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Manmarziyan – Seasons Of Love (Prologue)


He sat there against his will.. ‘How and why such things happen in my life?’,he thought admonishing the wedding aura around him..His gritting teeth and bated breath took a halt for a moment when his eyes caught the view of the bridal lehenga approaching towards him..His eyes melted and a proud smirk adorned his face looking the red golden finery.. with silk threads elegantly running throughout the lehenga for intricate designs,complimenting the self designed rich fabric., Red and gold mixed together in a intoxicating way only to astonish everyone looking it..Even the small golden beads on the corners of dupataa had embossed designs..He recalled the praises he received…His sketch,his choice of material,his pattern,his design in short his creation..Traditional yet fashionable.!!..His eyes went a leisure tour on the attire ignoring the girl who has donned it.. He felt satisfied and proud on his work..He saw her, who looked no less than a celestial lymph..”It’s perfect!! Just like it was designed for her! I did design for her.”,he thought. He was
mesmerized for few secs..only till she raised her head to see him..”Listen…Mr.Arjun! I will never ever come back to you even if you were the last person left on earth..you arrogant jerk..”,her words played itself when he saw her clear annoyance and anger in her dark brown eyes.. His jaw gritted at that..’Why the hell she agreed now? May be for money..luxurious life..or just to prove that she can always have an edge over him,by living with him ..living with her! Never!”,he shook his head at that thought..
His fingers clenched into fist thinking how to spend each and every day of his life with her..


“Little devil!!..I will show you the place for people like you.,Dare you cross my path..you will regret for lifetime”,she recalled his words walking towards the dais..She saw him shook his head..”Who the hell asked him to attend my marriage..Devil! He spoiled my career,now waiting to spoil my life..No! I can’t let him do that..Shouldn’t”,she gritted her teeth at that..Her fingers clutched her lehenga tight thinking about him..”What will he do?What if he force himself and torture me as a revenge”,she stopped on her tracks..

“Radhu..walk”,she resumed listening her mom’s whisper.. “Where to walk? and why to?to let the devil ruin my life..”,she thought.,tears covered her vision when she set foot on the steps..”No!Radhika..you can’t be a defeatist..that too before him”,her jaw got firm with that determined thought,when her eyes caught him smirking..

He saw her to stop while approaching the dais.. “Good..she is tensed.scared..it’s a real pleasure to see the fear in her eyes which I had never seen”,he smirked thinking..He could sense her standing behind him.. His side eyed look got a glimpse of her being seated next to him..”Lemme make her regret for this and then..”, he saw her..

“Living with him under same roof is impossible…So..”,her head snapped at his side..

“DIVORCE”.. Both looked each other with the same thought.. They turned their heads to see his mom to tie the ends of stole and shawl.. their eyes snapped up to have heated eye lock..

“Excuse me..Pls.. look here”,they turned to see the videographer requesting them and they smiled wide and lively to please their families…


Characters sketch:

Ajay Mehra & Rajeev Malhotra: Owners of Apex Infrastructure Pvt ltd…

Shristi Mehra & Prena Malhotra &Mala Mishra: House wife..

Dilip Mishra & Ankhush Mishra : Skyline Builders & Promoters

Arjun Mehra : Young businessman,Owner of AR Fashion hub..

Samaira Mehra : Arjun’s sister.. Managing the clothing brand ‘Trendz’,under AR Fashion hub.

Neil Malhotra : Director in Apex

Radhika Mishra : Fashion Assistant in Trendz


Am trying something different.. Character based instead of plot based..Pls don’t forget to drop your views and Silent readers share a word…Pls do ignore my Typos and Grammatical errors.. Love u all loads and Take care…

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