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Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Arjun muttered curses ‘for god knows whom’ under his breath as he drove to meet Nandhini.. What was his fault anyway..he din’t even ask a word about Preeti..but still…Radhika’s cold behavior hurt him a lot…he expected her to fight with him,he would have made her understand but instead she decided to give up their relationship..theirs..that too within a day..not even a complete day after their marriage…his anger piled up beyond its range when she herself decided things..He parked his vehicle and sat relaxing himself..Now…he need to convince his di…He walked thinking how to silence her and send her back…He doesn’t want her to harm his Radhika or herself…He saw Nandini mumbling something as she sat looking the ground

“Di..how are you doing”,Arjun asked softly and Rana made a face at that..She was infused with anger at that….Rana looked away while Arjun just stood helpless as she bit his heads off…

“Its a Small Misunderstanding, Nandu” Arjun pleaded. Nandhini turned all angry towards Arjun and said “Its a Grave mistake u did.. U did disobey my words…She isnt the girl whom I chose for you.. Do u think I dont have any rights in deciding your life.”

Arjun.” Nandu..Relax..Let me explain.. U are getting too hyper now a days..”

Nandini,” Now I got it.. Am getting too hyper because its My Revenge..not Yours.. why should u spoil ur life in this, isn’t Arjun..Thats y you choosed a girl of your choice and married when am not here..”,she let a sigh and continued “I couldn’t believe is this the same Arjun who said he would do anything for my smile..You forgot my pains..Your Promise went floating in the air when u saw your girl,I think” .

Arjun went and sat on his knees near Nandini who just calmed a bit after pacing around the hotel room for nearly twenty minutes..He lifted his head to see Rana Kaka who was already looking Arjun with all his sympathy..

Arjun said,”Nandu.. Do u know who she is? I thought of giving u a surprise.After all its you who wanted me to marry in your absence.”

Nandini jerked his hand,” I dont care who she is.. Dont try to calm me Arjun..You spoiled my plans..My efforts..Is it for this I gave my all attention to you.I don’t want to see your face.Just leave the girl behind,I will take care of what is to be done.. Throw her out of your life If u Want me back.. Thats it.. Is tat clear?”

She stood up and Turned towards Rana to say something but Arjun spoke “No.. I mean..Listen Nandhu..She is..” Before he could finish Nandini Yelled “Enough.. Throw her out !! From ur house..ur life..ur heart..”

Nandhini started explaining something to Rana, but Arjun was lost in his world of thoughts listening the words from Nandhini.. It pained to think to Throw his love Radhika..
Arjun couldn’t withstand it even though it is a word. This is not wat I expected, what Nandu di told.. From the night of marriage I was waiting to meet Nandini di to clear the air, but she isn’t listening. I did what she said n planned, How could I forget Radhika.. What s the need to throw her out of house and from my heart for this Revenge..’He was confused, his thoughts were broken ,When Nandhini again yelled to Rana Kaka to listen only her. Rana kaka Just nodded.. Arjun thought its time to speak., she is just angry that he asked her to stay in hotel. She dint let him speak from Yesterday night..His mobile vibrated with a message from Radhika..he smiled and saw Nandini n said..” but Nandu..”

Nandini, “not a word.. ”

Arjun Smirked n continued,”She is Radhika Khanna.. Khannaa!”

Nandini had a confused look ” What..”

Arjun..”Yess.. Radhika Khanna.. Daughter of Samrat n Piyali Khanna..Future owner of Birdsong..Apple of Samrat’s eye n now Radhika Arjun Mehra”…Arjun finally said in one go and gave Nandhini a Proud look….Rana kaka’s mouth hung open…Arjun blinked his eyes as confirmation to his confused Nandini di n stood with his
hands in pockets.. Now Nandhini smiled little.His Mobile again vibrated with Radhika’s Picture..


Event Zone..

Radhika was to keen in her work she failed to notice Neil to stealthily take her mobile…Neil tried to reach Arjun through her mobile.,only thinking if not for anyone but for Radhika,Arjun would reply…He got tensed,moved out of that cabin, receiving no response from Arjun..

“What are those cd’s”,Sam asked before leaving from there..

“Everything about BS”,Radhika said and scrolled the client and project details…After an hour of her complete scan on Arjun’s records.,She found him to work on fake identity.,working for 6 months there…bagged contracts only in past 2 months..before that…her blood boiled with the reports on her screen…She quickly locked that room door and called Teji..

“Is Amit with you..else you both get into Arjun’s cabin now”,She ordered the moment he attended the call.. Teji did the same and she looked the records in her hand..

“Amit.!!”,she called in a high pitched voice…

“Yes ma’am”,the fellow replied startled..

“C’mon both of you search every nook and corner of his cabin and give me details on whatever you get…”,she ordered.. Teji took minutes to comprehend her words….

“Amit..Tell me…who attended the meetings of our lost contracts.?”,she walked playing with a paper weight..

“Arjun sir”,he replied..

“Good…Why we lost it..and who prepared docs..”,she asked briskly…

“Ma’am..Arjun sir knew the reason..and I prepared the docs..as per our format”,Amit wiped the sweat of his forehead..

“Are you searching his table’s chambers..”,she asked him out of the blue..

“Yes..going to..”,he mumbled..

“Amit.!…Relax…you are actually helping me”,she said in a cool note.. Teji felt he will faint at any moment with the shocks he was receiving then.

“Ma’am…Shall I break the lock”,Amit asked…. Radhika smiled at the effect of her plan…

“Good..Go ahead..”she sat twisting a pen..

“Ma’am..we can get keys from him..I think..Arjun sir will feel bad”..Teji said in low voice..

“Who is paying for you?”,She asked the next second., Amit snorted a laugh before working like a detective..He was indeed very happy with the chance he got..to nail one of his enemy..Arjun..the person he hated the most..one among many reasons he had was because Arjun is most talented and never leaves a chance,with his smartness..and more over…he smirked at his own thought..

“Amit…What are you doing?”,Radhika dragged her enquiry tone… “Teji..who interviewed Arjun”,she asked next..

“Piyali Ma’am…And since Mr.Vikas our senior head met an accident..Arjun..I mean Arjun sir was directly selected to the post..Ma’am he initially never worked properly…and because of his negligence we lost 4 contracts in a row..”,Amit spoke before Teji could…

“Really !!”,she encouraged him..

“Yes.,,and he was so close with sir alone..So sir believed him..he even handed office keys to him..and…Ma’am doesn’t know this…”Amit turned impatient at the chance he got to complaint….Teji searched befuddled..

“Nothing is there ma’am..”Teji said in sullen voice..

“Teji search for cameras or recorders..anything hidden..and Amit…why Dad din’t interview him?..”,she asked with equal impatience,not to get a complaint.,but only a answer…

“Ma’am he was unwell isn’t…Sir came only after Arjun sir’s 3 months of job here. Arjun sir never reads docs before signing it..so stu…”Amit abruptly stopped..

“Stupid..he is!! any way..we got you Amit!!..hmm..Thank god..he din’t behave stupid with my sister..”,she said and turned attentive to hear him..

“he..he..din’t..but he spoke to Piyali ma’am in such a way that she herself let Arjun to guide her instead of me”,Amit said..

“Why we din’t get anything till now?”,She faked a worried tone.. Amit who till then complained instead of searching, immediately bend towards the table…Teji smiled at Radhika’s trick…
…”anything ?”,she asked as she heard some papers to ruffle..Teji was sure that Arjun will have nothing related to him there.. he even carried files with him..

“Ma’am nothing useful..but we have one fax copy of some insurance..its a car insurance..”,Amit said..

“Give it to Teji,he will handle small works”,she said… Teji fumed hearing that.. They both left the room after few mins..

“Teji forward the car details…”,She called him privately again..

“Good trick didi”,he said a low voice..

“Clever chotu..Ok..Car details..”she smiled at him..

“Its a Range rover car..Registered with sir’s name..hmm..I will forward you the address…Arjun sir is not a bad person..he was occupied with few tensions when he joined here..that’s y he worked detached..but later it was sir who got worthier contracts for our company..”,Teji spoke with much hesistance..

“Hmm..but how much was the loss Teji..Am sure..everyone there knows this..and it might have had a impact on your salary., if not a tleast ,a fear about such to happen”,she said lengthy..It took a minute for him to register it completely..

“Yes..we even felt if that situation persists company would sink”,he said out of his knowledge..

“that’s what I looked for.”,she hung the call as she wiped her lone tear..”Lock his cabin and have the keys..Take my name if Mom asks”

She wiped her tears when Sam banged her door.. “Yes..kiddo..whats up”,she asked the instant she opened the door..

“What are you doing inside”,Sam asked.. “Am Tired Sam need to go home”,she moved away..


“Aru..I scolded you in anger”,Nandhini said caressing his cheek..

“di..you should believe you Aru…and isn’t this our house..you should stay here..you have all rights”,Arjun held her by shoulder as they got in to the house…Nandini smiled looking the garden area and serene atmosphere..Arjun heaved a relief looking her..

“You did a wrong thing Beta..Saab will not accept it..Samrat saab is a good man”,Rana said in a disappointed note as he moved away.

“Rana kaka..Your Ajju beta never does anything wrong..Everyone knows about me..”Arjun said with a smile..

“But..you said to Nandu that..”Rana looked Nandini to water the flowers..

“Am I left with any other option..”,Arjun said with a helpless face..Rana nodded his head as he left..


Neil was shocked when he listened Prakash..”Yaar..Is he a real idiot to think so.?”,Prakash asked him..

Neil waited for Radhika to leave that cabin and once she left he called Prakash as he saw his number in her mobile..,but he never expected Arjun to have such a misconception about them,”Why you din’t call me then”,he asked..

“I know Maa had called them today…that’s y and I spoke with Kavin..we will solve this tomorrow…I wish Arjun not to spat anything vile before that.,”,Prakash said…

“Preeti..shouldn’t travel..she is weak”,Neil said in a complete lost voice..

“Hmm..but no other way..I thought to ask her,speak with Arjun..but she went adamant listening this..and Neil..the reason I called them is Faizal has got recovered..I thought I should inform Arjun..You got it?”.he asked..

“Yes..He should be the one to know..and..how could he think about Radzzie so..”,Neil came to square one.. After a long discussion they decided to speak with Arjun only in Preeti’s presence..


Radhika was at caterers section when Arjun called her.,”Seems someone missed me?”,He passed a taunt ..

“What’s your problem..Keep this cheap tricks with you..”,she said and hung the call..She saw the liquor bottles arranged.. “Radhika..Promise me..not more than 3 shots”,Arjun’s
words ringed in her ears..She closed her eyes,a view of her sitting in the stone bench of their college ground and Arjun drenched in sweat extending his hand,flashed a minute..
Her face had a humorless smile as she picked 2 bottles from ..

“For Jiju”,Sam smiled as Radhika got into her car…

Radhika stopped her car near a lone road and sat thinking,she pushed the bottles behind and drove to Neil’s house..

Neil came to Prena’s cabin to meet Radhika..But Prena informed Radhika has left,and Sam was in 7th floor hall for some work..Neil saw the reception hall.,yesterday’s happy moments played back in his mind.. He walked thinking about Prakash’s words and Radhika’s worried face, he felt to hit something and when he raised his head to see,all he could see was something rolled in white cloth to fell on him,and he landed on his back over the carpet..He yelped high at the sudden attack of weight over him..and heard a girly yelp to follow suit.. “Sam!”,his mind screamed when she raised her head from the hollow of his shoulder..

He smiled seeing her scowled face.,”Are you blind?”,she asked irritated as she tucked her hair strands behind her ear..”Neil you idiot”,she yelled being the same position..

“Am sorry”,he said in a low throaty voice.,and her face lost its annoyance but cheeks heated a little listening the manly voice so close..Just then she noticed her position over him,he saw somewhere else…her eyes saw his forehead to be covered with pangs on hair,making him look a cool teen aged boy..”what sammy..Pls get up”,
she felt his touch on her shoulder.. She felt awkward for ogling at him..her sister’s best friend..her best too..but still isn’t he elder to her.. She never thought to him so..never by mistake even…She had her eyes down cast as she got up and adjusted herself..He got up dusting his hand..

“What were you doing there?”he asked pointing the steel ladder over there..

“I..I..”,she stuttered,she felt her palms to sweat..

“you are tensed..why…”,he flashed his dimple smile on her..

“Have you got hurt”,his voice immediately panicked..

“No..no”,she moved back..

“You look cute in this white skirt”,he smiled,unaware of her new found feelings on him…She mentally cursed herself for thinking about him in a new way..he has never crossed his limit…let alone closeness.,he never had looked her in that way.,she knew it very well..its just…She blinked her eyes when he snapped fingers before her face..

“You din’t hit the ground hard..you had safely landed over me..so don’t create a scene to your sister”,he said and walked ahead..

So this is it..He always around her for her sister…not for her… She shook her head and face palmed at her stupidity of losing her sense for a moment…


“Aru..!! Radhu…Radhu had slept..Guess..she was so tired..”,Prena stammered when Arjun called her..

“That’s ok,Aunty..”,Arjun quickly disconnected the call…

Prena glared Neil sitting before her..”Happy!! and you.”,she asked looking Radhika who munched her food..

“Mom! Pls..Don’t scold her..”,Neil pushed his chair a little as he got up after their dinner..Radhika silently moved to her room..She heard Prena arguing with Neil..

“Neil..you shouldn’t interfere between them”..

“Mom…I din’t..But I can’t let someone hurt her..Be it anyone..”Neil spoke as he cleaned dining table..

Radhika smiled at his behavior..Isn’t he a gem she got..the precious..the blessing.. A gifted brother in the form of a friend..She twisted and tossed unable to sleep..

“Have this”,she saw Neil to extend a glass of water and tablet..

“Why sleeping pill?”,Prena asked from behind..

“I thought you signed off from duty….”,Neil mocked and got a smack on his head… “She has this when she finds difficult to sleep..Very rare!”,Neil said looking Radhika..Prena looked annoyed..

“Don’t listen him Radhu..What’s wrong with you both..Speak with Aru..”,Prena sat next to her.. Radhika swallowed the tablet listening Arjun’s name.”Everything will be fine”,Neil said to her..

Prena saw something silently to transpire between them..


Arjun laid to his length on his master bed with his left beneath his head and starred the ceiling..His mind replayed their clash today..”Soon to be Ms.Khanna”,his eyes snapped recalling the words.. “Never!”,,he muttered and got up..He grabbed his car keys..

“Why are you here?”,Neil asked when he saw Arjun at his door..

“To take my wife with me”,Arjun pushed Neil’s shoulder and got in.. Prena stopped Neil to argue further.. Arjun patted Radhika’s cheeks when she din’t respond to his voice…

“Why is she sleeping so..what’s wrong?”,he asked as he knelt before her sleeping form..

“She had sleeping dose…After all she needs to rest her brain for sometime”,Neil remarked sharply..

Arjun eyes glowered in anger..”what nonsense you have done..Idiot!!! who the hell are you to give her those”,he hissed as he moved to Neil..

“Aru..come here”,Prena called him…After a minute he budged for Prena’s request..

“Aunty…This is wrong..I will solve…”Arjun walked behind her to their hall,while Neil sat next to Radhika caressing her hair..

“What’s the problem..”,she asked..

Arjun stood looking two kids holding a trophy with smile..The boy to look girl’s face..”Radhika”,he smiled looking Prena..

“Hmm..yes..Neil won a award..your wife cried she couldn’t get one..So..that idiot mentioned he will receive only with Radhu..He even announced that award goes to Radika..”Prena laughed lightly..”Crazy ones..!! and you need to accept everyone around your wife..”,she sat on the couch…

Arjun smiled..”Your wife!! your wife!.Clever aunty”,he sat next to her.. “Preeti was our Junior..”Arjun looked her face as he spoke after few mins of silence..

“Just like Nandu di, she too was deprived from family’s affection and care..She grew up with her foster parents who thought her to be burden…Radhika and me helped her once
when she landed in some trouble..that’s when we got to know about her..within a year she got so close…As you said aunty,..Arjun Mehra is childish at times…when he gets see
someone to face the same problem her di faced.. May be a emotional fool…I considered Preeti as my baby sister..”,he smiled humorless…

“Radhika knows it.,she being in her naughty self used to prank her,Preeti even got fits,when Radhika scared her with ghost mask.,and another time she fainted when again Radhika played with rubber snake..That was the only thing I scold my Radhika for…when I was about to leave for London,I asked Radhika to take care of her..I even had ideas to take Preeti with me after her studies..well…I got misunderstandings with Radhika and I din’t contact anyone..I have my own reason for that..I believed not anyone but Radhika to take care of Preeti…”..he sat in silence… “She calls me Ajju Bhai!!…Just like Nandu she cares me..It’s a different feeling of content when you get such affection..You know,(he smiled)she used to address Radhika as Bhabhi..I miss her!! I miss her a lot now! The 2 years I did MBA is the golden time of my life…I laughed.,enjoyed and lived because of these 2 girls in my life…”

Prena caught his shoulder as he hung his neck down,”And…Later…I got to know Preeti is no more..I tried to contact everyone…but no use…I was said Radhika was responsible…I even heard Preeti screaming at Radhika and pleading that she won’t go…and within minutes Preeti died in accident…I later got to know that too..Aunty…think from my stance…What should I do?..I was angry on Radhika..,but not even for a day…She will never do such things purposely.,I know her…What if not also?….Preeti is no more…I can’t afford to lose my Radhika…I decided to overlook this…”he saw Prena looking him intently…

“Do I look like a fool…”,he asked…”Be it..Am like this..No one is important than Radhika for me”,he got up “and Aunty…”,he dragged…

“Go..Take your wife with you”,Prena smiled…”Your wife!”,she patted his shoulder..

He saw Neil to stand behind him..Arjun walked past him without a word…

“You din’t say anything like this..”,Prena asked doubted… Neil had no ears for that instead his mind replayed the events that happened…Arjun came with Radhika in his arms..”I will come with you”,Neil moved out before Arjun and Prena stood blinking…

They drove in silence,Neil found it hard to control himself…Arjun looked away with Radhika’s head on his lap…He booked a cab for his return as he drove,but Arjun din’t bother to speak a word with him..

“Come to hotel Royal Residency sharp 10 tomorrow..to know that Radzzie wasn’t responsible for anyone’s death..for..”,Neil was cut in…

“It won’t be a problem even she is”,he walked fast carrying her…

“Brainless Khadoos!”,Neil mumbled as he got into a cab…

Arjun laid her on their bed and caressed her hair…”Why do you trouble yourself”,he pecked her forehead after a second…He laid next to her,looking her face,he smiled thinking about them.,their college days and fun..Her naughtiness and the ways she tried to impress him..He laughed recalling her possessiveness…she did hit him once for riling her up…He turned to her side,”I love you Radhika”,he wrapped an arm over her sleeping form…

Precap: Ardhika moments and Preeti confusion cleared…


So..do tell me how this was…I posted it in a hurry…I finished this 2 days back but no time to post.,and now my data card got a prob and my lappy too…gosh..I have framed a lot of parts till 26th chap…now am like a cry baby seeing my laptop suffering…So….I hereby inform….until these issues get cleared I won’t be posting…Lots of apologies…I myself couldn’t accept this…Cha…Typing is the only relief I had…And that too….Pity the poor soul…Oh god! Some RAM issue in my lappy….Ok …Pray for my laptop..lol…sachi…Its my fav…!!! Pls do drop your views..Silent readers…you stay happy guys…I wont pester for a week…

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