extend and came near her till she looked up to him. He was hell angry she knew why she saw him with a smile a teasy smile.

Radhika ; what happened teju ??
Teji ; teju……. don’t call me teju im teji.

Radhika ; not much difference sweetheart and she continued her work. He started to jump and shout; u coming or not im starving. She giggled at his antics and stood up and pulled his cheeks and said come lets go and they headed to the cafeteria of their office. They were bff and all the office knew them for their friendly quality and also for their jokes. Both are the best pair to mimic any person on earth and the whole office will enjoy it and they are a kind of rock stars. As always they were mimicking some one and the whole cafeteria was applauding for their jokes and just then they heard a shoe step which was increasing its sound the shoe sound made.

Radhika was standing on the table and making all the jokes. All were enjoying her and she finally she jumped from the table and turned and saw a 6 feet tall handsome hulk and never smiling face yet dashingly handsome person she ever saw standing next to her. Her heart started to make her go mad. She was looking at him only him with her eyes wide open. She was staring at him without even blinking.

He ; excuse me can u move ??
Radhika; haaa ??
He can u move ma’am pls ??

Radhika ; haaa what ?? and was staring at him. He made her move by holding her shoulders and she as if a key gone doll was standing. Teji found she was standing like a poster shook her. She broke her trance and said to teji ; i love him yaar. Teji was about to faint and said ; what about ranbir and ranveer and others ??
Radhika ; sorry they are rejected and giggled and she was dancing and going by twisting her stole in the air and making that a guitar and playing it. Teji smiled and he pushed her and they started their work.

Days passed he was also in the same building but different office. She will see him during the lunch hours and but she never miss a chance to admire him. One day she wore the same colour dress he wore radhika saw him and saw her dress and he smiled at her and said ; hiee i guess we both have same taste radhika and went in to his office. She rushed to the wash room and started to dance and was kissing herself and hugging her. The house keeping lady was shocked to see radhika talking to her in the image. Radhika saw the worker and winked her eyes the worker rushed outside. When she came out she found a voice calling a name…arjun arjun. ……. she turned to see arjun standing few feet away her and she immediately said ; arjun y did this name never strike me cha stupid radhika she said and he saw her and smiled and crossed her. Radhika again lost her sense and waved her hand to the vacuum and she was a stupid doing that.

One day arjun entered naturals for his hair cut and found it was in a terrible state. Teji and radhika and other workers were running here and there.
Radhika; bhaiyya catch him this time he is doing close cut.
Teji ; no i dont want close cut i want some stylish cut.
Worker ; u r doing close cut. U dont run like this man always making us to run. One person from the behind caught teji and all made him sit and tied his hand and she took a tape and closed his mouth with that and the person. She took a sign of relief and crashed on the sofa and gulped a full bottle of water and murmured ; every month this stupid is doing the same thing will not cut the hair will cut the hair. Teji removed his mouth tape….Then she was called by a lady and she went in for her hair cut. The person who sat near radhika was called. Teji was in full face pack for facial. Arjun came and saw teji munching a cucumber and that sound was scratching the ears. A guy slapped his head. It was one of the friends of teji and radhika.

Zubin ; shut up teji and stop eating in a nasty way. Arjun made his hair dressing and just then he saw radhika coming out after her hair cut. But was not a big hair cut. He at once hid his face with the book but was stalking at her through the mirror. She turned one full round and sequels and Arjun unknowing smiled at her. She pulled at Teji and he saw her. He pulled her cheeks and said ; u look great radhika and i only want ur happiness, she too jumped in joy.. Just then a cute little girl saw that and smiled and went inside the room to do a small hair cut… But her eyes were only over teji.

Arjun did not see Radhika for few days and he did not know why but he was feeling restless…But to the fact is she was purposely avoided herself from Arjun because it was by teji who said he wanted to make sure that is Arjun has a feeling or not…
Arjun came home all irritated when his little sister came and held his shoulder..
Sis; oye what happened ?? He gave the mobile to her which had radhika’s pic..
She said ; radhika how do u know her ?? Arjun jerked and saw his sister..
Arjun ; do u know her sree??
Sree ; know ?? i have her full horoscope why suddenly her… one minute is she the one for u ?? He nodded his head like a puppy dog..
Sree ; done …
Arjun ; u r the best sister of the world…
Sree ; so what do i get in return…
Arjun ; whatever u say ??
Sree ; hmm then i want to join the office where radhika is working …. as i want to make one fall as my love…
Arjun ; what are u talking?? U are my little sister… she rolled her eyes and he continued ; i hate love marriage…Sree saw him and gave one look like what did u say ?? HE gulped and saw her as if he is so good person..
Sree ; deal or what ??
Arjun ; deal but only after i say yes to him…
Sree ; one sec am i gonna marry him or u im just saying not asking…. Arjun’s jaw dropped when his lil sister was talking too too much….
Arjun ; sreemathi….. When he calls her in full name means he is angry…
Sree ; chaloo baba u will like him ok ??only after u say he nodded and opened his arms to hug her fir which she said ; sorry no time for all these making arjun blink… and she laughed at his blinking face…

Radhika was busy with her life when a cute girl entered her office…. Teji saw her and skipped a beat… She was hell cute so crispy just a replica of small radhika but she was as cute as pikachu….. she smiled at teji and at once he fainted with his hand over his heart…. She giggled and that was so cute pika pika…… Radhika saw her and at once made a bone crushing hug….
Girl ; Leave me ur crushing me…..

Radhika ; missed u pikachu sree…..and left her… She was breathing heavily because of the bone crushing hug by radhika . She made a fake anger and at once she smiled and tickled her to make her jump.
Sree ; u still the same ??
Radhika ; how can i change and btw what is the matter madam ??
Sree ; well the news is i am here to join this office…. Teji who got conscious back blushed and his white face turned light pink due to blush… Sree saw that and she too smiled….. but again made her face to turn.

Radhika out of happiness took her to the cafeteria where arjun saw her but radhika made sure that she did not see him (fake manner). Arjun was now hell angry but he did not go there as his sis was talking to her yup.. sree was arjun’s sis and she was rads best friend but rads never knew the truth.. She was enjoying the irritation of Arjun but sree noticed it after all she was Arjun’s sister same master mind to make things done…,

Sree ; why are u laughing ??
Radhika ; nothing was stalking at my love…. Sree spitted her meal and coughed…
Sree ; whom are u saying ??
Radhika ; look…. him yaar see the tall one his name is Arjun. Sree now jumped in happiness but did not say that out..
Sree ; so are u going to say ur heart to him ??

Radhika ; no…… i am scared what if he is not in love ?? and more over why should boys have all the fun let him suffer and i am enjoying his irritation face and she laughs.. But she did not know that sree is arjun’s sister same monster mind was shared by both of them… She silently texted him all what radhika said and suddenly he jumped in happiness and shouted to make an announcement…

Arjun ; folks… i wanna say something… i have fallen in love and she loves me as well… Radhika was blown as her true love is some one else’s love. Sree turned and smiled at her brother and she turned and said ; see i said to say ur heart but u were busy stalking and now some other girl is his choice u missed him radhika…. radhika just left the place without talking to sree but the fact is she did not cry that was making sree scared as she knew radhika and her determination. All was she could do is pray for her brother as she knew her would be SIL what is capable of….

Few days later…..

Sree made a call to radhika and asked her to do as she said and smiled at her act which is gonna be made….Teji came all running because of scared to Sree who was busy working which was fake she was busy staring her love…. whom u will know that soon…
Teji ; (in between the breathe) ; sree come soon radhika is making all dramebaaz that she will jump from the building. Sree smiled and stretched her hand and kept them over her head and relaxed and replied ; dont worry she wont…
Teji ; how ??
Sree ; do u trust me ??
Teji ; full heartedly…. Sree blushed and said ; then i know the perfect answer she wont as the job was done by me teji….Teji blinked and he was about to turn and saw his pic on her pc…

He turned and saw her and she immediately changed the pic…
Teji ; wooo wooo woo what was that ??
Sree ; nothing …..
Teji ; i saw my pic there ?? are u stalking me ?? She made a deep breath and stood up and slowly walked towards him and he was stepping back… he was scared and she was looking at his eyes….
Sree ; look son i joined this so called office just to make u my love and i am not a girly kind of girl i will speak straight i love u what say ?? and she winked at shocked teji… He had feeling but was scared to confess but she was woman of all energy to drive him crazy. He blushed and yet again his white face became red …..she pulled his cheeks saying ; awwww my cute teji…… and he blushed more…

Teji ; leave that how is she gonna be saved ?? Sree gave a smirk smile when she found radhika with a big stick running behind arjun who was being bashed by her black and blue…
What is happening ?? Teji asked looking at screaming Arjun… Sree held her tummy and shouted Bhabhi dont leave him….
Arjun ; not fair pikachu….
Radhika ; dont u feel if ur brother has muiti fracture ??
Sree ; never mind if he is hospitalised for months…coz i will be free and enjoy with my love and looked at teji and he was looking down all shy…..
Arjun ; what a kind of a sister are u sreee ??
Sree ; true sister, brother i asked not to shout that big but u did and now enjoy the consequence u come baby and said holding teji’s hands…
Arjun ; i….. ouch radhika that is hurting wait i will speak and then u can beat me radhika nodded…
Arjun ; pikachu i will not accept ur love because of u made me a buffoon in front of all by making me say my heart to her…
Sree ; else she will not say and u will not say guys grow up u were just looking and look at me i made my love confession in one week. And radhika u know what he said when my mom fixed a girl for him he said that the girl was really cute and chubby but as only because he loves u he is not accepting or else she would be his wife by now….

Radhika’s face was now like a any time bursting cooker with all read and anger…. she shouted raising the stick arjun………………..

Arjun ; hhhheeeeellllllpppppp mmmmmmeeeeeeeee……………….



Sree was looking at her brother laughing holding her stomach and teji was looking at his love with full love and they were holding their hands tight….

Sree happy birthday once again and love u soo much dear…. PLs say that it is nice…. he he he lol love u soo much and always smile my dear…. always be happy and stay blessed….. love u soo much dear… muhhhaaaaaa

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