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Manmarziyan- Taming The Heiress (Chapter 1)

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Los Angeles..

Southern California School of Architecture…

It was the day of graduation. After five long years of hard work, it was time to set foot in the world outside. World full of ups and downs. You get to meet the expected.. unexpected.

Most of all.. You be independent.

“Now I call up on Radhika Mishra to come up on the dias and collect the “Best Student of the Year” Award” announced the Dean of the institute.

Radhika who was clad in jeans and a white off shoulder top and high black pencil heels, corrected the black coat over her and made her way to the dias with a big smile on her face. Her big brown eyes that shone with happiness and her father Dilip who was seated with the other parents was the first one to clap for her followed by the others. Radhika was loved only for her nerdy way. People hated her for her cold nature. She made her way to the governor who was holding the momento in his hands waiting for her to receive it. She received it with a smile and a hug and made her way to the mic.

“Look how she’s smiling wide. How innocent she looks. All fake” huffed one of the student as she rolled her eyes and went on clapping.

“True that. She is Radhika Mishra” the guy next to her replied as he started at Radhika with anger.

“There she does it always” someone from behind frowned.

“She does” the girl in front said.

“Good evening everyone. I’d like to thank everyone who’s made it to be a part of my life. To everyone who’s supported me, especially my dad. Thank you so much Papa. And Maa, I wish you were here. Thank you once again. And guys!! We made it!! Class of 2016 is out!!” She cheered and everyone else along with her too did.


Mehra Enterprises…

“The “CEO of the Year” Award goes to Arjun Mehra” came a booming cheerful voice and claps roaring.. filling the hall.

Arjun who was in his black Armani suit with a IWC Portugieser Chronograph watch from IWC Schaffhausen that peeped out from his coat sleeves. His black clean polished leather shoes from Tanio Crisic’s Lilian that tapped with pride as he walked with this chin high and shoulders straight. He was a man who defined money and power. His steps, his actions.. everything defined him… Power. Muscles that rippled from his clothing. His toned chest visible from the few top buttons he had released. He was a man of perfection. His one smile could make women go weak. His one cold look made shivers run down everyone’s spine. His square jaw made him look hard, but his eyes.. filled with warmth and had emotions that were ocean deep.

A graduate from Harvard Business School. He believed in hard work and success. He was not meant to lose.


Losing was never in his dictionary.

No time for love. Hated the term love.

He made his way to the stage and received the Award with a fake smile. It was the fourth time in a row he was winning it. He was bored but the Award had to be in his hands and no one else’s.

“Thank you everyone. Everyone.. so much for this. Especially my employees” he said and got off the stage.

“I’m so proud of you my son” Aditya, his father said.

‘Thank you. It’s only for business you love me and have me with you, else I’d be trash by now” he hissed close to his father’s face with a fake smile. To the world it seemed like a whispered talk of pleasantries being exchanged, but.. it was the other way around.

“No son” Aditya tried to speak, but was cut off.

“Dare you to call me son” he hissed and walked away.

Aditya sighed. His fate. He deserved it. He shouldn’t have been that hard. Arjun was the opposite of him. Soft from the inside and outside. He was a gentleman to everyone.. except him.

“I’m sorry” he whispered at his son’s disappearing form.

Los Angeles…

“I’m so proud of you my princess” Dilip cooed as he pecked his daughter’s forehead.

“I’ll always make you proud Papa” she smiled as she hugged him tight.

“I wish your mother was here. She’d have called all the relatives and would be boasting about her daughter’s success” he gave a sad smile shaking his head.

“Papa, Maa is always with us. She’s proud of you for giving me a good upbringing and for being the best dad” she smiled.

“And will be proud of you for keeping her daddy happy and proud. For keeping my held high” he smiled as he ruffled her hair.

“I want to go back to India. I’m tired of staying alone here and you there” she pouted.

“Ok” he smiled.

“Seriously?” she squealed.

“Yes” he smiled.

“I can’t wait to return to Mumbai” she jumped.

“I’ll ask Sahil to book the tickets ASAP” he said.

“I’m joining the company” she blurted out.

“Why suddenly? Take a break” he said.

“Dad” she pouted

“Ok. But only after a week of returning” he ordered showing his finger.

“Yes Papa” she nodded.


“Now we need to get back to work. Hurry up and get me the details of the latest contract” Arjun commanded.

“Yes boss” his PA saluted as she exited his room.

“Where are you my heiress? I just want to get out of this place and drown in your love” he whispered to himself.

“Arjun guy need to go to Mumbai. You have no room here. You need to handle our company in Mumbai” Aditya said as he entered.

“So you found a way to get me out of here too?” he smirked.

“It’s not that. We need someone best to handle the company there” Aditya replied.

“I get it. You don’t have to explain. I’ll go. That company needs a lot of support and i will do that” he snapped and went back to working on his computer.

Aditya just stood there watching his son working. He sighed as he walked out. There was no way for him that he was going to make a place in his heart again.

“I just want you to take a break. That company is doing fine. You have nothing to do there” he sighed as he walked through the hallway.


“Get everything cleared. It’s Radhika Mishra who is coming back. Boss was so much better. He is nice. But this one is a ten headed serpent. Wish she stayed back in US and settled down with some guy there” sighed the peon.

“God!! Hope we can handle her” another one said.

“You’ll have to. No matter what” came a voice.

“Not him” whisper sighed the first peon.

“Mr. Malhotra we’ll do it” shuttered the second peon.

“Good” smirked Neil as he walked out.

His phone buzzed. He smiled at the caller.

“Yes heiress” he smiled.

“Dare you to call me that” she snapped.

“Why kiddo?” he grinned.

“Shut up you goof” she snapped.

“Ok ok. Tell me Radhika Babu. How can I be at your service?” he sugar coated.

“Don’t be so sweet dear cousin brother. I need to know the status of the company” she commanded.

“It’s going well. Uncle has been handling it well Chashni” he replied.

“Oh. K” she said.

“Fine I’ll go. Need to pack” she said.

“Kiddo.. happy to know that you’re coming back” he smiled.

“It feels good too. See ya soon” she chirped.

“Bye” he hung up.

He got another call. This Time his body straightened at the caller.

“What?” he snapped.

“He’s coming back” came a gruff voice.

“Keep me updated on all his activities” he ordered.

“Yes boss” and the line went dead.

“Payback time” Neil grinned an evil one as he rubbed his palms together.

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