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manmarziyan on mars: chapter -8

Chapter 8

At mars.

Arjun told something to azian and sent him to extraterritorial ministry. Then he called Suzy,” r u ready?”.

Suzy with excitement,” yes, sir. I am always ready for u. I got to know samaira mam’s biggest fear is water. So now it’s all depends on u how u wanna me proceed”.

Arjun smiled devilish and said Suzy while moving a watery gadget ( that gadget automatic malfunction sometimes irritated Arjun a lot),” nothing much; just do the same she tried to do before. But ; careful, choose a place where no under water activities or researches going on. U know what u have to do now”.

As Arjun ended his call , he threw that watery gadget from top of his dwelling tower to bottom. Just before it touched ground he stopped it by quantum mechanics and by magnetic force, let it hang for sometime then suddenly left . All the liquid scattered as the gadget broken. But Arjun’s eyes brighten,like lighting up with some devils power. He picked up the broken form and mumbled,” tsk…tsk…what can I do when u tried to mess up with my life. Samaira, I am afraid that u will face the same fate”.
He laughed hoarsely when his face muscles become hard.

In space

Neil, radhika and samrat sighed in relief that nothing big happened to them. They just saved before anything big happened. But it’s unpredictable for them to say what will happen next. Space is a crazy place where in the shadow you could freeze to death in seconds and boil in the sunlight the next! Your space suit is vital in keeping you alive making it a mini space ship itself.so as oxygen tanks needed. An average life span for a tank of oxygen is between 6 – 8 hours. So need to be careful.

They already completed 285 days in travelling to mars. ( as u all know travelling from one planet to another planet is not an easy task. Moreover the distance, it will take more than 300 days to reach there). Samrat when visited space before he always went out for a space walk for some moment. So how could he miss this opportunity at such a distance. As a veteran he gave good advices always and radhika & neil excited for their first space walk. It was an amazing feeling for a first timer. Its not like just normal walk on earth. U can say floating type walk. When samrat checked in system that they have enough oxygen tanks and they got nearer to mars, after few more days travel they would be reached there; he decided for space walk.

space walks can be fine in space for a short period of time but, if say there’s a glitch in the space suits’ cooling system or a tear happens from a piece of space debris hitting the suits, things could go fatally wrong! all three went ignoring all risks. Radz motto of life was” live ur life openly, don’t put any ifs so u will regret later”. Even if she didn’t care for her life sometimes for her dreams. Her dream became a brave astronaut, and she became one and now when second dream comes her way how could she leaves the chance. She immediately nodded as trio went out by holding each other tightly.

The outer view amazed them. With all those meteoroids, asteroid, milk way…everything was blissful. Looking at ur own planet from a distance, looked like a dot. They took out some photographs. Put one indian flag and one inscription saying” WE ARE FROM PLANET EARTH , HERE ONLY FOR PEACE” on some random satelite.But everytime everything would not go according to your choice. As space trip is always dangerous and unpredictable, so some unexpected uncertain danger coming toward them. Being unknown to the danger they will be fall in prey of such scary space shuttle.


Arjun turned as he heard someone was calling for him constantly, it sounds like more pleading. Arjun turned back with a wide grin on his face as if he knew this was coming. Head of extraterritorial ministry came with some of his followers. Azian also came with them; he smiled mischievously at behind looking at the pale faces of authorities.

Arjun winked toward him secretly and spoke with an attitude;” so, why such higher authorities visit to me, such a mere Martian.” A clear mock was visible on his face , his tone.

The authority looked at him dumbfounded as he knew arjun was mocking at him . but still it was not time for other things, he kept aside his pride, position understanding the seriousness of the situation ;” arjun, look what we did with u in hurry was wrong. Now when we realized our mistake, can’t u resume ur duty”.

Arjun laughed like a maniac;” r u kidding with me? What!! Wanna me to return when I’ll complete my days of punishment after two days, that u gave me purposefully being afraid of my work, power, position. “

The head was numb now. He knew where this talk was going to head now. If arjun completed his days of punishment being peacefully without creating any havoc, there was a chance that ministerial members of all section may choose him as a leader. Moreover, he was also going to complete his 15 years after two days only.

Without getting any other way the head knelt down in front of arjun to save his position , he begged ;” arjun just look at ur planet. Without ur contribution it was falling at low place. Martians are directionless now. Now I admitted we were wrong , but please kindly join today itself.”

Arjun knew he was afraid of his position,” don’t worry head. I am not greedy like u and not heartless for my planet people. your position is safe, I am not interested at all. Definitely I will resume but not now. At least after completing my days.”

The head authority sighed a relief as he was assured now arjun will do his experiments. But today he knew what he did with his partiality nature. Everyone thought him to be greedy but reality was something different. He even did not care what martians thought about him. His power and position was everything he could have. Martians only respected him for that. He needed that two things mostly in his life not for himself but for his inheritor samaira. He raised samaira . so his deep unconditional fatherly overprotective love, affection made him do that.

But arjun being he was at his position or not, it doesn’t create any difference in martian’s respect, love, fearness toward arjun. Despite they aware that he was ruthless, cunning but they also knew arjun can do anything for his planet and he was capable enough for that. Each martian can do anything on his sign. But right now arjun’s sole focus was on his queen’s arrival. He planned something for his love. So he decided to join afterwards. And importantly he could do everything till the time radz reached coz he would be already 15.

The chief was going to return office, some signal message came to him. He pressed the air system to check what happened; but what he view his sense seemed got off. He rushed toward the deserted watery area followed by some members.

Arjun was smiling seeing the whole situation when azian went to him and asked,” arjun, tell me the truth, did u behind all these happenings?”

As arjun didn’t replied anything , moreover he saw anywhere but not azian; he got sure and scolded arjun for such behavior but arjun defended himself saying,” do u know she heard our conversation that radz is coming , so she was going to destroy the spaceship. But ; u!!. it was needed. Very soon she will realize the negative impact of my gadgets, inventions ,If someone try to utilize it wrong way”.

Azian stood just spellbound. What was he saying? Control inventions, machines like ur own way. Geez he will become mad soon. Either by his stupidity or by his extra genius brain. Right now arjun’s safety important so azian asked hurriedly ,” wanna me to cover up for u’.
Arjun laughed and told him not to be worry. Everything will be alright. As both headed toward the accidental sight of samaira.

In space

Samrat asked radz and neil that how they felt. To which they signed thumbs up. Samrat signaled them to returned to spaceship as they left spaceship on auto mode for more than 35 minutes. They were returning some micro thing hit radz hard . she was loosing her balance neil held her tightly. Samrat screamed in his space suit ,” move soon, else it will be our last day. Now their first priority to reach inside. By that time, they realized what danger was coming. It was like they were also confused ; if the clouds of meteoroids and micrometeoroids coming toward them or their spaceship was going to enter such could.

As soon as they entered but the space ship entered the scary cloudy zone. Meteoroids are pieces of rock and metal floating through space which are often left over pieces of rock from the formation of the Solar System. Micrometeoroids are even smaller pieces of meteoroids, often weighing less than a gram. They may sound small but they cause much of the weathering that happens in space and when these particles all gang up and create high speed cosmic dust clouds, things can get nasty!

They almost speed up their ship to extreme level toward mars. But due to constant hitting from those clouds defected their spaceship and the module where oxygen tanks saved got destroyed and flew away. Radz was checking at by standing that damaged part when neil pulled her toward him immediately. Fearness of losing her written all over his face. Radz could see that through transparency glass. Before neil could ask anything she fell on him, her sense going to loss. Neil understood she was lacking oxygen.

But bad luck their all tank got destroyed , samrat came with a tank which was kept at pilot place for emergency. Both samrat and neil checked their oxygen tank life span. It was not longer also, neil had only 25 minutes while samrat had 6 hour. They knew they have less time span left in this life. They aware that no one would survive; but Still neil was trying his level best to keep radz alive. He gave that oxygen tank to her.He had to do everything within 25 mintues. He tried to find navigation signal, didn’t matter anymore, still having some hope he send some messeges about their situation.

Condition was getting worsen. After all that neil felt some jam in his heart as he lied down there. Samrat couldn’t think anything hit hard on head due to wrong move of spaceship and fainted. And radhika may be she had full life span oxygen tank now; but she faced most dangerous thing of space. Its radiation, which had ability to rip through our DNA molecules causing damage or splitting within them which can lead to cancer and other hay unknown diseases, which can kill u either in a stance or some moment later as they are moving at high speed. The severe worsen effect is changing of genetic codes if u survive in any case.

When they were returning from their space walk a micro piece of flake pierce radz spacesuit. And after partial destruction of their space ship, when she checked out outside, at that time the radiation and cosmic rays directly hit her body through that hole previously made in her space suit. Neil knew that, so he was afraid. But now nothing could help. Everyone lied there unconscious waiting for last breathe after few moments.


At mars

Arjun smiled at the sight of sam’s helplessness. Azian gave a sharp look. Arjun thought ,” serves right for aiming my queen. Don’t worry now, I will soon introduce her to u and all martians.”


Precap: arjun in lost state….azian tried but;….

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